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Steve Roberts MAQ – Founder of YesCanDo Money, Mortgage Expert

steve roberts founder of yescando

A Journey in Mortgages with Steve

Beginning his career as an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) in 1992, Steve Roberts found his true calling in the realm of mortgages. His natural aptitude and genuine interest in this sector quickly became evident. The invaluable experience of visiting clients at their homes allowed him to hone his relationship-building skills, sparking a passion for guiding others towards their financial goals.

Steves commitment to the world of mortgages led to earning the Mortgage Advice Qualification (MAQ). This esteemed certification cemented his knowledge of UK mortgage regulation and the financial services industry, including mortgage products, repayment options, and the provision of mortgage advice. You can learn more about Steve’s professional journey on his LinkedIn page.

However, Steve’s passion for the mortgage sector was so profound that he decided to step back from his role as a mortgage adviser. Instead, he chose to focus on growing and managing the company, ensuring that it could reach its full potential and help as many clients as possible.

The Birth of YesCanDo Money

Steve’s relentless dedication to navigating the intricate financial world didn’t go unnoticed. His skill in building landlord portfolios and harnessing the whole market for mortgage placement resulted in a surge of recommendations and referrals. Recognising the need for a solid base and professional support, Steve established a headquarters at his home and recruited his first administrative staff member. This milestone marked the birth of the YesCanDo brand, with YesCanDo Money as its pioneering company.

Building the Largest Fee-Free Mortgage Brokers in Hampshire

As society shifted towards digital platforms, Steve adapted by integrating social media into his business model. Teaming up with his youngest son, Sam, they launched YesCanDo Media to offer professional marketing content to local businesses. Their online presence opened up a world of opportunities, resulting in an influx of recommendations and stellar reviews on Google, Trustpilot and Facebook.

Adding to the family business, Steve’s eldest son Matthew, with his background in mortgages from Nationwide Building Society, joined the team. This move catalysed an impressive growth phase, leading to an expansion of YesCanDo Money’s team and services, which now included life insurance and mortgage protection.

Expanding YesCanDo Money Nationwide

The challenges brought on by the pandemic in 2020 required a pivot in operations. Steve and his sons harnessed the power of online tools to extend their service area, offering free mortgage advice to not just Hampshire, but now nationally covering the entire UK. Despite the drop in the property and mortgage market during the pandemic, YesCanDo managed to adapt, grow, and even double the company size, hiring several new advisors throughout this challenging time.

Exemplary Service for Clients

The essence of YesCanDo remains consistent – clients always come first. The team, now 17 strong, was meticulously selected for their exceptional customer relation skills and shared the company’s mission to serve the clients’ best interests. Utilising modern communication tools like WhatsApp Business, Facebook and Instagram Messenger, and online mortgage advice, the team aims to make interactions as easy and accessible as possible for clients.

YesCanDo’s team guides clients in various walks of life, from buy-to-let investors to families dreaming of upscaling their homes. They derive immense satisfaction from assisting first-time buyers who often need guidance and reassurance throughout the home-buying process. YesCanDo’s strong relationships with trusted local and national solicitors and accountants ensure clients have easy access to any professional services they might need. YesCanDo Money continues to stay abreast of online changes to serve their clients better.

Meet Steve

The heart and soul of YesCanDo, Steve is not only a dedicated professional but also a family man who cherishes spending time with his family. His commitment extends into his professional life, with two of his sons becoming directors and playing a major role in the success and future of YesCanDo Money.

Residing in an old fishing cottage in Emsworth, Hampshire, Steve enjoys scenic walks and dabbles in photography. His passion for fitness and health often competes with his love for fine food! His balanced approach to life and work is reflected in the ethos of YesCanDo Money – a company that puts the needs of its clients first while maintaining a positive and supportive work environment.

A Word From Steve

“I have always believed that helping others achieve their goals is the greatest reward. This belief is the foundation of YesCanDo Money. With every client we assist, our aim is to make the mortgage process as simple and stress-free as possible. Our team is not just skilled and knowledgeable but also shares a passion for delivering exceptional service. We’re here to provide guidance, care, and honest advice, ensuring that our clients feel supported throughout their financial journey.”

From the humble beginnings of visiting clients at their homes to establishing one of the largest fee-free mortgage brokers in Hampshire and expanding nationwide, Steve’s journey is a testament to his dedication, expertise, and commitment to his clients. His story serves as an inspiration, a reminder that putting clients first and delivering exceptional service is at the core of a successful business in the financial and mortgage industry.

Steve’s Qualifications

Steve’s extensive knowledge and expertise in the financial sector are backed by a series of professional qualifications. These qualifications are recognised industry-wide and provide a comprehensive understanding of financial advice and mortgage solutions.

Chartered Insurance Institute Financial Planning Certificates

  • Financial Planning Certificate 1: This certificate is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the financial planning process. It covers key areas such as financial services, regulation and ethics, and investment principles.
  • Financial Planning Certificate 2: Building on the knowledge gained from Certificate 1, this qualification delves deeper into the financial planning process. It covers areas such as protection, retirement planning, and investment planning.
  • Financial Planning Certificate 3: The final certificate in this series focuses on assessing a client’s financial circumstances, constructing a financial plan, and providing long-term financial advice. It’s designed to equip professionals with the skills to handle complex financial scenarios.

Mortgage Adviser Qualifications

  • Mortgage Advice Qualification (MAQ) from the Chartered Insurance Institute: This esteemed certification is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of UK regulation in the financial services industry, mortgage products, repayment options, and the provision of mortgage advice. It’s a key qualification for anyone looking to provide professional mortgage advice.

To get in touch with Steve or any member of the YesCanDo Money team, visit the Contact Us page. For professional updates and insights from Steve, follow him on LinkedIn.

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