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Mortgage Income Types Advice Guides

Getting a Mortgage with a New Job

Getting a Mortgage with a New Job

It might seem like a lot to take on to get a mortgage while starting a new job. However, it turns out simpler if you ...
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Mortgage for Agency Workers and Temps

Mortgages for Agency Workers and Temps

Many people in the UK work through an agency or have jobs with a temporary contract. If you’re one of these employees, you might be ...
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Can you get a mortgage on zero hour contract?

Mortgages for Zero Hour Contracts

Around one million people in the UK are on zero-hour contracts and if you are amongst this number, you might be worried about your ability ...
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Can I get a mortgage as a freelancer?

Understanding Freelancer Mortgages

There are over 2 million freelancers in the UK and if you’re among this sizeable number, you may want to know more about your mortgage ...
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Getting a mortgage when on maternity leave

Getting a mortgage when on maternity leave

If you’re on or due to start maternity leave, you might be wondering how this will affect your mortgage chances. By the end of this ...
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What Proof of Income is needed for a mortgage?

Proof of Income for Mortgage Explained

Navigating the mortgage application process can be complex, particularly when it comes to providing evidence of your income. Proving your income is crucial as mortgage ...
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Fixed Term Contract Mortgage

Fixed-Term Contract Mortgage For Contractors

Fixed-term contracts are handed to employees who are hired to work for a set amount of time. There will normally be an end date attached ...
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