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Virgin Money Mortgage Rates Overview

Discover the current Virgin Money Mortgage Rates for Fixed, Tracker, and Discounted rates. Following this get in touch for fee free mortgage advice and to secure a rate.

Navigating the world of mortgages can often seem overwhelming, especially with the multitude of options available to potential homeowners. Virgin Money, a prominent name in the UK mortgage sector, provides a comprehensive range of fixed and tracker rates tailored to various needs.

As mortgage brokers, we aim to equip you with all the information and advice necessary to make informed decisions regarding your mortgage options. We strive to provide comprehensive information and helpful mortgage advice, ensuring you feel confident and supported.

What we cover
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    Current Virgin Money Mortgage Rates

    Interested in the current best Virgin Money mortgage rates? Interest rates are the bedrock of a mortgage. They play an instrumental role in determining the overall cost of borrowing over time and hugely affect costs associated with mortgage borrowing.

    Virgin Money mortgage rates, widely considered highly competitive, are determined by internal policies, external market conditions, and economic indicators.

    Virgin Money Standard Variable Rate: The current Virgin Money standard variable rate is 9.49%. (If you’re on this rate, contact us today to secure a lower rate!)

    Below is a table for the current best purchase, buy-to-let, and remortgage Virgin Money mortgage rates for:

    Discover Your Best Virgin Money Mortgage Rates

    Why settle for a single lender’s interest rates when you can obtain a personalised one? Our state-of-the-art tool enables you to access customised rates based on your distinct situation. We review offerings from over 90+ lenders, ensuring you receive a rate that’s ideal for you.

    Benefits of Using Our Tool:

    • Comprehensive market overview
    • Personalised rate suggestions
    • Access to exclusive offers
    • Fee-free guidance from professionals

    Get a Personalised Mortgage Rate!
    With our fee-free advisors, secure a rate tailored to you. Benefit from expert guidance and make informed decisions. Reach out today for a mortgage that fits your financial goals!

    Should I Pay a Product Fee For a Lower Interest Rate?

    Most lenders offer mortgages with product fees, and some without. Opting for a product with a fee can result in substantial interest rate savings, exemplified below:

    Scenario: If you’re borrowing £250,000 with a product fee of £1,499 and the interest rate difference between fee-inclusive and fee-exempt products is 0.25% over five years, this equates to a saving of 0.25% per annum.

    Savings Calculation: Annually, 0.25% of £250,000 amounts to £625, summing up to £3,125 over five years, thus significantly outweighing the initial fee of £1,499.

    Why It’s Always Worth It to Shop Around All Mortgage Lenders

    While Virgin Money offers attractive rates for its existing customers, the mortgage landscape is vast and dynamic. Looking beyond Virgin Money’s rates to other mortgage lenders’ offers can provide significant benefits. Here’s why:

    • Wide Range of Options: Different mortgage lenders offer unique rates, special offers, or packages that may better suit your needs.
    • Chance to Save Money: By comparing offers, you ensure you’re getting a new deal that could lead to savings over the life of your mortgage.
    • Stay Ahead of Changes: The economy and lending standards are constantly shifting. Keeping up with these changes ensures you’re always on the best possible deal.
    • Smart Financial Management: Regularly reviewing your mortgage and considering other options is a smart way to manage your finances, ensuring you always make the most of your mortgage.

    How a Mortgage Broker Can Secure You the Best Rate

    While Virgin Money is renowned for its competitive rates and diverse offerings in the UK mortgage market, exploring the wider landscape is crucial to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your specific needs. This exploration is where the expertise of a mortgage broker, like YesCanDo Money, becomes invaluable. Here are the key benefits of partnering with a mortgage broker:

    • Comprehensive Market Overview: YesCanDo Money provides access to over 90 UK lenders and an impressive selection of 14,000 mortgage products, far beyond what any single lender can offer.
    • Tailored Financial Solutions: Our service is not just about finding a mortgage; it’s about crafting a financial solution that perfectly aligns with your personal and financial aspirations.
    • Expert Guidance: Navigating the vast mortgage landscape can be daunting. YesCanDo Money offers fee-free advice, guiding you through the process to ensure you find the ideal mortgage product that meets your needs.
    • Efficiency and Convenience: With expertise and access to advanced tools, YesCanDo Money can swiftly identify the best rates and deals, simplifying your mortgage process.
    • Personalised Support: Every borrower’s situation is unique. YesCanDo Money takes the time to understand your circumstances, providing personalised advice that respects your goals and financial situation.

    By working with YesCanDo Money, you’re not just securing a mortgage; you’re ensuring that your mortgage is the best fit for your current situation and future goals. Reach out to us, and let’s make your dream home a reality with the ideal mortgage solution.


    Fee Free Mortgage Advisors

    FREE dedicated support throughout, we have full-market access to the best rates & deals on over 14,000 mortgages. We do everything for you for free! Call us, WhatsApp us, or fill in our contact form and let us know the best time for us to call you. We will get one of our mortgage advisors will be in touch to talk through your situation and available options.
    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)
    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)

    Grant Humphries (CeMAP) is a proficient Mortgage & Protection Adviser at YesCanDo Money. With a career spanning since 2001, Grant has honed his expertise in understanding mortgage lenders' criteria, complex financial situations, and the nuances of the mortgage market. His deep knowledge enables him to provide tailored solutions, especially for professionals and those with unique financial profiles. At YesCanDo, Grant's commitment to excellence is evident. He takes pride in guiding clients through their mortgage journey, ensuring they feel confident and informed at every step. From first-time buyers to seasoned investors, Grant's analytical approach and dedication make him a trusted adviser in the financial landscape

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