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Virgin Money Fixed Rate Mortgage

Virgin Money's fixed-rate mortgage is a popular mortgage among homeowners due to its stability and predictability. Discover current fixed rate mortgage interest rates and terms.
Virgin Money Fixed Rate Mortgage

With a fixed-rate mortgage, you can confidently plan your financial future, knowing that your monthly payments will remain unchanged throughout the fixed period. This shields you from interest rate fluctuations and provides peace of mind.

As mortgage brokers, we aim to equip you with all the information and advice necessary to make informed decisions regarding your mortgage options. We strive to provide comprehensive information and heartfelt mortgage advice, ensuring you feel confident and supported.

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    Benefits of Virgin Money’s Fixed Rate Mortgage Deals

    Fixed-rate mortgages provide stability in an unpredictable financial world and housing market. With a fixed-rate mortgage, you gain control and predictability. Virgin Money Mortgages works hard to ensure your financial journey is smooth, with no unexpected twists and turns.

    Our mortgage advisers work with Virgin Money mortgages to secure the best deal, and our mortgage team is always ready to help. Below are some of the benefits of Virgin Money’s Fixed-Rate Mortgage Deals.

    • Stable Monthly Payments: Your monthly mortgage payments remain the same throughout the fixed-rate period, helping you budget more effectively.
    • Protection Against Interest Rate Fluctuations: You’re safeguarded from rising interest rates, ensuring your payments stay consistent.
    • Easy Financial Planning: Predictable payments make planning your finances and savings goals easier.
    • Potential to Save Money: If interest rates rise during your fixed-rate period, you could pay less than a variable-rate mortgage.
    • Peace of Mind: Knowing your mortgage payments won’t change provides financial security and peace of mind.
    • Variety of Terms: Virgin Money offers a range of fixed-rate terms to suit your financial situation and goals.
    • No Surprises: Eliminates the risk of unexpected increases in your mortgage payments.

    Virgin Money Mortgage Rates

    Looking to fix a mortgage rate? Discover what rates are avaible to you below.

    Virgin Money tracker rates are also available for those considering more flexibility, offering another great option to suit your needs.

    What are the current Virgin mortgage rates?

    Discover Your Best Rate: Mortgage Comparison Tool

    Every individual’s financial story is unique. Why settle for generic rates? Our advanced mortgage comparison tool, combined with our friendly mortgage advice, ensures you get a mortgage rate that feels tailor-made for you.

    We delve deep into offerings from over 90 lenders, ensuring you get the best rate for your situation. We search the whole mortgage market, looking at the overall cost for comparison of the mortgage, considering product fees.

    Benefits of Using Our Tool:

    • Comprehensive market scan

    • Personalised rate recommendations

    • Access to exclusive deals

    • Warm, fee-free advice from our dedicated team

    Virgin Money Fixed Mortgage Rates

    Virgin Money mortgages are known for their dedication to first-time buyers and homeowners and provide a wide array of fixed-rate mortgage terms. Whether searching for short-term security or long-term predictability, Virgin Money has a package tailored to your needs.

    Virgin Money 2-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    A two-year fixed-rate mortgage is an excellent choice for those foreseeing changes in their financial future. With our assistance, you can confidently navigate this short-term commitment.

    View Virgin Money’s Fixed Mortgage Rates >

    Is a 2 year fixed mortgage a good idea?

    A 2-year fixed mortgage is good for those seeking short-term flexibility and expecting a better deal in two years. It often suits someone with a high loan-to-value who is expecting their property price to increase.

    Virgin Money 3-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    A three-year fixed rate offers the advantage of consistent payments, making it an increasingly popular choice for those seeking stability. Our guidance will help you assess whether this medium-term option aligns with your financial goals and connect you with the best lender to suit your needs.

    View Virgin Money’s Fixed Mortgage Rates >

    Is a 3 year fixed mortgage a good idea?

    A 3-year fixed mortgage can be a good middle ground, offering more stability than a 2-year term, yet more flexibility and less commitment than a 5-year fixed term.

    Virgin Money 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    For those who appreciate long-term predictability, the 5-year fixed-rate mortgage offers a haven of consistency. Together, we can determine if this is the right course for your financial journey.

    View Virgin Money’s Fixed Mortgage Rates >

    Is it worth taking a 5 year fixed mortgage?

    A 5-year fixed mortgage can be beneficial for those seeking long-term financial stability. However, if rates decrease within 5 years, you could pay more.

