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From one of the UK's leading free mortgage brokers. We cover the whole of the UK and offer online mortgage advice. Get in touch with our team and speak to an advisor via the phone, WhatsApp, video call or email.

Can I get a mortgage?


We offer free advice with a fee free support service that helps you access the best mortgage rates and deals.

We are an FCA approved broker with a team of CeMAP qualified independent mortgage advisers and protection advisers. We offer advice into the finance market and a range of mortgages, insurance, and property services in Hampshire. Our broker and FREE mortgage service cover the whole of the UK.

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Let us know what the best time is for us to call you. We will get one of our mortgage advisors will be in touch to talk through your situation and available options.Let us know what the best time is for us to call you. We will get one of our mortgage advisors will be in touch to talk through your situation and available options.

How to get a mortgage

with help from YesCanDo Money
We research, advise, guide and submit the whole application for you! We really do make getting a mortgage seem easy.
Local Mortgage Broker

Step 1

Call us on 033 0088 4407 or arrange a call back & message us here. We will then make contact and ask you a few questions about your situation and arrange a call or video call meeting. Remember we charge. NO FEE for our service!

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Step 2

A local online mortgage adviser will contact to have a chat over the phone. This will allow us to get a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how we can help. We communicate online.

search for mortgage

Step 3

We will search the WHOLE mortgage market and get you the best rates and deals. We look at the best overall value of the home loan deal for you and your situation. Get the best rates and deals!

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Step 4

Once you choose your best available deal, we will get the mortgage application started for you. Once your application is successful you will receive a decision in principle (DIP). Most estate agents require a DIP to accept an offer.

UK Mortgage Advisers

We are . Advisors

free online mortgage advisers UK

Our Independent mortgage and protection advisers are based in Hampshire. Our advice and free service covers every county in the UK. If you are thinking, is there a mortgage broker near me, look no further than YesCanDo.

YesCanDo Money is a ‘whole of market’ broker with access to all the best mortgages and their top rates and deals, even better we charge NO FEE!

Speak with our team via the phone, video call or WhatsApp.

All mortgage brokers get paid a commission by the lender. The majority of brokers choose to charge their customers a fee for their service.

Do mortgage brokers charge a fee? Brokers will normally charge anywhere between £500 to £2,000.

However, we choose not to charge you a fee for our amazing customer service. The best brokers are fee free.

You will pay no more applying for a mortgage through us than you would if you were to go directly to the lender, bank or building society on the same rate and deal. You will save money and promise a better customer experience than going with your bank or building society.

The YesCanDo Money team do all the research to find the best deal and do the whole mortgage application for you. We are also very efficient meaning we submit applications faster and you get the property you want. So we basically do everything for you and don’t charge you anything for our time and amazing customer service.

Whole of Market: Being independent and whole of market means we have access to every rate and deal on the market in the UK. This includes all high-street lenders such as Barclays mortgage, NatWest, Nationwide and Santander. Whatever your situation, we will help you achieve your best available mortgage rate and deal.

We give the best advice and guidance suited to your situation and the best available rates and deals. Our team of advisers will complete everything for you whilst supporting you every step of the process.

We are your online and local mortgage broker offering a customer-focused service that is fee free!

We have a brilliant team dedicated to providing FREE advice on how to get mortgage. Our team FREE online service covers the UK with a team of mortgage advisers on call. Speak to us over the phone, by email, video call and WhatsApp. Our team will get a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and how we can help. Plan your property plan of action with our team all from the comfort of your own home.

It is important you know how much you can afford as well as how much you want to borrow. It is not ideal to stretch yourself if you think you would struggle to keep up with the mortgage repayments. Our FREE mortgage service exists to expand your knowledge and support you through the whole process.

We will go over your options in a clear and understandable way and help you feel confident of what is achievable for your situation. Before you know what you can and want to borrow you will need to consider your costs of owning a home such as household bills, council tax, insurances and flat costs (if applicable). All mortgage lenders will want to see proof of your income, certain expenditure and any debts you may have. Lenders will look at your credit history, so make sure there are no nasty surprises by checking your credit rating. We have had customers with late credit cards payments that were falsely on their credit rating. Checking their credit history using such companies as Experian or ClearScore meant they could flag the mistake and had it removed.

When applying for a mortgage you can go directly to a bank or building society. However, this will require you to dedicate a decent amount of your time picking “your best available rates”. Using a broker such as YesCanDo Money provides you with ‘whole of market’ access to all the best rates and deals.

We gather all the information the lenders need from you and compare all mortgages the different rates and deals on the market. This includes mortgages that are not offered directly to you as a bank or building society customer. Unlike a lot of brokers, we do not charge you a penny for our services.

We are experts in our field and we make sure that we a free provide a quality service for free. We do all the hard work for you saving you time, hassle and money. We get paid by the lenders themselves for all the customers we put their way.

When it comes to buying a property with a home loan you will need to pay a deposit. This goes towards the cost of the property you’re buying alongside your mortgage.

The interest rates available to you will vary depending on your deposit size as well as from lender to lender. The more deposit you have the better interest rates you will have access to. You work on saving so we can then work on finding you the lender with the most mortgages suited to your situation.

Your interest rate will be lower if your Loan To Value (LTV) is lower. This is because smaller loans are much less risky for mortgage lenders. The average deposit for first-time buyers in 2018 was 16%.

We provide FREE mortgage and financial advice and support to anyone with an internet connection in England and the UK. We use a wide range of online communication such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype. So if you are thinking, I could really do with some financial advice from a mortgage adviser near me, wherever you are in the UK we can help.

A standard variable rate will not be open to you and nor would you want one. Each lender has their own standard variable interest rate that you will revert to and the end of your fixed rate. It usually increases your monthly payment and is to be avoided.

These days you can insure everything from your pet to your holiday, your home or even your left leg!

But is Life Insurance really worth it? 

To answer whether life insurance is worth it or not you have to ask yourself another question; Could you afford to maintain your current lifestyle if you or your partner were suddenly gone? In most cases, the answer will be no. So is Life Insurance worth it? Yes!

Losing a whole person’s income can have devastating effects on a household both mentally and financially. If you couple that with the emotional strain of losing someone, life can quickly take a downward spiral.

The younger you are, the less Life Insurance and Critical Illness cover costs. Premiums will also be lower if you are a non-smoker and if you are in reasonable health.

Example of cost – £100,000 cover with terminal illness cover for a 30-year-old non-smoker over a 25-year term.

Monthly payments = £5.73

We don’t think it’s too expensive for the protection you get.

Get a Life Insurance Quote

All brokers registered in England are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

This is for your protection and to guarantee that the service and advice level is sound.

“Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.”


Our customer reviews speak for themselves

We have many happy customers from across Hampshire, Sussex, Surrey, Dorset, Berkshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Kent, Worcestershire,  Cambridgeshire, Suffolk, Essex, London and surrounding counties across England, Wales and the majority of the UK. Take a moment to read and visit our Google My Business for more customer reviews. You can also leave the team a Google Review or Facebook Recommendation.

YesCanDo Money is rated 5 out of 5 based on 167 reviews on Google.

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Is there a mortgage broker near me?

YesCanDo Money provides mortgage advice from the South Coast to the whole of the UK. Our modern online service provides mortgages for every county in the UK. Whatever your local area is we invite you to speak with our specialist mortgage advisors.

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