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    Remortgaging your property can be an excellent way to secure a better mortgage deal, release equity and consolidate debts. But this process involves various costs such as solicitor fees that could eat into the overall costs associated with remortgaging – we hope this article provides an in-depth understanding of remortgage solicitor fees as well as associated expenses so you can make an informed decision when it comes to remortgaging your property.

    What are Remortgage Solicitor Fees?

    Remortgaging often requires the services of a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to handle the legal aspects of the Remortgage Conveyancing process. The solicitor’s role includes conducting ID checks, carrying out relevant searches, evaluating the new valuation from your mortgage lender, and assessing your current mortgage, among other essential activities.

    A Breakdown of Legal Fees to Remortgage

    Solicitor fees for remortgaging can have a significant impact on your finances, especially if you are not prepared for them. These remortgage fees can accumulate to a substantial amount, affecting your budget and the overall cost of remortgaging.

    The cost of solicitor fees can vary based on the complexity of the remortgage process and the solicitor’s pricing structure. On average, solicitor fees for remortgaging amount to approximately £1,078. These fees typically comprise legal fees and disbursements. Solicitor fees for remortgaging can vary, but you can typically expect to pay around £300-£1000. Some mortgage lenders will offer to pay your legal fees as part of the package to attract new customers.

    Remortgaging costs vary significantly depending on whether a property is leasehold or freehold, and in particular, whether legal fees and disbursements are included. With freehold properties typically have lower costs associated with their remortgages due to fewer complex details and potential additional fees involved with leasehold mortgages such as notice transfer fees, notice of charge fees, deed covenant fees, and certificate compliance costs; thus leading to greater overall remortgage expenses overall.

    Freehold Remortgage

    Remortgage solicitors fees vary, below are the average fees you can expect. The average fee for a freehold remortgage is £725.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£145.00), and additional disbursements. The following fees also apply:

    • A Bank Transfer Charge averages at £30.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£6.00).
    • An Electronic ID Check averages at £10.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£2.00) per person.


    Disbursements are third-party costs related to your case, such as Land Registry fees. We manage these payments on your behalf for a smoother process. The average disbursement costs are as follows:

    • Search fees: £275.00
    • Land Registry Fee: £30.00
    • Bankruptcy Search: £4.00
    • Land Registry Pre-Completion Search: £3.00
    • Land Registry Official Copy Fees: £6.00

    Leasehold Remortgage

    Remortgage solicitors fees vary, below are the average fees you can expect. The average fee for a leasehold property remortgage is £795.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£159.00), and additional disbursements. The following fees also apply:

    • A Bank Transfer Charge averages at £30.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£6.00).
    • An Electronic ID Check averages at £10.00, plus a VAT charge of 20% (£2.00) per person.


    The average disbursement costs for a leasehold remortgage are as follows:

    • Search fees: £275.00
    • Land Registry Fee: £30.00
    • Bankruptcy Search: £4.00
    • Land Registry Pre-Completion Search: £3.00
    • Land Registry Official Copy Fees: £6.00
    • Notice of Transfer (dictated by the Lease): £150.00
    • Notice of Charge: £80.00
    • Deed of Covenant Fee: £150.00
    • Certificate of Compliance (dictated by the Lease): £100.00

    For more details on Land Registry fees, visit the official government website.

    Connecting with a Solicitor through a Mortgage Broker

    A mortgage broker’s role extends beyond finding the best mortgage rate; they can also connect you with a reliable solicitor for your remortgage. Leveraging their extensive industry network, brokers can recommend experienced solicitors who specialise in remortgaging, tailored to your specific needs. This connection streamlines the remortgaging process, ensuring all legal aspects are handled professionally. The broker also facilitates communication between you, the solicitor, and the lender, making the process efficient and less stressful. Not sure how to remortgage, no worries, our experienced mortgage advisor team is here to help.

    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Don't let the complexities of remortgage costs and processes hold you back. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for a free consultation!

    Other Remortgage Costs

    Beyond solicitor fees, when it comes to remortgaging there are other costs you must take into account. Below is a breakdown of fees you could be expected to pay; for more comprehensive details on overall remortgage costs please read our guide on Remortgage Costs

    • Early Repayment Charge: An early repayment charge can apply if you leave your current mortgage deal early – typically during a fixed or discount rate term – making them essential when calculating remortgaging costs. They could amount to as much as 10% of the outstanding loan balance, so it is crucial to factor them in when estimating costs associated with refinancing away from your current deal.
    • Product Fees: Also known as arrangement fees, these are administrative charges that secure your new mortgage deal. They are typically charged by your new mortgage lender and can vary widely in cost.
    • Valuation Fees: These are fees charged by your new lender to evaluate the value of your property. Costs may depend on the estimated value of your property and lender policies.
    • Arrangement Fee: Your new lender may charge an arrangement fee to establish your new fixed mortgage rate, with costs varying significantly between lenders. Although you can add this charge directly onto your mortgage payments, doing so will increase overall interest charges over time.
    • Booking Fee: Also known as a reservation fee, this fee secures your loan application while it is being processed by lenders. While its costs may differ depending on the choice of lender, typically there is a set cost involved that cannot change.


    Yes, when remortgaging you should usually pay solicitor's fees. These cover any legal work needed during the process such as checking the title of the property and communicating with lenders before handling fund transfers. These costs can depend on both the complexity of the remortgage transaction as well as your solicitor's pricing structure.

    The cost of solicitor services for UK remortgaging transactions varies significantly; on average, expect to pay around £1,078 including fees for legal work and disbursements; however, this figure could increase or decrease depending on the complexity of your remortgage transaction and pricing structure of solicitors.

    Solicitors perform several checks during a remortgage process. They evaluate the title to make sure there are no issues that could impede its remortgaging, communicate with new lenders to meet all requirements, manage funds transfer between accounts, and ensure the old mortgage is paid off completely.

    Normal solicitors fees can vary widely depending on the type of legal work being done and the solicitor's pricing structure. For a remortgage, the average solicitor fee is around £1,078. These costs generally include fees for legal work and disbursements; however, depending on its complexity, this estimate could increase or decrease.

    Yes, typically a solicitor should handle the legal aspects of a remortgage transaction. This involves checking the title to your property, communicating with lenders about funds transfers, and making sure any old mortgage is repaid in full. Although you could manage these tasks yourself, due to its complexity it is generally recommended that a solicitor take on this responsibility for you.

    Yes, fees for legal work can sometimes be added to a mortgage as part of its capitalisation costs - however, this will increase both your amount owed and interest payments over the duration of your mortgage contract. Before considering this option with your mortgage provider or solicitor it is wise to discuss its ramifications thoroughly in order to fully grasp its implications.


    Remortgaging costs should not be underestimated when considering this financial move. Solicitor fees and legal costs for remortgaging play a vital role in making informed decisions; not just by finding a mortgage with lower interest rates but also by understanding all the associated fees that will arise during this process, including legal, search, and disbursement expenses.

    As it’s essential to keep in mind the additional expenses involved with refinancing, such as early repayment charges, product fees, and valuation fees can add substantially to the overall costs. Therefore, it is wise to do your research, understand all associated fees, and seek professional advice from either a broker or financial advisor when making this decision.

    It could be that your current lender will offer you the best new deal. The good news is a broker will have access to the whole market including your existing lender and will find the very best rates and deals.

    By taking these steps, you can ensure that remortgaging is the appropriate choice for you and that all costs associated with it have been considered. That way, you can maximize the return from your new mortgage rate and potentially save money over time.

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