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Are you starting your mortgage journey and unsure how to proceed? Our mortgage broker, Aberdeen team offers free mortgage services to help you navigate the complexities of getting the perfect mortgage.

Our expert team of mortgage advisers completes the mortgage application on your behalf, provides expert advice, and secures the best mortgage rates, all without any broker fees.

Scheduling a free mortgage consultation or an online appointment with a mortgage advisor is straightforward, ensuring you receive bespoke mortgage advice tailored to your specific needs without any complications.

Learn how we are able to offer such a highly rated fully free mortgage service.

Getting a Mortgage In Aberdeen
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    Independent Mortgage Advisor Aberdeen

    Delving into your mortgage options should not be daunting. Our independent mortgage advisors in Aberdeen are dedicated to supporting you throughout the entire process, backed by Trust Pilot 5-star reviews and top-rated, fee-free mortgage advice.

    We Assist You in Finding Optimal Mortgage Offers

    YesCanDo Money, as a mortgage broker in Aberdeen, crafts personalised mortgage solutions for every Aberdeen buyer. Whether you are purchasing your first property or considering remortgaging, we provide specialised mortgage advice for every scenario.

    • Complete Support: You will be paired with a dedicated mortgage and protection adviser who will guide you from your initial enquiry to the final approval, ensuring a seamless and informed process. Our collaboration with estate agents further enhances support throughout the buying experience.

    • Personalised Solutions: Our innovative strategies are tailored to meet your needs, ensuring we find the most appropriate mortgage deal for your financial circumstances.

    • Comprehensive Financial Advice: Beyond securing a loan product, we offer ongoing support for future financial strategies such as remortgaging, expanding property investments, and taking out insurance against unforeseen events that could affect repaying what was borrowed at some point during a lifetime, which may lead people into debt otherwise known as mortgages, etc.

    Free Independent Mortgage Advice

    At YesCanDo Money, we emphasise clear and transparent communication. We ensure that you understand every aspect of the mortgage process without any hidden fees or surprises.

    • No Hidden Charges: Our services are completely free of additional fees, upholding our fee-free promise.

    • Simple Communication: Our mortgage advisers use straightforward language to help you understand all your options, enabling you to make informed decisions.

    • Honest Advice: We provide sincere and unbiased mortgage advice, prioritising your interests first. Our expert advisors focus on your unique needs to save time and money.

    Access to Every Mortgage Lender

    Being independent mortgage brokers, our extensive array of mortgage lenders provides us with access so that we can obtain deals from all over town without having any restrictions placed upon where we might want to do business somewhere else outside here within city limits alone but rather every single one of them will be brought right into our office no matter how far away it may seem like they are.

    • A Wide Range of Lenders: With access to over 95 lenders and more than 14,000 mortgage options, we can find the perfect solution for your requirements. This includes a wide variety of major high-street lenders, ensuring you have access to the most competitive deals.

    • Exclusive Offers: Our direct relationships with mortgage providers allow us to secure the best terms for your mortgage.

    • Market Expertise: We possess a thorough understanding of market trends and lender criteria, guiding you to the best path forward.


    First-Time-Buyer Mortgages Aberdeen

    First-Time Buyer Mortgages Aberdeen

    Entering the property market as a first time buyer can be thrilling and intimidating, given the diversity of options and involved processes.

    The Aberdeen property market presents a wide range of affordable properties, from stylish flats to classic terraced houses, making it a favourable location for first-time buyers. According to a recent report by Rightmove, Aberdeen is the most affordable city for first-time buyers, with the average asking price in 2024 being only £102,601.

    Additionally, if you are buying a two-bedroom or smaller home with a 20% deposit and a five-year fixed-rate mortgage at 4.84% over 35 years, then your monthly mortgage payments will be around £406, which is quite low compared to other places. This financial flexibility makes it ideal for anyone who wants to own their own home for the very first time.

    Our fee-free mortgage service for first-time buyers provides:

    • Personalised Advice: We offer bespoke mortgage advice initially since we know where you’re coming from. Our team will work with you to find solutions and deals that fit your property desires.
    • Access to Exclusive Deals: We can access first-time buyer mortgages not found on the market.
    • Application Support: This means we help keep things moving by liaising between estate agents and conveyancers so paperwork doesn’t slow things down unnecessarily.

    Securing the right mortgage deal is essential for immediate benefits and future financial stability.

    Remortgage Aberdeen

    Remortgage Aberdeen

    Are you looking for the best remortgage deal to reduce your current mortgage costs or free up cash for big home improvements?

    Aberdeen remortgaging presents an opportunity for people to better their economic situations by finding the most suitable remortgage rates based on their financial standing. With our support, understanding your options becomes simpler, and securing the right remortgage deal is more achievable.

    • Rate Comparison: We ensure you get competitive rates, free valuation surveys, and legal services, including fees.
    • Equity Release Guidance: Get an expert’s take on how safe it is to access funds by unlocking equity tied to residential property ownership, such as houses or flats.
    • Effortless Process: You won’t have to worry about all those forms because we will handle them for you; also, communicate with lenders and solicitors!

    Mortgages for Moving Home in Aberdeen

    Moving Home Mortgage Aberdeen

    Is everything set for moving into a new home, and do you need an easy transition mortgage?

    If you’re about to move house, let us handle all your worries with our seamless mover mortgage service. Whether it’s porting an existing mortgage across or finding better terms elsewhere, we’ll make sure every box gets ticked before the keys are handed over.

