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Buying a Property in Liverpool

When you mention Liverpool, perhaps one of the first things that will come to mind is the legendary football club. That, or you remember the distinct scouse accent that has almost nothing in common with nearby cities. With its rich history, unique architecture and thriving economy, Liverpool is one of the go-to choices for British cities to live in.

But what about the property prices? Is it worth moving to Liverpool, and what’s it like owning a home here?

Property Prices in Liverpool

Between July 2019 and July 2020, the average price of a property was only £139,894. This makes it extremely affordable compared to other major cities such as Manchester and London. Flats and maisonettes are around £107,967, making it a fantastic option for single professionals, couples or small families. Moving up to terraced houses, you can expect to buy a home for around just £121,965. Semi-detached houses average around £171,944 and detached average at £273,757.

There was a concerning drop in property prices during January 2020 where all property types saw an average drop of around 5.3%. That has since picked up and we’re now seeing an average growth of around 3% across all property types. However, flats are still a little cheaper than before at -1.2%, making it a worthwhile investment for small families and professionals.

So what about property prices now? Some of the most recently-sold properties in Liverpool includes a 3-bed semi-detached home that sold for £228,000 and a 3-bedroom terraced house that sold for £185,000. This should give you a rough idea of how much people are willing to pay for large family homes in Liverpool.

However, if you’re only looking to rent in Liverpool then you’ll find that prices are incredibly affordable with a 2-bedroom house costing around £600 PCM. This is below the national average of £885 PCM. So if you’re a single professional or are looking to start a small home with the intention to move later in the future, renting in Liverpool is actually a fairly solid choice.

Where to Buy a Property in Liverpool

So where would we suggest buying a property in Liverpool?


Known for one of the world’s most famous football clubs, Anfield is a staple when looking for property in Liverpool. With incredibly affordable prices and strong football culture, Anfield can be a fantastic choice for many people.


Crosby is only half an hour away from the Liverpool city centre, making it one of the more convenient places to live if you want to stay connected to the rest of the city. Prices average around £276,497 which can feel a little steep, but it’s perfect for anyone that wants to be close to the city centre.

Liverpool City Centre

If you’re looking for the heart of Liverpool then there’s no better option than the city centre itself. Home to some of the most iconic architecture that you’ll find in the city, Liverpool City Centre is the go-to place to invest in a property in Liverpool. Despite being such a central location, property prices here are very affordable.

Things to Do in Liverpool

Whether you’re into wild nightlife or museums and art galleries, Liverpool has a fantastic selection of attractions for you to explore. It’s got some of the most amazing museums such as the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Tate Liverpool and Albert Dock. It’s also got some fantastic music destinations thanks to being the home of The Beatles, and you’ll also find that there’s a thriving theatre scene.

Liverpool Schools

You have a great selection of primary and secondary schools in Liverpool. St. John’s Catholic, Liscard, St Vincent de Paul, The Beacon Church of England and Faith are all renowned primary schools that are highly recommended across the country. You’ll also have access to Weatherhead, oof the most outstanding secondary schools in the UK.

Travel Connections in Liverpool

Public transport in Liverpool is fantastic and you’ll find it extremely easy to get around by rail and bus. You’ll find easy transport links to the city centre, but there are also affordable and easy ways to get to London, Birmingham, Manchester, and other major cities. If you’re driving, getting around the River Mersey can be a pain but there are plenty of routes such as the M53 and M62 that will help you get to other parts of the country.

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