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YesCanDo Money is an FCA-approved, FEE-FREE mortgage broker with years of experience supporting customers in Milton Keynes and elsewhere in the UK. If you would like to speak to one of our specialist mortgage advisors, get in touch using the contact details that can be found on our website and book an appointment with us.

Bespoke Mortgage Advisors In Milton Keynes

If you're looking for mortgage advisors in Milton Keynes get in touch with our expert team.

If you are looking for mortgage brokers in Milton Keynes, look no further than our team at YesCanDo Money. We know that each of our customers is different and as such, we have the ability to tailor our advice and support to every person who decides to benefit from our vast mortgage experience.

So, no matter your mortgage needs, know that an expert mortgage adviser from our team can help you. Whether you’re a first-time home buyer, a regular home mover, or a customer that wants to remortgage, we will find the best mortgage rates for your situation.

If you have a specific set of circumstances that are a little different from the norm, we can also help you get a great mortgage deal. It might be that you’re self-employed, for example, or an aspiring landlord who wants to make money from a buy to let property. After your first mortgage consultation with us, we will do what we can to find the right mortgage for your particular needs. The great news is we will never charge you a penny!

Interested? Contact us today for advice or to know more and benefit from the tailored advice and practical support that our dedicated team of mortgage advisers can offer you.

Reasons to consider the services of our expert mortgage team

How To Buy A House In Milton Keynes

Fee Free Mortgage Advice In Milton Keynes
Milton Keynes is one of the fastest-growing cities in the UK and is an ideal place to live for single people, families, the retired, and those looking for employment. Where can I find a mortgage broker near me, look no further!

There are lots of green spaces in the city so if you’re looking for a place to live with a lot of wonderful scenery and the River Great Ouse your needs will be covered here. Your needs will also be met if you’re looking for the modern amenities of city life, as there are lots of great opportunities for shopping at the centre:MK with its varied shops and places to dine.

But before you start looking at properties and mortgages, it’s important to get a handle on your finances. You will be better able to keep up with the repayments on your mortgage if you know what you can and can’t afford beforehand. So, consider your income and expenditure, use a mortgage calculator, and speak to a member of our team about the mortgage options that are right for your financial circumstances.

Places to live in Milton Keynes

There are many desirable places to live in Milton Keynes, including Middleton, a popular area with quiet cul-de-sacs and large properties that are ideal for family living.

The villages of Shenley are the perfect places to live for anybody looking to retire in an old-fashioned cottage, although there are plenty of modern properties too, for people of all types.

And Bradwell, with its mix of Victorian cottages and contemporary family homes, is also a great place to live for those who want a taste of both the old and the new.

These are just a few of the areas you might consider but there are lots of other great places to live too.

Property prices in Milton Keynes

In terms of affordability, houses nearest to the city centre are among the cheapest but if you want to live a little further away, properties within the MK2 postcode area are among the most affordable. These include such locations as Brickfields, Central Bletchley, and Water Eaton. The average house price in these areas is around £232,304 according to Zoopla.

Houses within the MK16 and MK17 postcode areas rank as some of the priciest on the market. These include houses in the riverside town of Newport Pagnell, a popular location due to its local scenery and safe reputation. The average price of a detached house in Newport Pagnell is £527,314 although prices are cheaper if you opt for a semi-detached or terraced house.

These are just a few examples but speak to an estate agent in Milton Keynes and explain your financial and practical needs to them. Check online for up to date house prices too.

Help To Buy

As Milton Keynes is home to a number of new housing developments, it’s relatively easy to get on the property ladder as some houses can be bought using the Help to Buy and Shared Ownership schemes. Look online for more information.

More information

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Getting A Mortgage In Milton Keynes


When looking at mortgages in Milton Keynes, (or anywhere else in the UK) there are a number of factors that will determine how much you will be allowed to borrow. These include:

  • Your income and expenditure

  • Your credit history

  • Your employment status

  • The size of your deposit

  • The type of mortgage you apply for

Mortgage rates can differ depending on the above factors, so to improve your chances of lower repayments you should:

  • Take steps to improve your financial situation

  • Check your credit score and improve it if necessary

  • Put down the largest deposit you can afford

To improve your chances of a) getting a mortgage, and b) gaining access to the most affordable mortgages available, you should consider the services of a mortgage broker instead of shopping around for mortgage lenders yourself. By doing so, you will save both time and money, as mortgage brokers are committed to finding their customers the most affordable mortgage deals.

