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BM Solutions Standard Variable Rate Mortgage

Navigating the complex world of mortgages can be intricate. One such type is the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage. This guide aims to provide a deeper understanding of the BM Solutions SVR mortgages, allowing you to make informed decisions.
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    Current BM Solutions SVR: As of October 2023, the BM Solutions standard variable rate stands at 9.59%, providing a benchmark for those considering this type of mortgage.

    Navigating the complex world of mortgages can be intricate. One such type is the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage. This guide aims to provide a deeper understanding of SVR mortgages, allowing you to decide if this is something you should avoid or welcome.

    What is a Standard Variable Rate Mortgage?

    A Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage isn’t typically a proactive choice for many homeowners. Instead, after their initial mortgage deal ends, some homeowners decide to make either a conscious or unconscious decision to fall onto the SVR. Given that the SVR is usually higher than other available rates, this can have financial implications. Some may choose to remortgage to secure a better rate, while others remain on the SVR.

    Standard Variable Rate Definition

    A Standard Variable Rate mortgage is a type of interest rate where the interest rate is set by the mortgage lender and can change over time. It’s not directly tied to the Bank of England base rate but can be influenced by various factors.

    Key Features

    • Not directly linked to the Bank of England’s base rate like a tracker rate is
    • Interest rates can change over time.
    • Known as a reversion-rate mortgage.
    • Acts as a mortgage lender’s default interest rate.
    YesCanDo Director - Matthew

    Understanding a Mortgage Lenders Standard Variable Rate

    Matthew Roberts, Mortgage Director at YesCanDo Money

    How Does an SVR Mortgage Work?

    When you have an SVR mortgage, part of your repayment goes towards interest charges, and part goes towards repaying the borrowed amount. If the lender raises its SVR, your monthly payments will increase.

    Pros and Cons of SVR Mortgages

    When considering a mortgage option, it’s essential to weigh the benefits against the potential downsides. The Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgage, while popular among certain homeowners, has its set of advantages and challenges. In this section, we’ll provide a balanced overview to help you make an informed decision.


    • Flexibility: SVR mortgages often don’t have an Early Repayment Charge, allowing you to pay off faster or switch deals without penalty.


    • Higher SVRs: SVRs tend to be higher than other mortgage types, leading to more interest payments and higher monthly mortgage payments.
    • Rate Fluctuations: The lender can change its SVR anytime, leading to potential sudden increases in monthly payments.
    Grant Mortgage Adviser

    Case Study: SVR Challenge with BM Solutions and Our Timely Solution

    Grant (YesCanDo Mortgage & Protection Advisor

    Comparison: SVR vs. Fixed-Rate Mortgages

    Choosing the right mortgage type is a pivotal decision for homeowners and potential buyers. Both Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and Fixed-Rate mortgages have their unique features and implications. In this section, we’ll compare the two, highlighting their differences and similarities, to offer clarity on which might be the best fit for your financial situation.

    Standard Variable Rate Mortgages

    Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgages are a type of mortgage where the interest rate can change based on the lender’s discretion. They:

    • Offer Flexibility: SVRs don’t tie you to a specific rate for a set period, allowing for potential overpayments without penalties.
    • Rate Fluctuations: The main drawback is the unpredictability. Your monthly payments can increase if the lender decides to raise the SVR.
    • No Early Repayment Charges: Typically, you can switch to a different mortgage deal without facing early repayment charges.

    Fixed-Rate Mortgages

    Fixed-Rate mortgages lock in an interest rate for a set period, ensuring consistent monthly payments. They:

    • Budgeting Simplicity: Knowing your interest rate and monthly payment won’t change makes budgeting straightforward.
    • Interest Rate Security: Even if market rates rise, your fixed rate remains the same, offering peace of mind.
    • Potential for Higher Rates: If market rates drop, you could end up paying more than necessary.
    • Early Repayment Charges: Switching before the fixed term ends might result in penalties.

    YesCanDo Moneys Advice

    Ensure you’re aware of when your Birmingham Midshires Mortgages fixed rate concludes. If uncertain, reach out to YesCanDo Money. Our mortgage advisers can promptly access the BM Solutions system to determine the end date of your current deal. Ideally, begin exploring your mortgage options 6 months before your rate expires to avoid transitioning to the BM Solutions mortgage standard variable rate. Based on our experience, this could lead to an increase in monthly mortgage payments by as much as 50%!

    Other Types of Variable Rate Mortgages

    Beyond the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) mortgages, there are several other variable rate mortgage options available. Each comes with its unique features and benefits tailored to different financial needs and preferences.

    Tracker Mortgages

    Tracker mortgages are directly linked to an external interest rate, typically the Bank of England base rate. This means that if the base rate changes, the interest rate on the mortgage will move in tandem. It offers transparency, but homeowners should be prepared for potential rate fluctuations.

    Discount Mortgages

    Discount mortgages provide a reduction on the lender’s SVR for a specified duration, often making them more attractive for initial periods. However, as they’re based on the SVR, the rate can still vary, and homeowners should be aware of potential increases once the discount period ends.

    Capped Rate Mortgages

    A unique blend of security and flexibility, capped-rate mortgages ensure that the interest rate will never exceed a predetermined limit. While the rate can fluctuate below this cap, homeowners have the reassurance that it won’t surpass the set threshold.

    Offset Mortgages

    Offset mortgages offer a strategic way to reduce interest payments. By linking your savings or current account, the credit balance is ‘offset’ against the mortgage debt. This means you’re effectively only charged interest on the difference, potentially accelerating the mortgage repayment process.


    A standard rate variable is an interest rate set by the lender. It can fluctuate based on various factors, and homeowners should be prepared for potential changes in their monthly payments.

    BM Solutions and Halifax are both part of the Lloyds Banking Group. However, each operates independently and may have different Standard Variable Rates (SVRs). It's always advisable to check the current SVRs of Birmingham Midshires Mortgages and Halifax mortgages or consult with a mortgage advisor for the most up-to-date information.

    Variable-rate mortgages can offer initial savings and flexibility. However, they come with the uncertainty of rate changes. It's essential to assess your financial stability and risk tolerance.

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    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)

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