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Halifax Unveils New 3-Year Remortgage Rates

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    Halifax, a leading lender and a prominent name in the UK mortgage sector, has recently announced its innovative line-up of 3-year fixed-rate remortgage products. This introduction is timely, especially when homeowners are on the lookout for cost-effective alternatives in the current mortgage market. These new three year fixed remortgage products are set to launch on the 20th October 2023.

    Details of the New Halifax 3-Year Fixed Rate Remortgage:

    Halifax’s new range of 3-year fixed-rate remortgage products is tailored to cater to a diverse set of homeowners, ensuring that there’s something for everyone, regardless of their mortgage balance or equity in the property. These mortgage rates are competitive, reflecting Halifax’s commitment to providing value to its customers.

    60% Loan to Value (LTV):

    • A 3-year fixed rate at 5.08% with a fee of £999.
    • This Halifax mortgage is available for both repayment and interest-only mortgages.

    75% LTV:

    • A 3-year fixed rate at 5.28% with a fee of £999,
    • available for repayment and interest-only.

    80% LTV:

    • Offered at a rate of 5.52% with a £999 fee,
    • this is exclusively for repayment mortgages.

    85% LTV:

    • This comes at a rate of 5.55% with a £999 fee,
    • solely for repayment mortgages.

    90% LTV:

    • At a rate of 5.64% with a £999 fee,
    • this is available only for repayment mortgages.

    Market Context:

    The introduction of the Halifax 3-year fixed-rate remortgage is significant, especially when around 800,000 fixed-rate mortgage deals are set to conclude in the latter half of 2023. It is believed that approximately 1.6 million deals are expected to come to an end in 2024. The past saw many homeowners securing two-year and five-year mortgage deals with interest rates below 2%. However, with the Bank of England base rate undergoing 14 hikes since December 2021, reaching a current rate of 5.25%, these terms now revolve around 6%.

    This scenario has led homeowners to continue with higher two-year deals, hoping for further rate reductions in mortgages over time. Meanwhile, others are exploring alternatives like tracker mortgages, part-and-part, interest-only periods, and three-year loans, anticipating a drop in fixed home loan rates in the near to medium future.

    Mortgage Industry Experts Opinion:

    Steve Roberts, the founder of YesCanDo Money and one of the leading mortgage experts in the UK, shared his insights on the new offerings from Halifax. He remarked,

    “The introduction of the Halifax 3-year fixed-rate mortgage products by Halifax is a timely and strategic move. In a market that’s constantly evolving, it’s crucial for homeowners to have diverse mortgage options that cater to their unique financial situations.

    At YesCanDo Money, we’ve always believed in simplifying the full mortgage application process for our clients, and it’s heartening to see industry leaders like Halifax doing their part. These new mortgage rates offer a balanced solution for those who might be apprehensive about their current mortgage deal but are also not entirely convinced about locking in for five years. It’s all about providing flexibility and choice.”


    The introduction of the new Halifax 3-year fixed-rate mortgage products for customers looking to remortage has been widely accepeted. It has been called is a testament to the lender’s commitment to offering diverse and flexible solutions to homeowners. With the backing of multiple industry experts, it’s clear that these products are set to make a significant impact in the mortgage market. If your current mortgage deal ends in the next 6 months this new mortgage product is worth serious consideration.


    Yes, Halifax is offering fixed-rate mortgages across various terms. This includes the newly introduced 3-year fixed-rate remortgage products, as well as 2-year, 5-year, and other durations, each with competitive rates tailored to different homeowner needs.

    Yes, 3-year fixed interest rate mortgages are available in the UK. Halifax, among other lenders, has recently introduced this new deal to reflect the current need for shorter fixed mortgage rate. If you have an existing mortgage coming to an end the more options you have the better!

    Halifax has introduced a range of 3-year fixed-rate remortgage products with rates starting from 5.08% for 60% LTV, and going up to 5.64% for 90% LTV. Each product comes with a fee of £999.

    Whether a 3-year or 5-year fixed mortgage is better depends on individual preferences. A 3-year fix offers flexibility sooner, while a 5-year fix provides longer rate security. Consider your long-term plans and market predictions.

    Yes, Halifax offers remortgaging options for homeowners. It's advisable to check their criteria and consult a mortgage broker for tailored advice.

    Yes, you can remortgage after 3 years. However, ensure you check for any early repayment charges on your current deal before proceeding. At the end of the fixed term, you will be switched to another rate, usually one of Halifax's lender variable rates.

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    Steve Roberts (MAQ)

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