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Struggling to pick the right mortgage? Our mortgage broker, Dundee, offers a cost-free service, ensuring a smooth experience while finding and securing your ideal mortgage.

Our mortgage team prioritises customer satisfaction, providing customised, expert mortgage advice and fee-free solutions designed explicitly for Dundee and surrounding areas. With extensive experience in the financial services industry, our team of experienced mortgagte advisorsa are well-equipped to offer professional guidance and support for all your home finance needs.

Our skilled advisors are ready to manage your mortgage application, provide professional advice, and help you secure the best market rates without any broker fees. We’re committed to delivering professional and friendly service, ensuring a smooth, stress-free mortgage process.

Learn more about how we offer a fee free mortgage service.

Getting a Mortgage In Dundee
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    Independent Mortgage Advisor Dundee

    The prospect of managing a mortgage is less intimidating with YesCanDo Money. We are committed to securing the right mortgage for each client by understanding their unique and personal circumstances and offering our acclaimed mortgage service without brokerage fees. This tailored approach ensures we provide the lowest interest rates and the best deal that aligns with our client’s individual financial situations.

    Mortgage Solutions for All

    We aim to make sure that every homebuyer gets the best mortgage possible. We offer this because we believe no one should struggle with finding a suitable mortgage, whether buying their first house, remortgaging, planning to move or investing in property.

    Comprehensive Market Insight

    With our mortgage brokers Dundee services, you can access the “whole of market,” which includes all types of mortgage lenders, such as High Street banks and building societies. We partner with over 90 mortgage lenders and offer a range of over 14,000 mortgages to choose from.

    Fee-Free Mortgage Advice

    We are committed to providing clear, professional guidance without any hidden fees. Our straightforward communication throughout the process ensures a transparent and accessible experience from start to finish, all at no cost to you. This fee-free approach makes it easier for you to navigate your mortgage options effectively.


    First-Time-Buyer Mortgages Dundee

    First-Time Buyer Mortgages in Dundee

    Looking to buy your first home and wondering where to start? Partner with us for specialised support to secure your ideal first mortgage. We’re dedicated to transforming your homeownership aspirations into reality by providing:

    • Personalised Advice: Custom guidance based on your finances ensures the most applicable recommendations.
    • Exclusive Offers: Gain access to the most competitive rates and mortgage products unavailable to the general public.
    • Streamlined Approach: Our advisors make the whole process easy and straightforward by simplifying all paperwork. We liaise with your estate agents and solicitors to ensure that we give you a seamless home-buying experience possible.

    Remortgage Dundee

    Remortgage Services

    Whether you’re seeking better rates or need funding for home renovations, our expertise in remortgaging offers both significant savings and comprehensive support throughout the process:

    • Competitive Rate Comparison: We diligently search for the best rates available.
    • Releasing Equity Advice: If releasing equity benefits you, we’ll guide you. If it’s not, we’ll be upfront about it.
    • Simplified Procedures: We handle everything including communication with the lender and gathering documentation, saving time and effort.

    Buy-To-Let Mortgages Dundee

    Buy-to-Let Mortgages

    For both seasoned and novice investors, our independent mortgage advice is designed to enhance your investment with buy-to-let mortgages. We provide:

    • Support for Novice Investors: Rely on the expertise of seasoned professionals familiar with your investment journey.
    • Strategies for Portfolio Growth: We offer specific strategies for landlords aiming to expand their holdings.
    • Tailored Lender Matching: We identify mortgage lenders that align with your investment objectives.

    Mortgages for Moving Home in Dundee

    Moving Home in Dundee

    Are you planning to move within Dundee or to the surrounding area? Our expert guidance and support ensure a seamless transition to your new home with:

    • Bespoke Relocation Plans: Share your objectives, and we’ll craft a mortgage plan specifically for you.
    • Efficient Mortgage Transfers: Whether porting your mortgage or looking for a new deal, we guide you to the optimal solution.
    • Support Throughout: From our initial discussion to your move-in day, we’re here to assist every step of the way.

    Mortgage Protection Dundee

    Mortgage Protection

    Buying a house and getting a mortgage is a big financial responsibility. You need to make sure you are protected. YesCanDo Money offers different types of coverage for their customers, such as full insurance coverage for mortgage protection. We have been giving free advice on mortgages and protection insurance, which ensures that we deal with each client professionally and in a friendly manner that suits them best.

    • Buildings and Contents Insurance: Protects against damages or losses from incidents like fire or theft, covering the structure and the contents within.
    • Critical Illness Cover: If diagnosed with a specified illness, this cover provides a lump sum payment, which can be used for medical expenses or living costs during a serious illness.
    • Life Assurance: Also known as Life Insurance, this protection pays out if you pass away during the policy term, helping your loved ones manage mortgage payments and living expenses.
    • Income Protection: Designed to replace income if illness or an accident prevents you from working, helping you maintain your mortgage and other financial obligations until you can return to work.

    Mortgage Reviews Dundee

    Our client testimonials underscore our commitment to making the mortgage process straightforward, cost-effective, and fee-free.

    The nove to Dundee was incredibly smooth last month, all thanks to YesCanDo Money. Our dedicated mortgage advisor, Grant, and my client manager, Liz, were phenomenal – attentive and supportive throughout this process at no charge! They secured an excellent mortgage offer that made our dream home a reality sooner than we anticipated. Many thanks to YesCanDo Money! Highly recommended!
    moving home in Dundee
    Ewan & Fiona
    Smooth experience

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, you are not limited to using a broker in Dundee. Many outstanding brokers throughout the UK provide remote services, allowing you to select the best broker nationwide.


    Definitely! Paying a broker can be a smart move, especially for complex cases. They navigate the market to find the best rates and save hassle.

    Mortgage brokers' fees vary. Some charge between £500 and £3,000, but companies like YesCanDo Money offer their services for free and earn through lender commissions instead.

    A mortgage broker often offers a better choice because they can access a vast range of products across the market, unlike banks, which only offer their products.

    Yes, mortgage brokers often secure better rates because they have comprehensive access to the market and can leverage the best deals not directly available to the public.

    The cost can vary. Some advisors charge fees up to £3,000, but fee-free options are also available, in which advisors earn from commissions paid by mortgage lenders.

    A mortgage adviser can provide valuable insights and options tailored to your financial and mortgage needs, saving you money and time in the long run.

    Many mortgage advisors offer a free initial consultation. Companies like YesCanDo Money do not charge fees, making their advice accessible to everyone.

    Expert Mortgage Advice Across Scotland

    We provide mortgage advice across Scotland and throughout the UK. Advisers ready to help!

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