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If you're in the process of moving house, there are a number of people you will need to contact about your move. First on your list will be your mortgage broker, but another person you should consult with is a conveyancing solicitor.
Conveyancing is the process of transferring property ownership from one party to another. It is a legally binding process that can be confusing, especially if you’re a first-time buyer. However, this is where conveyancing solicitors come in, as they are there to ensure all the legal and administrative work is done correctly on your behalf.

Access To The Best Conveyancing Solicitors Portsmouth

At YesCanDo Money, we are here to help you find the best mortgage lender for your needs. We can also provide you with competitive quotes from reputable residential conveyancing solicitors around England. All of the quotes you receive will be fixed fees, meaning that all of your legal fees will be included in one price. We also offer you a ‘No Move, No Legal Fee’ guarantee, so should your property transaction fall through, you won’t be charged for the legal fee.

So, whether you’re selling or buying a property in Portsmouth, use the online conveyancing quote system that we provide. You will have access to a list of conveyancing solicitors in Portsmouth and from across the country, each one dedicated to providing you with the very best legal support.

What does a solicitor do for you when selling a property?

It is possible to do the conveyancing yourself when selling or buying a property but it’s not recommended. As the conveyancing process can be both time-consuming and complicated, the safest option is to rely on a professional service. A solicitor will help with the title transfer process and will ensure that all your legal rights are protected during the transaction. Yes, you will incur legal fees but these will offset the risks you might take if you manage this part of your house move alone.

When buying or selling a property, there are a number of conveyancing stages the solicitor will go through. Below we break down these processes and what you can expect when using a conveyancing solicitor.

Starting the conveyancing journey

After accepting an offer on your property, you need to instruct a solicitor to begin the conveyancing process. You will be given a Letter of Engagement plus all the terms and conditions that are related to their legal fees. If you’re happy with the terms that have been laid out in the T’s and C’s, you sign and return the letter to give the go-ahead for your solicitor to continue with the conveyancing service.

Your solicitor will ask you to:

  • Provide proof of ID
  • Complete and return standard property information forms
  • Send them copies of documents that are mentioned in the property information forms

Your solicitor will then use the information you have provided to draw up a draft contract to send to the buyer for their approval.

The draft contract will include information on:

  • The fixtures and fittings that are included in the sale price
  • The price of any other fixture and fitting that are available separately
  • Warranties, guarantees, planning permission, building control certificates, and land covenants
  • A provisional date of completion

If the buyer is happy with the information your solicitor has provided, they will be sent a formal contract to read and sign. At this point, a completion date will be agreed upon to suit both you and the buyer.

A formal exchange of contracts will take place when both you and the buyer are happy to proceed. This will take place between both your legal representatives, usually via a recorded telephone call.

Once contracts have been exchanged, your solicitor will receive the agreed buyer’s deposit. At this point, the contract is now legally binding and you might be sued by the buyer if you decide to pull out of the sale. You now have up until the completion date to arrange your house move.

On completion day, your conveyancer will:

  • Transfer the legal documents that prove ownership to the buyer’s conveyancer.
  • Organise the redemption of your mortgage
  • Create a completion statement that sets out all payments that have been made and received
  • Make a request for any outstanding payments to be made
  • Get in touch with you to let you know completion has occurred, with a request for any legal fees you owe

What does your conveyancing solicitor do for you when buying a property?

The details for the buyer are not too dissimilar to those we have outlined for those selling property. We go into further detail on them here: 10 Steps to Conveyancing.

What are the conveyancing costs?

Conveyancing costs for buyers

The average conveyancing fee for buyers is £1040.

The fee will include the basic legal fees for their services, which are usually based on the value of the property you are buying. There will also be fees attached to the conveyancing searches your solicitor will have to do, which include a local authority search, environmental search and drainage search. Anti-money laundering checks, ownership transfers, bank transfers, and covenant deeds are also included in the legal fees you will incur.

There will be other fees attached to your residential conveyancing quotes and your chosen solicitor will explain these to you.

Conveyancing costs for sellers

The average conveyancing fee for selling a house is £1,000.

