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Nestled in the heart of the Northeast, Sunderland boasts a rich history, vibrant culture, and a promising future. At YesCanDo Money, we've been privileged to be part of Sunderland's growth, offering expert mortgage advice tailored to the unique characteristics of this dynamic city for over 30 years.
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Mortgage Advisor Sunderland: Why Choose Our Services?



1. Fee-free mortgage advice & service

YesCanDo Money: Committed to Transparency for Over 30 Years
For a quarter of a century, we’ve proudly upheld our tradition as a predominantly fee-free broker. Unlike many other brokers who might surprise you with hidden charges, we do NOT charge a fee in 9 out of 10 cases. Our commission-based model ensures that professional mortgage advice is accessible to everyone, without any hidden costs.

2. Whole of Market for the Best Mortgage Deals

Navigating the Vast Mortgage Landscape with Expertise.
The mortgage market is vast, with over 14,000 products from 90+ mortgage lenders. Basic comparison sites barely scratch the surface. Our brokers utilise advanced tools, ensuring you get the best mortgage deal tailored to your needs. We handle the complexities, even filling in forms on your behalf, making your mortgage journey smooth and efficient.

3. Catering to Unique Mortgage Needs

Every Mortgage Scenario is Unique, Just Like You.
With over 30 years of experience, we understand that no two mortgage scenarios are the same. Our whole-of-market access ensures we find the best interest rates tailored to your unique situation. At YesCanDo Money, your interests are our priority.

4. Stress-Free Mortgage Journey

Your Mortgage Journey, Simplified.
We’re committed to demystifying the mortgage process, ensuring you have a smooth and transparent experience. From the initial consultation to liaising with mortgage lenders, we’re with you every step of the way. As one client put it, “The entire process was seamless!” Our dedication to client satisfaction speaks for itself.


Sunderland Mortgage Advisor Reviews

We are a highly rated mortgage broker - Rated 5 on TrustPilot
We take immense pride in the positive feedback we receive from our clients, as evidenced by our numerous five-star Trustpilot reviews. But don't take our word for it; read testimonials yourself to truly experience our exceptional customer service!

Our customer reviews make us blush 😊

Our Fee Free Comprehensive Mortgage Services

No matter your mortgage needs - from first time buyer, to remortgaging and buy-to-let investments in Sunderland - we offer tailored mortgage solutions to meet them all.
Remortgage in Sunderland

Remortgage Advice

Tailored Remortgaging Solutions for Evolving Needs.
Life's circumstances change, and so do mortgage needs. Whether it's to secure a better interest rate, release equity, or consolidate debts, our team offers expert advice tailored to your remortgaging needs.

  • Expertise in navigating the dynamic mortgage landscape.
  • Tailored solutions to ensure you get the best mortgage rate.
  • Trusted guidance every step of the way.

First-Time-Buyer Mortgages in Sunderland

Guidance for First-Time Homebuyers

Empowering First-Time Buyers with Knowledge and Confidence.
We recognise that purchasing your first home and getting on the property ladder can be both thrilling and daunting; therefore, our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way, giving you the confidence to embark on this exciting adventure with peace of mind.

  • Comprehensive guidance tailored to your needs.
  • Access to the best mortgage rates and deals.
  • Over 30 years of trusted experience in the mortgage industry.

Moving Home Mortgage in Sunderland

Moving Home in Plymouth

Relocating in Sunderland? We've Got You Covered.
Relocating comes with its set of challenges. Our team ensures you have a financially sound and smooth relocation in Sunderland, guiding you through every step of the mortgage process.

  • Expert guidance tailored to your relocation needs.
  • Access to the best mortgage deals in Sunderland.
  • Trusted advice to ensure a smooth relocation process.

Buy-To-Let-Mortgages in Sunderland

Buy-to-Let Mortgages

Unlocking Sunderland's Buy-to-Let Potential.
Sunderland's buy-to-let market offers promising investment opportunities, especially with its growing student population. Our team provides expert guidance, from property selection to securing the best mortgage deals.

  • Experts at individual buy-to-lets as well as portfolios.
  • Tailored mortgage solutions for investors.
  • Comprehensive guidance on buy-to-let affordability and rental yields.

