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Perenna’s Zero Bills Mortgage Partnership with Octopus

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    As we all look for ways to save money and reduce our impact on the planet, Perenna’s Zero-Bills Mortgage offers an enticing solution. This innovative mortgage combines financial savings with environmental stewardship, making it a compelling choice for today’s eco-conscious homeowner.

    Perenna Zero Bills Mortgage with Octopus Energy

    Imagine living in a home that’s so energy-efficient, that your energy bills practically disappear. That’s the reality with Perenna mortgages new Zero-Bills Mortgage product. Partnered with Octopus Energy, this mortgage is for homes built to the highest energy efficiency standards, equipped with green energy technology such as heat pumps and solar PV, ensuring you enjoy comfort without the hefty utility bills.perenna and octopus zero bills mortgage

    Benefits of Perenna’s Zero Energy Bills Mortgage with Green Energy Technology

    Choosing a Zero-Bills Mortgage from Perenna offers several compelling advantages. Here’s why it’s a smart choice:

    1. Zero Energy Bills: Say goodbye to rising energy costs. With no energy bills to worry about for at least five years, you can allocate your finances elsewhere.
    2. Predictable Payments: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with fixed monthly mortgage payments. No surprises, just simple budgeting.
    3. Increased Borrowing Power: The money you save on energy bills is considered when assessing how much you can borrow. Borrow up to 6 times income, subject to criteria.
    4. Lower Interest Rates: Perenna has a range of lower interest rates for new “green properties” that have a higher EPC rating.
    5. Accessibility for All Ages: With no maximum age caps, this mortgage is a fantastic option for buyers at any stage of life, including retirees looking for long-term stability.

    Things to Consider

    While the Zero-Bills Mortgage has numerous benefits, it’s important to consider a few factors:

    1. Upfront Investment: Homes qualifying for a Zero-Bills Mortgage may require a higher initial investment due to their advanced energy-efficient features.
    2. Home Eligibility: Only properties that meet specific energy-efficiency standards are eligible for this type of mortgage.
    3. Ownership Types: Homes under private and shared ownership, as well as affordable and social rent, are eligible for the Zero-Bills Mortgage, making it accessible to a wider range of homeowners.
    4. Commitment to the Property: The significant benefits of zero energy bills become more valuable over time, making this mortgage ideal for those who plan to stay in their homes long-term.
    5. Qualification Requirements: Prospective borrowers must meet Perenna’s lending criteria, which includes comprehensive credit and financial assessments.

    Octopus Energy’s Revolutionary Zero Bills Tariff

    Unlocking a new era in home energy use, Octopus Energy introduces a groundbreaking tariff designed exclusively for ultra-efficient homes.

    This pioneering plan guarantees no energy bills for at least five years for homeowners of brand new Zero Bills™ homes, promoting both sustainability and substantial savings. This is made posible as Octopus has team up with many property developers that are offer new builds equipped with green energy technology such as heat pumps and solar panels. Note, that specific limits and exclusions are in place, ensuring the focus remains on optimal energy usage and efficiency.

    Insights from Industry Experts

    Here’s what seasoned experts have to say about Perenna’s Zero-Bills Mortgage:

    Arjan Verbeek, the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Perenna, comments on the collaboration with Octopus Energy.

    “Decarbonising UK homes is a massive challenge and requires collaboration. We’re glad to partner with Octopus Energy who want to solve structural issues and take ambitious steps to deliver them. The ‘Zero Bills’ initiative is a testament to how forward-thinking Octopus Energy is. We can’t wait to unlock ‘Zero Bills’ homes for more people through our innovative mortgage offer.”

    Steve Roberts, Founder of YesCanDo Money, emphasises the broader impact:

    “This innovative mortgage model by Perenna could drastically change how we approach home ownership and living sustainably. It’s designed to ease financial pressures while promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.”

    Grant Humphries, Mortgage Adviser at YesCanDo Money, highlights the financial aspects:

    “Perenna’s Zero-Bills Mortgage smartly incorporates the absence of utility bills into its affordability assessments, enhancing borrowing power. It’s a forward-thinking product that aligns with modern financial and ecological needs.”

    Michael Cottrell, Zero Bills Homes Director at Octopus Energy, highlights the urgent need for greener homes in the UK:

    “We’re on a mission to make ‘Zero Bills’ the new standard for homes. By partnering with developers like Verto, we’re scaling this efficient green technology to homes everywhere while driving down costs for consumers.”

    Perenna Zero Bills Mortgage Calculator

    Perenna offers a tailored mortgage calculator designed to show potential borrowers how much they might save and borrow by opting for a Zero-Bills home. This tool can help you understand the financial impact of your decision and plan accordingly.

    Have a play with Perenna’s Zero Bills Mortgage Calculator and then get in touch with our fee free advisors to discuss your mortgage options.


    Perenna’s Zero-Bills Mortgage is not just a financial product; it’s part of a movement towards sustainable and financially sensible living. The goal of this initiative is to promote sustainable homeownership by collaborating with housing providers to make it easier for potential homeowners to purchase sustainable homes.

    If you’re looking to reduce your environmental impact while enjoying predictable financial benefits, this mortgage could be the perfect fit. Zero Bills customers compared to standard mortgage customers benefit from lower mortgage rates and fewer barriers to owning greener properties.

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    Steve Roberts (MAQ)

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