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Our mortgage broker services are available without any fees across the UK. We guarantee free mortgage advice and assistance, so you can be sure to receive sound guidance throughout your journey of securing a loan.

Dive into our comprehensive selection of mortgage guides covering all sorts of property types and structures. Or, if you'd like personalised assistance from the experts - absolutely free-of-charge – don't hesitate to reach out to our trustworthy mortgage team!

Mortgage Property Types Advice Guides

Flying Freehold Mortgage

Getting a Flying Freehold Mortgage

If during your search for a dream property, you discover the home you want to buy is a flying freehold, you might be worried about ...
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Leasehold Mortgage

Getting a Leasehold Mortgage

Leasehold properties are widely available in the UK and if you’re interested in leasehold ownership, you will likely want to know about your mortgage options. ...
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UK top lenders and banks are now offering loans for properties that require cladding remediation.

UK top lenders to start lending on cladding properties

Homeowners in England who have been impacted by the cladding crisis may now have the ability to sell or refinance their homes as six major ...
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leasehold vs freehold

Leasehold vs Freehold: What’s the difference?

When buying a home in the UK, you can choose between a freehold or a leasehold property. Understanding the difference between the two is important ...
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