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Our Mortgage Brokers Success Stories

Helping the people of Sunderland and the throughout the UK achieve their mortgage and property goals

We've had the privilege of assisting numerous clients in their mortgage journeys in Sunderland. Here are three success stories that stand out:

Sunderland Property Market Insights

Sunderland, a city with a rich maritime history and a promising future, offers a diverse property landscape. From its iconic coastline to its bustling city centre, Sunderland’s property market is as varied as its cultural heritage.

Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates play an integral part in the decision-making process for prospective homebuyers, influenced by global economic factors and local market dynamics. They can significantly alter the overall costs associated with their term. As rates fluctuate, it’s essential for buyers to lock in favourable rates to ensure long-term financial stability. At YesCanDo Money, our rates finder tool provides real-time updates on the best mortgage rates available, helping you make informed decisions.

Tip: To see what mortgage rates are available for your specific situation, click on the Do I Qualify? button below.

Mortgage Calculators for Sunderland Residents

Mortgage Affordability Calculator:
This tool is designed to help potential buyers gauge their borrowing power. By inputting details like income, monthly expenses, and loan term, users can get an estimate of the mortgage amount they might qualify for.

Mortgage Repayment Calculator:
Budgeting and financial planning require knowing monthly mortgage repayments in order to create a realistic estimate of their costs, with this calculator offering an estimation based on loan amount, interest rate and term.

Interpreting the results of both calculators in light of your personal financial circumstances is paramount to their accuracy and usefulness. Should any queries arise or clarification be needed, our fee-free mortgage advisors are on standby.

Detailed Insights: Sunderland Property & Mortgages

  • Most Expensive Area: Ashbrooke, known for its Victorian terraces and leafy streets, stands out as one of Sunderland’s priciest neighbourhoods. Its proximity to the city centre and its historic charm make it a sought-after location.
  • Least Expensive Area: Hendon, while being more affordable, offers great value with a range of amenities and is undergoing significant regeneration, making it an area to watch.
  • Commute Time: Sunderland boasts excellent connectivity, with direct trains to London taking just under 3.5 hours. The city’s extensive road network also ensures ease of commute to neighbouring cities.
  • Rental Market: The rental market in Sunderland is buoyant, especially with a growing student population. Average rents vary based on location and property type, but the city offers a range of options for both long-term residents and transient populations.

About Us

YesCanDo Money has its roots deeply embedded in over 25 years of dedicated service as a local independent mortgage broker. Founded on the principles of unparalleled customer service, the company took a significant leap forward when the founder Steves’s sons, Matthew & Sam, joined the fold. Over the past seven years, we’ve expanded our fee-free mortgage broker services, maintaining our commitment to exceptional service, now reaching clients across the UK. From the heart of Sunderland to the far reaches of the country, our legacy of over 30+ years stands as a testament to our dedication. We’ve been here for the people, and we’re here for you.

Mortgage Advisors Sunderland: Meet our team

Our team of friendly mortgage advisors ensures every client receives tailored advice for their personal circumstances with a free mortgage consultation. Our expert mortgage advisers bring a unique skill set, ensuring a holistic approach to mortgage advice and getting you a suitable mortgage:

Mortgage Adviser and Coordinator - Bliss

Bliss Harland

Mortgage & Protection Adviser 

Bliss has over a decade of experience in the mortgage industry, with a keen understanding of the evolving work landscape. She’s passionate about helping self-employed individuals navigate the complexities of securing a mortgage.

  • Specialisation: Mortgages for Self-Employed Individuals.

  • Qualification: CeMAP Certified.

Learn more about Bliss >

Grant Mortgage Adviser

Grant Humphries

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Grant’s analytical approach and problem-solving skills have made him the go-to expert for complex mortgage situations. He thrives on finding solutions for unconventional income sources or unique property types.

  • Specialisation: Handling Complex Situations.

  • Qualification: CeMAP Certified.

Learn more about Grant >

Mortgage Adviser - Tom

Tom Blackler

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Tom’s dedication to his clients is evident in his thorough approach to guiding first-time buyers. He ensures they embark on their house-buying process with confidence and the best possible mortgage deals.

  • Specialisation: First-Time Buyers and Help to Buy.

