5 Things Liverpool is Famous For

Liverpool is one of the most popular cities in England for tourists and visitors. Arguably most popular for its connections to the Beatles and well-known football clubs, it’s a city that has a lot of history and is overflowing with culture. It’s a proud city with a multicultural population that’s welcoming to visitors. If you’re thinking about visiting Liverpool or you’re just wondering where in England you should visit, you can discover a wide variety of things to do. Whether you visit for the city’s music scene and history or because you’re a big fan of Liverpool FC, there’s a lot to learn about the city.

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Keep reading to find out about some of the things that Liverpool is most famous for, and what awaits you if you decide to visit the city.

The Beatles statue on the street of Liverpool, England
The Beatles statue on the street of Liverpool, England

1) Music from Liverpool

There’s no doubt that Liverpool has a strong connection to music. The first thing that many people will think of when they hear the name of the city is the Beatles, possibly the most famous band in the world. Liverpool is the hometown of John, Paul, George, and Ringo, and the band is still a big draw for tourists and visitors. If you’re a fan and want to learn more about them, the Beatles Story is a fun experience that features interactive exhibits and music. If you want to explore other places with connections to the Beatles, visit the park Strawberry Field, Penny Lane, and the Cavern Club, where they played their first gig.

Liverpool also has a fantastic music scene today, with many fantastic venues for live music.

Anfield Stadium Liverpool Football Club

2) Football

The second thing that Liverpool is most famous for is football. Two of the biggest Premier League clubs are based in the city, Liverpool FC and Everton FC. Whether you’re a football fan or not, going to see a match and getting caught up in the excitement is certainly an experience that you will never forget. While getting to catch Liverpool and Everton up against each other is certainly exciting, there are plenty of other games to watch too, both at the Premier League level and other levels too.

If there isn’t a match on, or you just don’t feel like going to one, there’s also the option of a tour. You can take a tour of Anfield or visit Goodison Park to take a tour there too.

Fireworks at Liverpool Pier Head

3) World Heritage Sites

Liverpool has six areas that were designated World Heritage Sites in 2004 (the city was also made a UNESCO City of Music in 2015). The six areas are Pier Head, Royal Albert Dock, Stanley Dock, Castle Street, William Brown Street, and Lower Duke Street. Each area has something special to offer. Pier Head both played a significant role in the slave trade and was the site where many migrants left for new homes in America. The Royal Albert Dock is made up of warehouses that now house cafes, bars, restaurants, and museums. Castle Street is the historic commercial centre of Liverpool, where you can also find the Cavern Club.

Visit all of these sites to see why they are so special and the history within them.

Merseyside Maritime Museum Liverpool

4) History and Culture

In addition to the six World Heritage Sites, Liverpool has yet more history and culture to offer. If you’re looking for museums and galleries, you can visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum and the International Slavery Museum, as well as the Museum of Liverpool and the World Museum. The Walker Art Gallery and Tate Liverpool give you somewhere to explore the art that Liverpool has to offer. Liverpool has a variety of museums and galleries to check out, so you can find one that you like.

For more ways to explore the culture of Liverpool, you can find many different events, from music and theatre to the Liverpool Biennial contemporary arts festival.

Panorama of Liverpool waterfront in the evening, Liverpool
Panorama of Liverpool waterfront in the evening, Liverpool

5) Liverpool Accent (and People)

Liverpool is also well-known for its accent. The Scouse accent is distinctly recognisable, further enhancing the city’s identity. The people of Liverpool (Scousers) are often friendly and welcoming too, offering another excellent reason to visit. Liverpool has a long history of immigration, especially from Ireland, and has one of the oldest and largest Chinese communities in Europe. Liverpool’s Chinatown is also home to the largest ceremonial arch outside of China, which alone makes it worth a visit.

Liverpool might be more famous for some things than others, but anyone who visits will discover that it has a hell of a lot to offer!

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