When looking at mortgage brokers in Milton Keynes, be aware that some will charge you for their advice and support. However, this isn’t the case at YesCanDo Money.

There is no charge for any of our services, so you won’t have to pay the typical fee that another mortgage broker in Milton Keynes might land you with.

Your options will vary but they will largely depend on your financial circumstances. If you are able to put down a bigger deposit and have a more stable income, you will have a wider choice of mortgage products.

However, if you are a first-time buyer or a buy-to-let customer, you will typically be limited to mortgages with the highest interest rates. This is because of the perceived risks that the mortgage lender will take into account.

In some cases, you might need a specialist mortgage, perhaps because of your employment status or your credit history.

But no matter your personal or financial circumstances, we are here for you. If you’re currently looking for a mortgage broker in Milton Keynes, a mortgage adviser from our amazing team can give you the best mortgage advice related to your situation.

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Mortgage Rates In Milton Keynes

The mortgage rates in Milton Keynes will depend on the Bank of England base rate, your affordability rating, and the type of home you are considering. A mortgage adviser from our team of experts will explain more about these factors to you. Below is a breakdown of the various prices and mortgage rates you can expect for different accommodation types in Milton Keynes.
Property Type Average Property Price Monthly Mortgage Repayment *
Flat/apartment in Milton Keynes £206,933 £780.35 a month *
Terraced House in Milton Keynes £322,118 £1,214.72 a month *
Semi-Detached House in Milton Keynes £356,709 £1,345.16 a month *
Detached House in Milton Keynes £583,826 £2,201.63 a month *

 Average Milton Keynes property prices based on figures posted here »  |  * (Monthly mortgage payments based on a 90% Loan To Value – 1.9% two year fixed rate – 25 year term. Rates will vary.)

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We have many happy customers from across the majority of the UK. Take a moment to read our customer reviews below or alternatively visit our Reviews page. We have thousands of reviews across our Google, Facebook, and Trustpilot pages.

Our expert mortgage advisers help you to achieve your best mortgage.

To book your first free mortgage consultation with a qualified mortgage broker, simply complete our enquiry form or contact us using any of the methods that are listed on our website.


Why choose us as your Milton Keynes mortgage advisers?

We understand that you have a lot of choices when it comes to choosing a mortgage broker in Milton Keynes. So, why should you choose us for mortgage advice?

Do you really need another financial expense in your life? Especially when buying a home, you will have enough of those already, from removal costs to the fees that will be attached to your mortgage. But if you choose to use the services of our experienced mortgage advisers, you won’t have to pay us anything! We will help you find the best mortgage for FREE, with free advice and free support throughout the mortgage process.

Which mortgage is right for you? There are thousands of deals out there and over 90 lenders, so you aren’t spoiled for choice. However, not all of them will be right for your needs and that is why we search the entirety of the mortgage market with the use of a mortgage calculator to pinpoint those deals that are right for you. Our mortgage advisers use a mortgage calculator to get you the very best rates and deals. Book a free mortgage consultation with one of our expert advisers today!

Well, almost everything. We won’t pack your moving boxes and we won’t drive the removal van (sorry). But when it comes to your mortgage, our mortgage advisers will do everything on your behalf.

  • You will have your own mortgage advisor who will give you expert tailored mortgage advice.
  • Your mortgage adviser will search the whole market to find the mortgage product that is right for you using a mortgage calculator with the latest rates and deals.
  • Your mortgage adviser will manage the paperwork that is needed for the application process.
  • Your mortgage adviser will liaise with your estate agent, solicitor, and your mortgage lender.
  • And we will do everything in our power to reduce the monthly repayments.
  • We will do all of this and more for FREE!

So, whether you’re buying a new home or looking to remortgage, we are here to support you, every step of the way!

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Meet Our Mortgage Team

We’re qualified, we’re experienced, and we are here to get you a great new mortgage! We are proud of the services we provide for all of our customers, so if you are interested in knowing more about who we are and what we can do for you, get in touch, and speak to a mortgage adviser from our team today.

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