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BM Solutions Product Transfer for Existing Customers

BM Solutions, part of Lloyds Banking Group and a leader in the UK buy-to-let mortgage market, provides its existing customers with a product transfer service to enable them to switch their current mortgage product for something with potentially better terms. Explore the streamlined BM Solutions Product Transfer Process, offering benefits and key considerations for existing customers.

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    BM Solutions Mortgage Transfer

    BM Solutions offers a range of mortgage products to suit different needs. Each Product Transfer deal, including Fixed Rate options, is tailored to individual needs. The products available to you will depend on the mortgage loan as a percentage of the property value (the loan-to-value or LTV). Birmingham Midshires mortgages will calculate the current value of your property by looking at the purchase price or the property value when they first mortgaged your property and how much property prices have risen in that area. This is known as indexing.

    Existing BM Solutions Customer

    As an existing BM Solutions customer, you have the opportunity to switch your current mortgage product to a new retention product offered by Birmingham Midshires. The BM Solutions Product Transfer process is designed for customers with buy-to-let mortgages. The best time to apply for a BM solutions product transfer is within two months of the expiry of your existing product or if you are on the lender’s standard variable rate.

    Existing Mortgage

    If your existing mortgage product is nearing its end or if you’re on the lender’s standard variable rate, a product transfer could secure you a better deal. This could mean lower monthly payments or a fixed rate that provides certainty about future payments.

    Ready to start your product transfer? Fill in our quick and easy BM Solutions Product Transfer Form.

    BM Solutions Product Transfer Process

    BM Solutions Product Transfer Process

    The product transfer process is straightforward. You will need to provide your mortgage account number, the full postal address of the buy-to-let property, your full name(s) and contact details, your home address, and your date of birth. Upon providing this, we’ll assess your balance and offer BM Solutions Transfer Rate Options. If you require a Birmingham Midshires further advance to raise extra funds this can be applied at the time of the BM Solutions buy to let remortgage.

    Working with a Broker

    It’s important to note that customers cannot apply for a BM Solutions product transfer directly. Instead, it is recommended that you work with a broker who will guide you through the process and liaise directly with Birmingham Midshires on your behalf to provide expert advice. This ensures you access the best BM Solutions Transfer Rates and make an informed decision.

    Birmingham Midshires has very strict criteria for portfolio landlords therefore speak to a mortgage broker as you may need to consider a different lender if you are unable to get a mortgage offer.

    What if the Indexed Valuation is Lower than Your Estimate?

    If the indexed valuation is lower than your estimate, it may not matter if you still qualify for the product you want. However, you can instruct a valuation of your property. Birmingham Midshires mortgages will charge a discounted survey fee for this purpose. Alternatively, you can choose to pay down your mortgage until you are within a certain product loan-to-value.

    What Happens Next?

    Once you have chosen your new product, a full illustration for your chosen mortgage will be sent to you. If you are happy with the illustration, a signed authorisation is needed, and the transfer will go ahead.

    We are experts at BM Solutions Product Transfers. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Start your BM Solutions Product Transfer journey with us today – we're friendly, experienced, and offer a fee-free service.

    BM Solutions Product Transfer Rates

    It’s vital that we remain up-to-date with current mortgage trends and offers. Below, find a table of the latest BM Solutions Product Transfer Rates for April 2024, tailored for 2 and 5-year fixed rates. The mortgage scenario is based on a interest-only mortgage with a 25-year term with a 65% to 75% loan-to-value ratio. 

    BM Solutions does not have a single set of rates for product transfers. However, starting from 1st June 2022, every customer is given an option to choose their own rates. These rates may change due to individual circumstances or market conditions affecting them, so prospective borrowers should use these rates only as an approximate guideline and consult a financial advisor for the most up-to-date and accurate advice.

    The BM Solutions standard variable rate in July 2024 is 9.59%

    BM Solutions Buy to Let Product Transfer Rates 65% LTV

    Rates for existing customers current as of 4th July 2024 (65% LTV)
    Type Rate Until Product Fee LTV
    2 years Fixed 5.45% 31/10/26 £0 65%
    2 years Fixed 4.88% 31/10/26 £1499 65%
    5 years Fixed 4.81% 31/10/29 £0 65%
    5 years Fixed 4.57% 31/10/29 £1499 65%
    2 years Tracker 5.68% 31/10/26 £1,499 65%

    BM Solutions Buy to Let Product Transfer Rates 75% LTV

    Rates for existing customers current as of 4th July 2024 (75% LTV)
    Type Rate Until Product Fee LTV
    2 years Fixed 5.55% 31/10/26 £0 75%
    2 years Fixed 5.01% 31/10/26 £1499 75%
    5 years Fixed 4.86% 31/10/29 £0 75%
    5 years Fixed 4.59% 31/10/29 £1499 75%
    2 years Tracker 5.78% 31/10/26 £1,499 75%

    BM Solutions Product Transfers and Early Repayment Charges

    It’s important to note that you can secure a new BM Solutions product transfer rate within 180 days of the expiry date of your current product. The new BM Solutions product transfer rate can start within 60 days of expiry of the current product – without incurring an early repayment charge.

    BM Solutions Further Advances

    BM Solutions also offers further advances. These are additional borrowing options on an existing mortgage. As with product transfers, the rates for additional borrowing are calculated individually.

    How to Apply for a Product Transfer

    You can apply for a product transfer on a current bm solutions buy-to-let or let-to-buy mortgage where you are within the last six months of an existing product. Customers must be residents of the UK on application.


    You can find out the current valuation of the property in the Summary of Accounts screen at the start of the Product Transfer application. If you would like to pay for a revaluation of the property, you will need to complete a Product Transfer Revaluation Authority form. The revaluation will need to be carried out prior to you submitting a Product Transfer application.

    To cancel a product transfer with BM Solutions, it's best to reach out to your broker as soon as possible and they will liaise directly with them and BM Solutions on your behalf. When cancelling any transfer it's essential that all implications of doing so are fully understood by the parties involved before taking action.

    Yes, BM Solutions is part of Lloyds Bank and operates as part of their banking group to offer buy-to-let mortgage products to landlords and property investors in the UK.

    Product transfers are generally straightforward. Your broker will guide you through the process, providing some basic details that will allow them to switch your mortgage without needing to switch lenders. It can be an efficient and time-saving way of switching products without incurring an application fee or switching lenders altogether.

    Yes, BM Solutions is the same as Birmingham Midshires. BM Solutions is the brand used by Birmingham Midshires for its buy-to-let mortgage products. Both are part of the Lloyds Banking Group.


    Securing a BM Solutions Mortgage Product Transfer can offer current customers improved terms and savings. It’s important to consider your individual circumstances and consult with a mortgage advisor to ensure you make the best decision for your financial situation.

    We are experts at BM Solutions Product Transfers. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Start your BM Solutions Product Transfer journey with us today – we're friendly, experienced, and offer a fee-free service.
    Fee Free Mortgage Advisor Team

    Birmingham Midshires Product Transfer Form

    Please take note of the following...

    Product Transfers with Birmingham Midshires may be available if your existing Buy-to-let mortgage is either on the standard variable rate or is within 6 months of expiring fixed or discounted rate agreements.

    Please complete and submit the below form and one of our advisors will be in touch.

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