5 things portsmouth is famous for

5 Things Portsmouth is Famous For

Portsmouth, England is an important port city in the UK, but along with this importance comes a seaside destination that is becoming one of Britain’s most famous tourist attractions. Portsmouth is famous for quite a few things that many travel enthusiasts may not be aware of. Historical attractions, seaside amusement, and entertainment, cuisine and shopping complement a city that is also considered to be the home of the Royal Navy. Here are five attractions that make Portsmouth not just an attractive destination, but also famous. 

Royal Navy

Her Majesty’s Naval Base, Portsmouth is one of three destinations within the UK of the Royal Navy and the Portsmouth base is certainly the most well-known. Two-thirds of the Royal Navy’s surface fleet is contained at this base, which makes Portsmouth a famous site for some of the nation’s most famous ships and vessels. The Portsmouth base is the oldest base of the Royal Navy and is the site of some of the most infamous defence manoeuvres of this military military branch in British history. 

Mary Rose Museum

Portsmouth contains one of the most fascinating historical relics in the entirety of the British Isles as the destination of the Mary Rose, a surviving ship from King Henry VIII’s fleet in the sixteenth century. Featuring four ancient decks and 91 bronze cannons, the Mary Rose is a history lover’s dream come true. Walk-in time with the Tudor Era and marvel at how the history of British sea power has stretched back over the centuries. 

Portsmouth Spinnaker Tower

Rising nearly six-hundred feet above the Solent, the Spinnaker Tower rivals the London Eye as one of the UK’s most innovative and popular modern structures. This offers one of the best views in Britain and sees hundreds of tourists and locals alike, flocking to the observation tower on a daily basis. This attraction is incredibly popular for any visitor to Portsmouth and offers some of Britain’s best aerial views. Seeing the tower at night is also a must. 

Round and Square Towers

Portsmouth is a destination of choice for fans of English and British history and the Round and Square Towers represent a still-standing link to England’s maritime past. The Round Tower was originally a wooden structure built on the orders of King Henry V in the fifteenth century, before being converted to the current stone structure during the reign of King Henry VIII. This attraction offers a view of how the harbour was guarded centuries ago. 

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

In addition to the Mary Rose, the wider Portsmouth Historic Dockyard is part of the Portsmouth naval base that is open to the public. This site contains the HMS Victory and HMS Warrior, two more modern famous ships of the Royal Navy’s past. In addition to these historic relics, the dockyard is also the site of the official National Museum of the Royal Navy, where visitors can tour artefacts and primary historical sources and relics related to the navy’s storied and famous past. 

Portsmouth is not only a popular seaside tourist destination, but it is also a city that is famous for its historical attractions and importance to the Royal Navy. These five sites represent important components of English and British history that are sure to leave any visitor enriched and fascinated by how the defence of the British Isles is tied so closely to Portsmouth. Most of these attractions can be experienced in only a few short hours and are certainly some of the nation’s most popular coastal attractions. Be sure and take in some of the city’s popular eateries and shopping destinations during your visit. 

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