The legal fees will include the charges highlighted above although there are a few additional charges when selling a property. One such charge is the Mortgaged Property Supplement Fee that the solicitor will add to your quote if they need to process the redemption of an outstanding mortgage.

Buying a property in Portsmouth

Located on the sunny south coast, the waterfront city of Portsmouth is a great place to live and work in. There are plentiful opportunities for work due to the many leading businesses in the city. And there is a whole range of things for people to do who live here, thanks to the Portsmouth historic dockyard (which incorporates the world-famous HMS Victory), the area’s great beaches, and a lively and thriving city centre.

The average price for a property in Portsmouth is £271, 282. One of the most popular (and trendiest) places to live in is the city is Southsea, with a high number of 2 and 3-bedroomed properties of both Edwardian and Victorian designs. Property prices average at around £281,205 in this up-and-coming area, although there are a wide number of flats available that can be cheaper. The historic properties in Old Portsmouth are attractive to some home buyers, although you are looking at prices in excess of £400,000 here if you buy one of these homes.

There are many other areas of Portsmouth to consider, including Portsea, Milton, and the northern suburb of Cosham, with varying house prices in each area. After doing your property search, get in touch with our team for our hassle-free, no-fee mortgage service.

Conveyancing Solicitors in and around Portsmouth

Make your house move go simpler with the right conveyancing solicitors for you in and around Portsmouth. Using our online conveyancing quote system, you can gain access to top-rated legal professionals who will carry out all aspects of conveyancing legal work for you. Choose from those that can give you a first-class service at a reasonable price, and benefit from the great advice you receive as you’re planning for your move.

Property Solicitors Portsmouth

We work closely with property solicitors in Portsmouth and around England and Wales, to ensure you get the best possible legal support during your house move. As with many of the clients we have worked with, your life will be made easier with the services we can offer, minimising those stressful experiences that can often occur during the moving process.

With access to top solicitors and the great service that our mortgage team can offer you, you can be guaranteed peace of mind during the whole process of your moving journey. Fill out our online form today for your Portsmouth conveyancing needs. And get in touch with our expert mortgage team using

Selling or buying a home with Portsmouth Conveyancing Solicitors

There are a lot of legal and administrative tasks involved with conveyancing, so never be tempted to take on this side of your house move alone. Legal advice is always recommended, as while you could cut costs without a solicitor, you could make mistakes that disrupt the property chain and damage your chances of moving. You will have no legal protection either, so you will be responsible for anything you do in error.

Despite the expense of legal fees, regulated solicitors will ensure no mistakes are made and this will give you peace of mind when you’re preparing for your move. They will take the pressure off the admin side of things that need to be done too. This is good news for you, as you will have a list as long as your arm of other jobs you need to do for your move.

So, if you’re moving to or from Portsmouth, benefit from the legal professionals that can make your life easier and your move go smoother.

Frequently Asked Conveyancing Questions

Not necessarily. While local solicitors with knowledge of the surrounding areas could prove useful, you can still benefit from a friendly and personal service from any number of conveyancing solicitors from around the country.

Of course, if the solicitor is local, you may have easier access to them for face-to-face visits. However, quality and speed of service count, so if you can find a better legal representative from outside of your local surrounding area, it’s advisable to choose their services.

It’s important to take your budget into account too. If you can find a reliable solicitor at a price you can more readily afford, you should opt for their services, no matter where they are located.

For your peace of mind, know that both licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors are fully insured and licensed to handle the legal aspects of buying and selling a property.

Deciding on which is best depends on how complicated the legal process of buying or selling your property will be. While licensed conveyancers are experts in all things property-related, conveyancing solicitors can give you wider support if there are any property issues that could incur complicated legal setbacks. Take this into account if there are particular issues involved with your side of the house move.

Yes, conveyancers are usually cheaper than solicitors. While they carry out many of the same duties as a conveyancing solicitor, they don’t deal with the complex legal issues that may arise during the moving process. Solicitors charge more because they can advise on these issues and offer a range of other legal services if required.

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