    • Tailored Moving Advice: We provide customised guidance for each unique moving situation, whether you’re upsizing, downsizing, or relocating. Our mortgage advice helps streamline your address change and aligns your mortgage with your new circumstances.
    • Seamless Mortgage Transfer: We facilitate the transfer of your existing mortgage to your new home, maintaining continuity and exploring better rates and terms if needed to ensure your mortgage fits your new situation.
    • End-to-End Support: We offer continuous support from the initial consultation to the final move. We coordinate with all involved parties to ensure a smooth transition, aiming to make your move as stress-free as possible.

    Learn more about the moving home mortgage process.

    Buy-To-Let Mortgages Aberdeen

    Buy-to-Let Mortgage Aberdeen

    Wanting some professional input into maximising returns from buy-to-let properties?

    Our specialised independent buy-to-let mortgage advice service has been designed with landlords in mind – whether they are newbies just starting or seasoned investors looking at expanding their portfolios, there’s something here for everyone who wants free impartial guidance on making more money through rental income generation using bricks ‘n’ mortar!

    • First-Time Investor Support: The investing world can be scary if you’ve never done it before. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to help you navigate those treacherous waters and make some tidy profits at the end!
    • Portfolio Expansion Advice: So you’ve got one or two properties under your belt but now want to know how best to build up a sizeable portfolio? Fear not—our team are experts regarding what lenders look for in buy-to-let mortgages, so they’ll have plenty of tips and tricks that should see the numbers tick over nicely.
    • Market-Aligned Mortgage Selection: We keep tabs on who has what products available within which interest rate brackets, so rest assured that whatever kind of deal suits both needs and wants will be found here!

    Mortgage Protection Aberdeen

    Mortgage Protection in Aberdeen

    Buying a property and getting a mortgage are significant financial commitments, so protecting yourself with appropriate mortgage protection policies is crucial. At YesCanDo Money, we care about your wellbeing and offer a range of options for you to choose from:

    • Buildings and Contents Insurance: Covers damage or loss caused by fire, theft, etc.
    • Critical Illness Cover: This policy pays out a lump sum when a specified dread disease, such as cancer or heart attack, is diagnosed.
    • Life Assurance: Provides money when the policyholder dies during the term – could help loved ones cope financially if the main breadwinner were no longer around!
    • Income Protection: Designed specifically for those individuals who would struggle to meet monthly outgoings should illness/injury prevent them from working for a prolonged period of time.

    Learn more about Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance here.

    How To Get The Best Mortgage Deal in Aberdeen

    Getting a mortgage in Aberdeen has never been easier. YesCanDo Money can help you with this process. We are committed to helping you secure a mortgage that suits your circumstances best. Our method simplifies the confusing world of mortgages, offering clear mortgage advice in Aberdeen from experts who cannot be matched at any stage.

    1. Free Initial Consultation: This part begins with a talk. Tell us about what you want and need so we can show you how we can help—without charging anything! We will give advice specifically tailored to your situation.
    2. Finding Your Ideal Mortgage: We have access to all lenders in the marketplace, including some which are not available directly to the public; so rest assured we will find out which one offers the most suitable terms and rates based on your requirements!
    3. From Application To Approval: Once we receive all required documents back completed correctly, our team takes over, dealing directly with lenders, saving you time chasing paperwork or waiting on hold for updates – we’ll keep them coming through too! You won’t believe how easy this is going to be once everything starts happening… just sit tight while things move forward smoothly from here.

    Hear From Our Satisfied Homeowners in Aberdeen

    Our clients’ success stories best illustrate how YesCanDo Money has helped them achieve their property dreams, save on their mortgages, or successfully invest in property.

    "Bliss and Liz have been incredibly helpful, understanding, and patient as we navigated the process of buying a property in Aberdeen. Initially, I was concerned about my credit score and the prospect of obtaining a mortgage, but Bliss reassured me and guided us to secure a mortgage that was better than I had anticipated.

    Liz was invaluable during the final stages, always there to provide reassurance and expert advice whenever I needed it—which was quite frequently! Her support was crucial in ensuring that the purchase of our Aberdeen property went smoothly.

    Reflecting on the process, I can't believe I ever considered not using a broker. Thanks to Bliss and Liz, everything was handled so efficiently that I barely had to do anything myself.

    I am immensely grateful for their assistance and cannot thank them enough for their role in making this significant purchase stress-free!"
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    Evan and Zoe
    Amazing mortgage help in Aberdeen

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It is definitly worth having a broker on your team, mortgage brokers provide tailored advice, have access to a broad selection of mortgage products (over 14,000!), and handle the entire process, saving you time and money.


    Costs can vary from £500 to £3000; others, like independent mortgage brokers YesCanDo Money, provide their services free of charge, relying purely on commissions from lenders. Others may charge a flat fee or a percentage of the mortgage amount as payment for their services.

    Aberdeen mortgage brokers can often secure more competitive rates thanks to their extensive lender network. They have access to over 90 lenders and over 14,000 exclusive mortgage deals.

    In the UK, employing a broker often offers more choice and possibly access to better rates because they have a larger pool of lenders to choose from and exclusive mortgage deals.

    Yes, mortgage brokers simplify the mortgage process by offering services like rate comparison, completing paperwork, and negotiating with lenders on your behalf.

    No, you're not confined to using Aberdeen mortgage advisors or Aberdeen mortgage advice centres. Many excellent mortgage brokers across the UK offer remote services, allowing you to find the best broker nationwide.

    Expert Mortgage Advice Across Scotland

    We provide mortgage advice across Scotland and throughout the UK. Advisers ready to help!

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