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Where to Eat Out in Portsmouth

Portsmouth is well-known for its distinctive history and naval attractions, but any visit to a foreign locale is not fully mapped out without a survey of dining options. Portsmouth offers all of the expected delicacies that come with a coastal town with a finely-curated selection of international offerings to please visitors from far and wide. Rather you wish to enjoy local cuisine or the more diverse offerings expected in large cities, Portsmouth has an array of restaurants to please any palate. 

Local Portsmouth Cuisine

The travel enthusiast inside of us all will likely want to taste the local offerings in a given destination, and Portsmouth strives to offer some of the finest coastal cuisine in England. If you only choose one local restaurant, your palate will be well-satisfied with the Eastney Tavern located on Cromwell Road. This local eatery offers only the finest and freshest maritime ingredients, with dishes such as Oak Smoked Salmon and Prawn Salad as a distinctive starter that is followed nicely by the Lager Battered Fish & Chunky Chips, featuring locally harvested fish. 

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For a more hearty and rustic offering, check out the Fisherman’s Kitchen on Clarendon Road. This seafood eatery features more traditional and Portsmouth-oriented decor, with a menu selection that combines the comforts of a traditional pub with the contemporary allure of vegetarian and vegan options. If you want Portsmouth offerings with the flare and elegance of a fine dining experience, take a date night at Restaurant 27 on South Parade. This restaurant combines local favorites straight from the harbor with the ambiance of a traditional London fine dining option. 

It isn’t all about seafood when assessing local dining options in Portsmouth, and the Smile Cafe on Marmion Road is the essential cafe in Portsmouth to grab a weekend fry up. Their full English breakfast has won awards and with locally raised livestock and ingredients, combined with all of the traditional features of a fry up, it is easy to see why. If you want to keep it local after your full English has digested, give the Marmion–Bar and Kitchen down the road a try.

International Offerings

Port cities are long associated with international trade, and Portsmouth’s history has featured many numerous international cuisine offerings throughout the centuries. Haldi on Albert Road is an award-winning Indian restaurant that may very well be the best Indian restaurant in Southern England. If Indian food is not on your list, Soprano’s on Palmerston Road offers a great way to experience upscale, Italian dining that features seafood offerings straight from the Portsmouth harbour. 

For an Italian offering without the fuss of fine dining, Circolo Pizzeria on Osborne Road is a great place to taste an authentic Italian pizza with the relaxing comforts of a full bar. Further down on Osborne, those in the mood for a hearty and delicious steak with a Spanish flare must check out El Toro. This steakhouse offers some of the finest cuts of grilled meat in the Southsea region, with Spanish dishes available to satisfy cravings from the continent. 

Quick-Service and Coffee Shops in Portsmouth

During a day full of activities, eateries that specialize in fast food and coffee offerings are plentiful in Portsmouth. The Master Fryer on London Road is a quick-service option that features all of the convenient British favorites indicative of fast food throughout the UK. This is also the perfect stop for a round of fish and chips due to the quickness of service. 

For a more traditional cafe experience, Feed Cafe on the Arches, the Hard offers familiar British comfort food in a family casual environment. WIth a large and varied selection of burgers and fries, this is also a perfect eatery for the more traditional palate. 

Finally, no trip is complete without a survey of local coffee and tea offerings. Located behind the Spinnaker Tower, Cafe Nero is truly the hidden gem in Portsmouth. This coffee shop features a wide selection of foreign and domestic coffees and teas, with a small food menu of traditional coffee shop favorites. This option is perfect after a tour of the tower. 

Portsmouth is well-known for its attractions and history, but there are a surprising amount of international and local cuisine options that truly give this city a destination vibe. Rather you seek traditional coastal seafood, or a more diverse slate of offerings, Portsmouth combines both the innovative and the traditional to a satisfying and delicious effect. 

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