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Welcome to the press page for YesCanDo Money, your trusted fee-free mortgage broker in the UK. Stay informed about the latest news, industry updates, and exciting developments in the world of mortgages. As a leading mortgage brokerage, we're dedicated to keeping you in the know. Explore our press releases, media coverage, and expert insights below.

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Accord's Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

Accord’s Enhanced Criteria for Foreign Nationals

In a commendable move towards inclusive lending, Accord Mortgages enhanced its criteria for applicants without indefinite leave to remain in the UK, effective as of ...
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Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub 5 percent Five-Year Mortgage Rates

Halifax Introduces Competitive Sub-5% Five-Year Mortgage Rates

In a significant move for homebuyers, Halifax Intermediaries has announced the launch of its new range of sub-5% five-year mortgage products, effective from November 15. ...
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Will mortgage rates go down or up in 2023?

Will mortgage rates go down in 2023 UK?

As of the 2nd of November 2023, the Bank of England (BOE) kept the base rate at 5.25% due to inflation dropping slighting in September ...
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Halifax Unveils New 3-Year Remortgage Rates

Halifax Unveils New 3-Year Remortgage Rates

Halifax, a leading lender and a prominent name in the UK mortgage sector, has recently announced its innovative line-up of 3-year fixed-rate remortgage products. This ...
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BM Solutions' Topslicing: A Buy-to-Let Mortgage Game Changer

BM Solutions’ Topslicing: A Buy-to-Let Game Changer

In the competitive UK land market, BM Solutions has consistently stood out. With the evolution of the UK buy-to-let market, BM Solutions brings another pioneering ...
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Green Mortgages

Green Mortgages: A Sustainable Path to Homeownership

As the UK leans into a more sustainable economy, green mortgages are making waves, offering homeowners a blend of eco-conscious choices and financial perks. With ...
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House Prices Falling Boosts Mortgage Product Transfers

House Prices Falling Boosts Mortgage Product Transfers

The UK housing market is experiencing growing turbulence. With house prices falling in many areas, homeowners are reevaluating their finances and considering product transfers to ...
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Mortgage Payments Rise to Two-Fifths of First-Time Buyers' Income

Mortgage Payments 39% of First-Time Buyers’ Income

Recent news that first-time buyer mortgage payments now account for two fifths of their income has sent shockwaves through the housing market, creating further dislocation ...
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Rising Rent Prices in the UK A Mortgage Broker's Perspective

Rising Rent Prices in the UK: A Mortgage Broker’s Perspective

The UK rental market is experiencing dramatic transformation, with rents increasing at their fastest pace since 2001. I feel it is essential to bring more ...
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A Surge in 35 Year mortgage and 40-Year Mortgage Terms

A Surge in 35-Year and 40 Year Mortgage Terms

2023’s financial landscape has witnessed a notable shift in mortgage trends. 35-year mortgages as well as 40-year mortgage terms are becoming more and more popular, ...
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