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My mortgage adviser has disappeared. What can I do?

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    So you have had a meeting with a mortgage adviser and now you can’t get hold of them!? Maybe you have already got a mortgage application underway and the mortgage adviser or mortgage broker is not replying to your calls. If this sounds like you then this article will help solve this mortgage headache for you.

    Reasons to instruct a new mortgage advisor

    If your mortgage adviser or mortgage broker is not contactable or even has completely disappeared off the face of the earth. Either contact the mortgage lender directly or find a mortgage broker who will be able to take your mortgage application over for you.

    In this guide, we will take you step by step through what you need to do to progress your mortgage application if your mortgage consultant or advisor is not contactable.

    Has your advisor disappeared? Not to worry, our advisors are ready to help!

    I’ve only had an initial meeting with my mortgage advisor

    It may be that you have seen a mortgage advisor at an estate agent or mortgage broker but you have not got as far as getting the mortgage submitted. Don’t panic! Simply Google a free mortgage broker near me and you will get a list of mortgage brokers that do not charge for their services.

    You will have lost no time and the mortgage broker should be able to take over from where you left off with your previous advisor.  Make sure they are decent size mortgage brokers so the same thing won’t happen again to you! Also, take 5 minutes to read their Trustpilot and Google reviews to make sure the mortgage broker offers great customer service.

    My mortgage application has been submitted to a mortgage lender but has not been offered yet

    Once again you need to find someone to help you. Find a broker that has access to the entire market mortgage broker for the best mortgage deal. (see above) The broker will be able to contact the bank or building society and find out how far your application has progressed. They should be able to take everything over from your previous mortgage consultant, estate agent, or mortgage broker and proceed with your application and see it through to completion for you.

    Depending on how long has passed it may be worthwhile double-checking the mortgage deals that could be open to you by switching mortgage lenders

    I have a mortgage approved with a mortgage offer

    Once you have a mortgage offer things become a little less complicated. On the offer, you will have the interest rate and also the name of the bank or building society that the mortgage will be with. Call them and ask for their advice. It should be business as usual for the majority of mortgages that have been offered as the lender will be able to see it through to completion.

    There are a few lenders that will not progress the mortgage unless you have a broker in which case you will find one. One lender that doesn’t deal with customers directly is Birmingham Midshires (BM Solutions).

    If you have any problems on any of the above or you just want to chat through your options then we are one of the UK’s leading mortgage brokers and have a team of 22 mortgage advisers and administrators on hand to give free mortgage advice and help.

    Has your advisor disappeared? Not to worry, our advisors are ready to help!

    How do mortgage lenders react to a mortgage advisor disappearing?

    Each bank and building society will react differently to your mortgage consultant or advisor going off radar! Find a mortgage broker so you can get sound mortgage advice as it may save time by switching mortgage lenders.

    Usually, it makes sense to switch mortgage providers if your application has only just been submitted. If several weeks have passed and you are near an offer you may need to stay with the same mortgage provider. If you switch lenders that is in a position to underwrite your case within a week and you may even get a new mortgage deal with lower monthly repayments.

    How to find a mortgage advisor

    Whether you are looking to instruct your first mortgage advisor or your old advisor has disappeared and you’re looking to find a new advisor, it makes sense to shop around. Below our advisors have laid out the best steps how to get a great mortgage advisor.

    4 steps you should take when finding a mortgage adviser

    Our advisors have put together a list of things you should do when trying to find the best mortgage adviser.

    1) Ask family and friends which mortgage adviser they used

    We all love to receive a recommendation as it takes away the risk of getting it wrong!

    2) Shop around for the best mortgage advisers

    If you receive a recommendation then that’s great. If not then you need to shop around. A mortgage is a big commitment and it is essential that you have peace of mind that you have the best firm of mortgage advisers or mortgage brokers. 3) Read reviews

    Look for lots of 5-star reviews and also take a few minutes to read a few reviews. You are looking for a company that gives great customer service and also is easy to communicate with. A company that gives great mortgage advice and puts its clients first!

    4) Do they charge a fee?

    The bottom line is you don’t need to pay a mortgage broker. The top 10 UK mortgage brokers are all FREE. They do not charge for their services.

    Alternatively use the services of YesCanDo Money

    This is the part where we blow our own trumpet! YesCanDo is an independent family-run mortgage broker that has been established for 34 years. We have an experienced team of 17 mortgage advisers and administrators that are on hand to help you. We find the very best mortgage rates and look after the whole mortgage application process from start to finish.

    Have a read of our Trust Pilot reviews. Our team really is very proud of the service we offer and the reviews that we receive. We read and reply to each and every one of them!

    Call or WhatsApp Us

    We are a whole of market mortgage broker which means we recommend mortgages from the whole UK market. We will have a good chat with lots of free advice and find out what you want to achieve. We will carry out our own research to get you the best deal and once you are happy to get going our financial advisers will get your mortgage application underway. We will then see everything through until your mortgage completes. The best bit is we do not charge a broker fee for our services as we get paid by the different lenders.

    Has your advisor disappeared? Not to worry, our advisors are ready to help!

    Related frequently asked mortgage questions:

    My Mortgage Adviser was charging me a broker fee. Will I still need to pay them?

    This will depend on which stage your application is at. If your mortgage has been offered it may be that you will still need to pay their broker fee. However, give us a call at YesCanDo and we will see if we can help you with this.

    Interest rates have dropped since I started with the mortgage application. Would it be better to start from fresh and switch mortgage providers?

    If you switch mortgage providers there is a strong chance that with the use of a mortgage affordability calculator you may get a lower interest rate and mortgage deals than your current provider. It is possible that you may be able to make a considerable saving. It’s possible to get an even lower mortgage rate by paying an arrangement fee.

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