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At YesCanDo Money, we’re committed to helping you find the right mortgage deal to suit your personal circumstances – all without charging any broker fees. As a leading fee-free mortgage broker in the UK, our team of mortgage experts is dedicated to guiding you through the mortgage process and helping you save money along the way.
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Why Choose a Fee-Free Mortgage Broker?

Choosing a fee-free mortgage broker like YesCanDo Money ensures you get independent mortgage advice and access to a comprehensive range of mortgage deals without any hidden costs.

While many brokers impose a fee for their expertise, at YesCanDo Money, we pride ourselves on being fee-free. We compare over 14,000 mortgages from 90+ lenders to secure the lowest interest rate and the best deal for you.

Our goal is to allow you to focus on finding your dream home while we take care of all the research and paperwork.

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Unrivalled Mortgage Advice – Expertise You Can Trust

Our mortgage broker boasts a team of experienced and helpful advisers who have many years of knowledge.

Every single one of our advisers works hard to provide our clients with personalised mortgage advice based on their unique situation, regardless of whether they’re first-time buyers, looking to remortgage, or aiming to move home.

At YesCanDo, we have strong relationships with a vast network of mortgage lenders, including banks, building societies, and specialist mortgage providers. This enables us to offer our clients exclusive mortgage rates that may not be available through your own bank or other mortgage brokers.

Our mortgage experts keep a close eye on the mortgage market, tracking mortgage interest rates and lender criteria. This allows us to identify the best mortgage interest rates for your specific financial and employment status, while also considering factors like your credit history and borrowing potential.

Whether you prefer a fixed rate, variable rate, or tracker mortgage. Our mortgage advisers will take time to understand what you are wanting to achieve and then research the whole market to find you the very lowest interest rate with the lowest fees. With over 90 mortgage lenders and over 14,000 mortgage products you will be spoilt for choice.

Save Time and Money with an Expert Fee-Free Mortgage Broker

By selecting YesCanDo Money, you can take advantage of our professional mortgage guidance without any extra broker fees, saving both your time and money. Thus, you can allocate more of your earnings towards your new property or other financial goals.
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Looking to Remortgage?

We are an independent mortgage broker that searches the entire market to find the best remortgage deals for you. Our mortgage advisers are dedicated to making the remortgage process simpler, which helps you save both time and money. We provide comprehensive support, from assessing your remortgage options to handling paperwork and liaising with lenders, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience.

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First-Time Buyer?

The thought of buying your first home can feel overwhelming, but we have your back! You'll get a dedicated mortgage adviser to assist with every step of the property ladder, from obtaining a mortgage in principle to making your first offer. We use WhatsApp for convenient communication, and unlike many mortgage brokers, our services are completely free of charge!

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Moving Home?

At YesCanDo, we strive to secure the best mortgage for you in a swift and efficient manner. This enables you to confidently place an offer on your dream home shortly after viewing it. Obtain an agreement in principle today, providing you with a valuable document to present to your estate agent and demonstrating your serious intent to purchase.

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Looking to Buy-To-Let?

With extensive expertise in buy-to-let mortgages and assisting landlords, YesCanDo is committed to finding the most competitive buy-to-let rates and deals for you. We'll help you secure the ideal monthly mortgage payment for your rental property, ensuring a successful and profitable investment experience.

Our Customer Reviews Make Us Blush

At YesCanDo, we take immense pride in the positive feedback we receive from our satisfied clients. We have been given hundreds of Trustpilot five-star reviews, we believe this shows our commitment to our clients.

We pride ourselves in offering great customer service and ensuring a smooth process for every one of our customers. Don’t take our word for it! Read what our clients have to say.

Tailored Mortgage Solutions for Unique Personal Circumstances

We acknowledge that every client has unique personal circumstances. Therefore, every one of our advisors gives utmost importance to listening carefully to your goals.

Our mortgage advisors will then suggest the appropriate mortgage package and lender that best suits your specific requirements and financial objectives.

With over 25 years of mortgage experience, our mortgage advisers offer guidance on how to improve your credit rating and increase your borrowing potential. By following our mortgage advice, you’ll be better positioned to secure the lowest interest rates available in the market.

Our mortgage experts will handle all the mortgage research, documentation, and communication with lenders on your behalf. This means you can focus on finding your dream home while we take care of the complex mortgage process.

At YesCanDo, we search the entire market to find the best mortgage interest rates for our clients. This ensures that you receive the most competitive mortgage deals, tailored to your individual circumstances.

We will assist you in comprehending the different choices for repaying your mortgage and suggest the most appropriate option based on your financial circumstances, goals, and preferences. This ensures that your mortgage repayments align with your overall financial plan.

Our mortgage advisors will submit the mortgage application on your behalf. Because we took time to understand your financial situation, there should be no surprises! After we submit the mortgage application for you we will communicate with the lender on your behalf. Our goal is to make your mortgage journey as easy and stress-free as possible.

Best Mortgage Rates

As you explore the mortgage rates table below, keep in mind that these interest rates are influenced by average property prices and other factors. With access to over 90 lenders and more than 14,000 mortgage products, finding the ideal rate can be challenging. For a personalised approach and to ensure you secure the best possible rate, consider reaching out to the experts at YesCanDo Money. We’re not only dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of the mortgage world but we are fee-free.

Obtaining a Mortgage Made Simple with YesCanDo

Experience a hassle-free mortgage journey as we research, advise, guide, and submit the entire application on your behalf! Follow these easy steps to secure your mortgage:

Step 1: Reach Out to Us

Contact us at 033 0088 4407 or message us here for free mortgage advice. We'll get in touch, ask a few questions about your situation, and schedule a phone or video call meeting.Remember, in most cases our services are completely FEE-FREE!

Step 2: Personalised Mortgage Advice

One of our online mortgage advisers will connect with you for a phone consultation, allowing us to understand your goals and determine how we can best assist you. We pride ourselves on seamless online communication.

Step 3: Comprehensive Market Comparison

We'll search the ENTIRE mortgage market to find the best rates and deals for you, focusing on the overall value of the home loan deal that best suits your needs. Secure the most competitive rates and deals!

Step 4: Mortgage Ready

Once you've selected the most suitable deal, we'll initiate the mortgage application process on your behalf. Upon a successful application, you'll receive a decision in principle (DIP) – a document most estate agents require to accept an offer.

Get Started with Your Fee-Free Mortgage Broker Today

Ready to secure the perfect mortgage deal? Contact YesCanDo Money today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experts are here to offer the best advice and help you save. Experience a hassle-free mortgage journey as we handle everything from research to application submission.

Fee Free Mortgage Brokers FAQs

Mortgage brokers can choose to either charge you a fee or not. All brokers receive a commission directly from the mortgage lender, however, some brokers charge an additional mortgage broker cost for their services. Fee-free brokers however charge no additional cost to the client.

Free-to-use mortgage brokers earn their income through commissions paid by lenders for each successful mortgage application. This arrangement allows mortgage brokers like YesCanDo to offer some of their services to clients without charging any additional fees.

Opting for a mortgage broker (especially a fee-free broker) can be a great way to save both time and money. There are over 14,000 different mortgage products being offered by over 90 different mortgage providers. Our job is to get you the very lowest rate with the lowest fees that are open to you.

In a time when every penny counts, having a mortgage broker by your side can make all the difference.

Many mortgage advisors offer complimentary initial consultations to evaluate your financial situation and discuss your requirements. At YesCanDo, we go above and beyond by providing most of our comprehensive services free of charge.

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