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Steve Roberts

Stephen Roberts MAQ is the founder of YesCanDo Money, one of the UK's largest no-fee mortgage brokers. With more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the mortgage industry, Steve really knows the ins and outs of mortgages. He's become a trusted expert and authority in the field, thanks to his deep understanding of the mortgage landscape. Speak to Steve or a member of his knowledgeable team today by completing our contact form:

Founder and Director - Steve
mortgage 5 times salary

How to Secure a Mortgage 5 Times Salary

Obtaining a mortgage 5 times your salary, surpassing the typical 4.5 times income mortgage, is achievable under specific conditions. If you are about to search the mortgage market and you’re hoping to purchase a property but need a higher-than-average income multiple, it makes sense to be aware of the process and criteria before starting your […]

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Joint Mortgage with Parents

Joint Mortgage with Parents: A Path to Homeownership

Facing the challenge of escalating house prices, first-time buyers are increasingly turning to a joint mortgage with parents, a strategic move to get on the property ladder to amplify borrowing power and secure entry into the housing market. This collaborative financial approach merges the strengths of families to tackle stringent deposit requirements and navigate lender

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Best interest-only mortgage rates

Discover The Best Interest-only Mortgage Rates

As with any financial decision, when selecting an interest-only mortgage rate it’s crucial to take an overall view of your financial situation before settling on one option that seems appealing at the time. Do your research before choosing something impulsively; ensure it fits seamlessly into your plans and future goals. It should not just be

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