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As an expert free mortgage broker in the UK, we provide no-cost advice and service - including mortgages for self-employed people. We understand that you want to find a great deal on your home loan without having to pay any extra fees. With our team of experienced brokers, we can help make this happen!

Dive into our comprehensive assortment of mortgage advice guides, or talk to one of our professional and fee-free mortgage advisors. Let us help you secure the best deal for your home today!
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Self Employed Mortgage Advice Guides

Is an SA302 Tax Calculation needed for my mortgage

SA302 Mortgage Tax Calculation

If you’re considering applying for a mortgage soon, it’s wise to pull together all the paperwork needed before you make your application. This will speed …

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Getting a mortgage when self-employed

How Does Self-Employment Qualify For Mortgage Eligibility?

In the UK, obtaining a mortgage as a self-employed person might be difficult, particularly if you plan to buy a house soon. It’s critical to …

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self employed mortgages

Self Employed Mortgages Explained

Being your own boss is great, right? You can determine your work hours, take time off when you need to, and have more say on …

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mortgages for limited company directors

Mortgage for Limited Company Director

Getting a mortgage as a company director should be no issue at all. It’s our mortgage advisor’s experience that issues arise when the wrong mortgage …

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Self Employed Mortgages with 1 years accounts

Self Employed Mortgage 1 year accounts

You’re not ruled out from getting a mortgage just because you’re self-employed. However, the way that you prove income is a little different from that …

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YesCanDo Money is a UK mortgage broker, and we offer our services without any fees or charges. Our experienced team of professionals will take care of each step involved in the process – from paperwork to interacting with banks/lenders, estate agents, and solicitors – ensuring that you get the best possible deal on your new home loan.

At the beginning of our process, our experienced advisers take great care and consideration to understand your financial standing and aspirations for owning property. Then we extensively search through the entire mortgage market to bring you a list of suitable mortgages that match your unique situation.

Rated 5 stars on Trustpilot, we strive to offer our customers a smooth experience. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or looking for something larger, our professional team will be there from start to finish with any advice and support you need along the way. Get in touch today and find out why so many people have trusted us with their mortgage needs!

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