  • Qualification: CeMAP Certified.

Learn more about Tom >

Mortgage Adviser - Jane

Jane Rowe

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

With over 15 years as a mortgage adviser, Jane has seen the changing dynamics of retirement and understands the unique financial needs of the older generation. Her empathetic approach ensures her clients feel understood and well-guided.

  • Specialisation: Mortgages for the Older Generation.

  • Qualification: CII Certified.

Learn more about Jane >

Mortgage Advisor - Hannah

Hannah Edwards

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Hannah’s commitment to assisting first-time buyers shines through in her meticulous guidance. She understands the challenges faced by this demographic and offers invaluable insights.

  • Specialisation: Assisting First-Time Buyers.

  • Qualification: CeMAP Certified.

Learn more about Hannah >

Mortgage Advisor - Megan

Megan Stoyles

Mortgage & Protection Adviser

Megan’s expertise lies in ensuring clients have the right safeguards in place to protect their homes and financial futures. She’s a trusted mortgage adviser when it comes to mortgage protection.

  • Specialisation: Mortgage Protection.

  • Qualification: CeMAP Certified.

Learn more about Megan >

Educational Content and Resources

Stay informed with our informative articles and guides on the mortgage process. From understanding the basics to deep dives into specific topics, our resources are designed to empower you. Whether you're a first-time buyer, looking to remortgage, or exploring buy-to-let opportunities, our content provides clarity and insights.
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How many times my salary can I borrow for a mortgage?

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Do mortgage brokers charge a fee?

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Frenquently Asked Questions

Navigating the mortgage landscape can be daunting. Our FAQs address common queries, ensuring you have all the information you need:

Yes, often it can be. Make sure you talk with an experienced mortgage broker who will have access to a wide range of deals, some of which may not be directly available to the public. Their expertise can help you find the most cost-effective mortgage tailored to your needs.

Mortgage brokers provide helpful advice, and access to a wider variety of products, and can potentially save both time and money by helping guide the application process more smoothly.

Some mortgage brokers, like YesCanDo Money, offer fee-free services, making their money from mortgage lender commissions. Others might charge a fee, which can vary based on the mortgage amount or complexity.

While banks offer their own mortgage products, brokers provide a wider range of options from various lenders. This breadth can lead to better rates and terms tailored to individual needs.

Many advisors offer initial consultations for free. At YesCanDo Money, we provide fee-free advice, ensuring clients get the best guidance without any cost.

Mortgage Insights

Content on industry trends, news, and market analysis is regularly updated here, while tailored advice and tips for Sunderland residents are offered as well.
halifax's enhanced shared ownership scheme

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Will mortgage rates go down in 2024 UK?

On the 1st of February 2024, when the Bank of England (BOE) last had a committee they chose to keep ...
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99% mortgage scheme

UK’s 99% Mortgage Scheme: Key Impacts & Insights

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Fastest Mortgage Lenders UK

Fastest Mortgage Lenders UK: 2023’s Speedy Leaders Analysed by YesCanDo Money

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Introducing Perenna Mortgages

Introducing Perenna: A New Dawn in UK Mortgage Lending

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Accord's Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

Accord’s Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

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Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub 5 percent Five-Year Mortgage Rates

Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub-5% Five-Year Mortgage Rates

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Halifax Unveils New 3-Year Remortgage Rates

Halifax Unveils New 3-Year Remortgage Rates

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Transparency and Ethical Practices

At our core lies an unwavering dedication to data privacy and security. Our philosophy centres around transparency; clients can easily understand our processes and practices by viewing our privacy policy here for detailed insights into how we handle and protect your data.

Written by Steve Roberts

Written by Steve Roberts

Starting as an Independent Financial Adviser in 1992, Steve Roberts specialised in mortgages and earned the MAQ. This led to the creation of YesCanDo Money, a top fee-free mortgage broker in the UK. With the digital shift, Steve expanded the company's reach, and his sons, Matthew and Sam, joined the team. Despite challenges, including the 2020 pandemic, the company has thrived and doubled in size. Under Steve's leadership and with his sons' contributions, YesCanDo Money remains a trusted financial guide. Outside work, Steve cherishes family moments and enjoys seaside walks and photography.

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