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Receive fee-free mortgage advice from YesCanDo Money with expert guidance that will help you navigate your mortgage process effortlessly. Our service is designed to simplify your mortgage application at every stage, ensuring you secure the most favourable deals and interest rates.

What sets YesCanDo Money apart is our commitment to not charging any broker fees. This approach makes exploring your mortgage options both straightforward and more economical.

Learn how we are able to offer such a highly rated fully free mortgage service.

Getting a Mortgage In Telford
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    Telford Independent Mortgage Advice

    However scary it may seem to navigate a mortgage, YesCanDo Money is there to help. Try our top-rated mortgage service without paying any broker fees.

    We Help You Find the Best Mortgage Deals

    YesCanDo Money is here for every buyer in Telford and beyond, offering personalised mortgage solutions. We provide professional advice at every stage of the property purchase process, from buying your first buy-to-let property to remortgaging.

    • Complete Support: From initial contact to final approval, we accompany you every step of the way, ensuring an effortless, informed journey.
    • Personalised Solutions: Our unique approach aims to fit your situation perfectly so that the tips and options provided match your requirements precisely.
    • Beyond Just Mortgages: We do not only secure you a mortgage once but also guide you on future planning, such as remortgaging advice or expanding your property portfolio. We also provide advice on protecting your mortgage with insurance.

    Access to Every Mortgage Lender

    With our advisors having access to all lenders, this means excellent choices for you.

    • A Wide Array of Lenders: Our access to 95 lenders and more than 14,000 mortgages implies that we can find what suits your needs perfectly.
    • Exclusive Offers: Because of how our relations with lenders go, the best mortgage deal might be unavailable from direct providers.
    • Market Expertise: Our deep understanding of the market trends and lender criteria ensures we can advise you on the best path forward.

    Fee Free Independent Mortgage Advice

    That’s why transparency is vital at YesCanDo Money. Being open and providing simple information ensures that you stay informed about everything going on around you.

    • No Hidden Charges: You do not have to worry about additional charges since we charge no extra fees for the services we offer; hence, the fee-free guarantee applies here, too.
    • Simple Communication: Our mortgage advisers use understandable language when explaining the hard terms and conditions of mortgages so that you understand all available alternatives before making the choice that best suits your needs.
    • Honest Advice: Our team provides honest advice throughout whilst prioritising your best interest above all.

    Our Free Mortgage Broker Services in Telford

    YesCanDo Money offers free mortgage services to Telford residents and across the UK. From initial free mortgage consultation to application assistance, we work closely with you to understand your needs and expedite your journey to a better mortgage deal.

    First-Time-Buyer Mortgages Telford

    Getting Your First Mortgage in Telford

    Taking your first step onto the property ladder? Let us guide you with specialised support for first-time buyers to secure your best-ever mortgage. Our team is dedicated to turning your homeownership dream into reality with:

    • Personalised Advice: Delve into your financial world, diving deep to offer advice that’s as unique as you are, ensuring it’s tailored perfectly enough to light up your path towards homeownership.

    • Exclusive Deals: With our fingers on the pulse of the mortgage market, we unlock doors to the most competitive mortgage rates and exclusive mortgage deals that are exclusively available to you.

    • Streamlined Process: We cut through the paperwork jungle and deal directly with estate agents and solicitors, thus making your journey to homeownership like a bed of roses.

    Discover more about our First Time Buyer Mortgage services

    Remortgage Telford

    Remortgage Services

    Looking for better rates or need funds for home improvements? Our remortgaging expertise in Telford, coupled with comprehensive service, can save you money and provide extensive support:

    • Competitive Rate Comparison: As a financial matchmaker, we search the market to find you the interest that will make your heart sing.

    • Guidance on Equity: We offer advice on releasing equity to raise funds, with guidance that ensures it is suitable for your future.

    • Simplified Procedures: From negotiations to paperwork, we lead in these and turn around what can be a tiresome process.

    Discover more about our Remortgage Services.

    Buy-To-Let Mortgages Telford

    Buy-to-Let Mortgages

    We provide personalised buy-to-let mortgage advice for first-time investors, landlords with rental portfolios and limited companies looking to expand their property portfolio.

    • Support for First-Time Investors: Guidance from professionals familiar with your journey.

    • Strategies for Portfolio Expansion: Tailored strategies for landlords aiming to grow their investment portfolio.

    • Tailored Lender Matching: Identifying lenders that align with your investment goals.

    Discover more about Buy To Let Mortgages

    Mortgages for Moving Home in Telford

    Moving Home in Telford

    If you’re relocating within Telford or to the surrounding area, our expert advice and support ensure a smooth transition to your new home, providing:

    • Bespoke Relocation Plans: Customised plans based on your relocation goals.

    • Efficient Mortgage Transfers: Guidance on the best mortgage solutions for your move.

    • Comprehensive Support: From our first conversation to move-in day, we’re here to assist.

    Discover more about our Moving Home Mortgages

    Specialist Mortgages Telford

    Specialist Mortgages

    Facing unique challenges, such as self-employment or credit issues? Our specialist services in Telford offer solutions beyond traditional lending criteria, including:

    • Self-Employment Solutions: Aiming for the best interest rates and deals for self-employed mortgages.

    • Extensive Lender Network: Connections with lenders who offer more flexible criteria.

    • Full Application Support: Simplification of the mortgage application process with expert guidance at every step.

    Hear From Our Satisfied Homeowners in Telford

    The remarks from our clients in Telford highlight our dedication to a simplified mortgage process, affordability, and a lack of fees.

    Our first remortgage experience for our home in Telford was an absolute breeze with the help from YesCanDo Money. The support and guidance from their staff made every step of the way clear and manageable. They took a complex process and made it simple and stress free, just like magic! We were blown away who you can recieve such an outstanding level of service when it is free! With them on our side they secured a remortgage deal that saved us quite a lot of money. Everything I wanted financially felt much closer to reach than it did before. Thank you YesCanDo Money for all your help! If anyone is considering their next remortgage choice, go with YesCanDo!
    Happy couple remortgage in Telford
    George and Kerry
    Happy Remortgage Customers!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, they are highly beneficial for manoeuvring complex cases, accessing exclusive deals, and receiving tailored advice that can save you money over the life of your mortgage.

    Fees for mortgage brokers can vary. Some, like YesCanDo Money, offer their services for free and are compensated through commissions from lenders. Others may charge a flat fee or a percentage of the loan amount.

    In the UK, some mortgage advisors or mortgage brokers charge a fee ranging from £500 to £1,000 or a commission of 0.35%-1.25% of the mortgage amount. Others offer their services for free, as all brokers earn commission from lenders, and fee-free mortgage brokers choose not to charge their customers at an already costly time.

    This can depend on the advisor. Some mortgage advisors offer initial consultations at no cost, while others may charge a fee for their services right from the start. YesCanDo Money mortgage advisors are fee-free, meaning they offer a fully free mortgage service, allowing you to understand your options without any upfront costs.

    If your mortgage advisor charges for their services, payment terms can vary. Some advisors may charge for repayment mortgages as well as interest-only mortgages and require payment at the time of consultation, while others might only charge a fee upon successful mortgage securing.

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