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Will mortgage rates go down or up in 2023?

Will mortgage rates go down in 2024 UK?

On the 20th of May 2024, when the Bank of England (BOE) last had a committee, they chose to keep the base rate at 5.25%. ...
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mortgage rate promise

Secure the Best Mortgage Rate Guaranteed

Securing the best mortgage rate can be daunting, especially with the ever-changing interest rates in the market. At YesCanDo Money, we understand that everyone is ...
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perenna zero bills mortgage

Perenna’s Zero Bills Mortgage Partnership with Octopus

As we all look for ways to save money and reduce our impact on the planet, Perenna’s Zero-Bills Mortgage offers an enticing solution. This innovative ...
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GenH foreign nationals visa

Gen H Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals in Lending Policy

Generation Home known as Gen H has announced an updated mortgage policy aimed at making homeownership easier for foreign nationals in the UK. The move ...
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halifax's enhanced shared ownership scheme

Halifax Takes Bold Step Towards Easier Home Access Through Shared Ownership

In a significant move to make homeownership more accessible, Halifax has updated its shared ownership criteria. This policy change is aimed at opening the door ...
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99% mortgage scheme

UK’s 99% Mortgage Scheme: Key Impacts & Insights

In a bold move to tackle the housing affordability crisis facing many Britons, the UK government, led by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy ...
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Fastest Mortgage Lenders UK

Fastest Mortgage Lenders UK: 2023’s Speedy Leaders Analysed by YesCanDo Money

In the dynamic UK property market, timing is everything. Securing a mortgage promptly can be the key to landing your dream home or missing out. ...
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Introducing Perenna Mortgages

Introducing Perenna: A New Dawn in UK Mortgage Lending

Revolutionising Homeownership with Long-Term Fixed-Rate Mortgages   In a bold move that’s set to shake up the UK mortgage market, Perenna Mortgages emerges as a ...
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Accord's Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

Accord’s Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

In a commendable move towards inclusive lending, Accord Mortgages enhanced its criteria for applicants without indefinite leave to remain in the UK, effective as of ...
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Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub 5 percent Five-Year Mortgage Rates

Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub-5% Five-Year Mortgage Rates

In a significant move for homebuyers, Halifax Intermediaries has announced the launch of its new range of sub-5% five-year mortgage products, effective from November 15. ...
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