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A day in the life of a customer service manager

A Day in the Life of a Mortgage Broker Customer Service Manager

A Day in the Life of a Customer Service Manager by Suzanne Huxtable

Lots of companies say “no two days are the same” and it soon becomes apparent that actually, every day is the same but not here at YesCanDo! You might think mortgage admin is a pretty repetitive job role but you would be wrong! Normally our day starts with checking the customer reviews that have come in overnight, there always seems to be at least one or two and that is down to the standard of service we provide, not only in this team but throughout the whole company, it is second to none! Let’s face it, who doesn’t love seeing their name all over the internet for providing such great service, we sure do! It gets the day off to a great start! Your organisation skills and being proactive will go a long way to helping those reviews roll in!

On to the job.. wait a minute, don’t forget to check WhatsApp before you open your tasks for the day! Yes, we use WhatsApp to keep in contact with our clients, the bosses love a good emoji thrown in here and there! How cool is that?! And.. AND, them bosses almost insist on us having Facebook open as well so we can keep an eye on the company page and like and share any content they post! It’s almost like working for Google but without the beanbags! We all get on board with marketing in one way or another, even if it is just sharing a Facebook post, so you really need to be a team player with a great sense of humour!

So the biggest part of the job role is split between working with lenders and solicitors! One day you might be chatting to solicitors and helping to push things through to get a completion date on the board, the next day you might find yourself dealing with the lender requirements, so we can get what the client wants more than anything else, a mortgage offer! So being able to deal with people on all levels is going to stand you in good stead! Obviously you have your usual bits and pieces to do, emails, answering calls, making the tea etc so we need someone who has great communication skills, attention to detail is a must, as is being able to work under pressure! And don’t forget tea making skills, need to be a priority!

Clients love the team here at YesCanDo, just check out the reviews, so we need someone that can fit in with the team, you will need to have a real drive to succeed, we need you to be committed to providing a really amazing client journey!

So if you would like a new challenge, in a fun environment but where the job gets done at a fast pace and you think you have all the skills needed and you can balance multiple tasks and work well within a team,  then look no further, because this isn’t just another administration role, this is one of the most rewarding jobs there is! We quite literally make clients’ dreams a reality! One day we might even get an invite to the house warming but until then, we will take pride in knowing how happy our clients are when they pick up the keys to their new home and we would love you to be a part of that with us!


Written by Suzanne Huxtable
Client Support Manager
at YesCanDo

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Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts

“We have developed a culture of giving exceptional service to our clients without charging them a penny. We have fun and we get the job done. We are a growing family-run business and offer a place to thrive and succeed through teamwork. If you feel charging clients for a great service isn't the right thing, come onboard and experience conversations, rapport building and advice without any barriers. Steve started the company that would become YesCanDo Money over 30 years ago and we have grown and developed into a forward thinking, exciting and well respected brand.”

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