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Grant Humphries CeMAP (Mortgage & Protection Adviser)

Grant Mortgage Adviser

Grant Humphries

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
Having worked in financial services for pretty much my entire career, I have gathered immense knowledge of lenders' criteria and underwriting, as well as a high-level understanding of a broad range of financial products. This knowledge enables me to look beyond the question at hand and consider the implications of the decisions my clients make, explaining them in a way my clients can understand.

Industry Details

  • Years in the Industry: I have been in the financial industry since 2001. I have been CeMAP qualified since 2016.
  • Specialisations: Mortgage Lenders Criteria, Complex Situations, and Mortgages for Professionals.
  • Certifications: Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice (CeMAP)

Professional Experience

  • Current Role:

    Working for YesCanDo has been the best decision I ever made. The supportive environment and steady stream of new enquiries many from existing client referrals, make the role both exciting and rewarding. I appreciate that part of the job of selling services to new customers is already done, thanks to the company’s outstanding reputation for 5-star rated service and fee-free approach. The fast-paced environment at YesCanDo, combined with the expectation of treating all clients with utmost care and attention, aligns perfectly with my commitment to exceeding clients’ expectations. Even though I’ve been part of YesCanDo since 2020, and since I joined I’ve found YesCanDo to be the best mortgage operation I’ve ever worked in.

    Previous Roles: 

    Zurich (13 years):

    • Portfolio Underwriter (12 months): Managed a diverse range of portfolios.
    • Personal Lines Regional Manager: Oversaw Β£125 million worth of Gross Written Premium (GWP) and set the strategic direction for the region.
    • Personal Lines Underwriter (4 years): Handled individualised underwriting processes and decisions.

    Aviva (1 year):

    • Claims Specialist: Managed claims for private health insurance.

    Hambleside (2 years):

    • Supplier: Facilitated the supply of paper and parts to West Africa, specifically Nigeria. Also handled customs processes and provided corporate gifts.

    Connells/Sequence/Fox & Sons (3 years):

    • Mortgage Adviser: I worked as a mortgage adviser at a national estate agent and provided expert mortgage advice and solutions to a diverse clientele

Questions & Answers

Following redundancy from a previous job in Financial Services, a friend of mine suggested I look into Mortgage Advice due to my analytical skills and knowledge of the finance industry, and because I like talking to and helping people. 6 years later, I’m still doing just that!

Helping people make the best possible decision for themselves and their families and ensuring that these decisions are protected as much as possible!

I start by understanding what truly matters to them and, if relevant, their families. This foundation ensures we aim for the best outcomes tailored to their priorities.

My Raison D’etre has and will always be my customers happiness!

Grant's Case Studies

Grant's Personal Interests and Hobbies

When I’m not immersed in the world of mortgages, you’ll likely find me eagerly watching a football match or perfecting my swing on the golf course. The strategy and excitement of football, combined with the precision and patience of golf, remind me of the dedication and focus I bring to my clients every day.

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A Final Word from Grant

When you think about navigating the world of mortgages, it can seem daunting. That’s where I come in. My journey with YesCanDo has not only shaped my career but also reinforced my passion for helping people like you. Every day, I’m reminded of how much I love connecting with clients, understanding their needs, and guiding them to the best solutions. If you’re considering a mortgage or just need some advice, I’d love nothing more than to assist you. Being a part of YesCanDo means I’m backed by a team that shares my dedication to excellence and client satisfaction. So, if you’re ready to take the next step or simply have a chat, know that I’m here, eager and ready to help.

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes:Β  You are never wrong to do the right thing (Mark Twain)

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