Meet the YesCanDo Team

By taking the time to get to know you and your personal circumstances we can provide sound financial solutions for your mortgage, life cover and everything financial in between. We ensure that you always fully understand all of your options and that you NEVER pay more than you need too. We’re smart, we’re hard working, we’re easy to talk to and we love a challenge.

New Customer Team

Bliss - Mortgage Adviser

Bliss Harland

Mortgage Adviser & Team Co-ordinator

Tom - Mortgage Adviser

Tom Blackler

Mortgage Adviser

Grant - Mortgage Adviser

Grant Humphries

Mortgage Adviser

Client Support Managers

Suzanne - Mortgage Adviser

Suzanne Huxtable

Client Support Manager

Kaitlin - Client Support Manager

Kaitlin Shaw

Client Support Manager

Chris - Mortgage Adviser

Chris Bareford

Client Support Manager

Mortgage Renewal Team

Rachael - Mortgage Adviser

Rachael Christie

Mortgage Adviser

Ross - Mortgage Adviser

Ross Burnett

Mortgage Adviser

YesCanDo Insurance

Insurance Manager

Hannah Edwards

Insurance Coordinator
Life Insurance Adviser - Billy

Billy Tee

Insurance Manager


Steve Roberts

Founder & Director

Mortgage and Protection Adviser Matthew

Matthew Roberts


Behind The Scenes Team

Client Support Manager Claire

Claire Hurry

Compliance Support Manager

Sam - YesCanDo Media

Sam Roberts

YesCanDo® Marketing Director

Authorised Representative Mortgage Advisers

Melanie Tracey

Mortgage and Protection Adviser

Mortgage and Protection Adviser Beth

Beth Allen

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
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