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Jane Rowe CII (Mortgage & Protection Adviser)

Mortgage Adviser - Jane

Jane Rowe

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
With a passion for simplifying the complex world of mortgages and a dedication to client care, I have been serving as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser since 2014. I specialise in remortgages but I have a wide range of mortgage knowledge for any situation. I strive to provide straightforward, jargon-free advice that empowers my clients to make informed decisions.

Industry Details

  • Years in the Industry: I joined then the financial industry in 2014 with my CII Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice and joined YesCanDo Money in 2021 as a mortgage and protection adviser.
  • Specialisations: Remortgages
  • Certifications: Level 3 Certificate in Mortgage Advice (CII)

Professional Experience

  • Current Role: At YesCanDo Money, as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser, I am dedicated to guiding individuals towards the ideal mortgage solutions. Always available for phone calls and customer assistance, my top priority is offering well-informed advice that meets each client’s individual needs. Once an offer is confirmed, I work closely with my client support manager in ensuring a hassle-free path toward completion. In addition to mortgages, my emphasis lies heavily in life insurance; championing their financial wellbeing while upholding YesCanDo’s core values and standards in keeping with YesCanDo’s core values and standards.
  • Previous Roles: Before joining YesCanDo, I worked as a mortgage and protection adviser in a local estate agent.

Questions & Answers

Mortgages found me! Initially a protection adviser, I was drawn to the excitement and challenge of mortgages that my colleagues were thriving on.

The joy of helping someone secure their dream home gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling that makes every effort worthwhile.

I approach new clients with empathy, recognising that the mortgage world can be complex. It’s my job to simplify and guide them through the process.

My commitment to providing straightforward, no-jargon, simplified advice sets me apart. I believe in making the mortgage process accessible and understandable for everyone.

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Jane's Personal Interests and Hobbies

Music is my thing, especially live performances. I love the energy and connection that come from attending a live concert or catching a local band at my local pub.

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A Final Word from Jane

If you’re thinking about navigating the world of mortgages, I’m here to make it simpler for you. As a friendly and approachable adviser, my mission is to guide you every step of the way, turning what might seem like a daunting journey into a smooth and stress-free experience. I genuinely believe in forging lasting relationships, and I’d love nothing more than to help you feel confident and supported in your mortgage decisions. Let’s take this journey together.

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