5 Things Harrow is Famous For

When you mention Harrow, a London borough and also a town that was historically in Middlesex, the first thing many people will think of is Harrow School for Boys. The public school is one of the most notable things about the area, but it’s not the only thing that you can find in Harrow. Exploring Greater London is an excellent way to see more when you’re visiting the capital city. Upmarket Harrow is a sprawling suburb that has lots of things to do. Harrow is located in the northwest corner of London, putting it out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Visit Harrow in London

If you’re already planning to visit London or you’re looking for travel inspiration, here are some of the things that Harrow is known for.

1) Harrow School

Harrow Boys School
Harrow Boys School

Harrow is best known for the private boarding school that’s located there. The school was founded in 1572, under a Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I. The boys’ school has educated many men of note, including politicians, authors and poets, businessmen, and sportsmen. Alumni are known as Old Harrovians and include seven former British prime ministers, including Winston Churchill and Robert Peel, and several Nobel laureates. Other notable men to have been educated at Harrow include the poet Lord Byron, screenwriter Richard Curtis, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, and singer James Blunt.

Visitors to Harrow can admire the school buildings from outside, or they can time their visit to take one of the tours offered four times each year.

2) Green Spaces

Ruislip Woods Harrow
Ruislip Woods Harrow

Harrow isn’t far from Central London, but you might not be able to tell from looking at it. One of the great things about Harrow is its green spaces and leafy streets. While the city has plenty of parks, Harrow is much less urban. You’ll spot plenty of trees lining the streets as you walk around, and there are some great open spaces for anyone who likes the outdoors. You’ll find lots of green spaces in and around Harrow, including Northwick Park, where you can also play golf.

To the northwest of Harrow, you can find Ruislip Woods. Not only is this nature reserve twice the size of Hyde Park, but it also has a lido and beach that are perfect for the summer.

3) Harrow History

Headstone Manor Museum
Headstone Manor Museum

Apart from the school, Harrow has some more interesting history that’s worth exploring. If you want to know more about the history of the area, your first stop should be the Headstone Manor and Museum. This museum will tell you all about the history of this part of London from before it was recorded all the way up to the present day. There are more than 15,000 objects related to the history of Harrow, as well as a library.

Other museums are available in Harrow too. For two different forms of transport, try the Motorcycle Museum and the RAF museum. If you like art, the Heath Robinson Museum exhibits the life and art of the humorist and illustrator for which the museum is named.

4) W.S. Gilbert Connection

W.S. Gilbert (Gilbert and Sullivan)

If you’re a fan of musicals and operas, you might be interested to know that Harrow has a connection to W.S. Gilbert, of Gilbert and Sullivan fame. In 1890, Gilbert purchased the building that is now a hotel known as the Grim’s Dyke Best Western in Harrow Weald. He lived on the property until his death in 1911, when he tragically died on the property. Gilbert has invited two women to come for swimming lessons in his lake. When one of them got into trouble in the water, he swam out to save her. While they both got out of the water, Gilbert had a heart attack and died.

5) Shopping in Harrow

Harrow Shopping
Happy Shopping in Harrow

Harrow can also be a great place for shopping. If you’re not keen on the busy shops of Central London, you might prefer what Harrow has to offer. There are two shopping centres in the town, St George’s and St Ann’s, as well as a range of other big brands and independent shops too. There’s something for all tastes, plus you can find places to stop and get a drink or something to eat while you’re shopping too. You can discover plenty of places to shop, without having to deal with the business of somewhere like Oxford Street.

Harrow might be best-known for one thing, but there are other things that the London borough is famous for that make it a place worth visiting too.

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