    Virgin Money 7-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    A seven-year fixed-rate mortgage offers an extended period of consistent payments, providing a good balance between medium and long-term stability. This option is ideal for those who want predictability for a longer period without committing to a decade or more. Our team will help you determine if this is the right fit for your financial goals.

    Enquire with our fee-free advisers to discover the best rate for these options.

    Virgin Money 10-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    A decade of fixed rates symbolises stability. This could be your ideal option if you’re searching for a long-term anchor. We’re here to help you assess its advantages in light of your plans.

    Enquire with our fee-free advisers to discover the best rate for these options.

    Virgin Money 15-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    For those seeking the utmost in long-term predictability and stability, a fifteen-year fixed-rate mortgage provides a decade and a half of consistent payments. This option is perfect for those who plan to stay in their home for a long time and want to lock in their interest rate for an extended period. We can help you assess whether this long-term commitment aligns with your financial plans.

    Enquire with our fee-free advisers to discover the best rate for these options.

    Secure a Mortgage Rate Today!
    We compare fixed rates from Virgin Money with 95+ other UK lenders to ensure you get the best deal. Our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

    Working Out Your Monthly Mortgage Repayments

    Understanding your monthly commitments is pivotal. While myriad tools are available, nothing beats a heart-to-heart with our team. We’re here to provide clarity and ensure you’re always well-informed. You can also use the mortgage calculator provided below for a quick estimate.

    Mortgage Repayment Calculator

    Choosing the ideal mortgage is key in any homebuying journey, and our Mortgage Repayment Calculator makes this step simple and transparent. Input your mortgage details, and receive an estimated monthly cost. Should any queries arise or need assistance during this process, our dedicated YesCanDo team is always on hand to offer support and guidance.


    Navigating the mortgage world can be confusing and we are here to help you make informed decisions. Below are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Virgin Money’s fixed-rate mortgages that will assist in helping you make informed choices.

    Once your initial rate period ends, and if you haven't entered into a new mortgage agreement, you'll transition to Virgin Money's standard variable rate. The interest rates can vary monthly, and as existing customers, it's often beneficial to compare Virgin Money mortgage deals before your fixed term ends to avoid potential higher rates.

    If you need to move home before your fixed-rate mortgage term ends, Virgin Money offers a "porting" option. This means you can transfer your existing mortgage rate to a new property, subject to Virgin Money's lending criteria at the time of your move. However, if you decide not to port your mortgage or do not meet the criteria, you may incur an early repayment charge.

    Yes, Virgin Money allows you to make overpayments on your fixed-rate mortgage. Typically, you can overpay up to 10% of the outstanding balance each year without incurring any penalties. Overpaying can reduce the overall interest you pay and help you pay off your mortgage faster. It's always a good idea to check the specific terms of your mortgage agreement for any overpayment conditions.

    A fee-free mortgage broker handles your application, communicates with the lender, and provides expert advice. They streamline the process and can access exclusive deals. Brokers are paid by the lender, so their service is free for you.

    Fee Free Mortgage Advisor Team

    Free Mortgage Advice & Support From YesCanDo Money

    At YesCanDo Money, our fee-free mortgage broker service is designed to assist and guide you in your home-buying journey. Whether it be your first home purchase or remortgaging needs – let our mortgage team show you how we can make a difference for you:

    • Personalised Expert Guidance: Our team of seasoned mortgage advisors is ready to provide tailored advice based on your unique financial situation and aspirations.

    • Hassle-Free Experience: We simplify the mortgage application process, ensuring that it’s as straightforward and stress-free as possible for you.

    • Access to the Best Deals: Our vast network of mortgage lenders can introduce you to exclusive mortgage deals that might not be available directly, guaranteeing you the best deal.

    • Ongoing Support and Advice: Our commitment to you doesn’t end once you secure a mortgage. We remain available to answer any queries and offer continuous support.

    We work with Virgin Money to provide FREE dedicated support to you throughout the process. With full-market access to the best mortgage rates and deals, we handle everything for you, at no cost! Call us, WhatsApp us, or fill out our contact form and let us know the best time to reach you. One of our mortgage advisors will get in touch to discuss your situation and available options.

    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)
    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)

    Grant Humphries (CeMAP) is a proficient Mortgage & Protection Adviser at YesCanDo Money. With a career spanning since 2001, Grant has honed his expertise in understanding mortgage lenders' criteria, complex financial situations, and the nuances of the mortgage market. His deep knowledge enables him to provide tailored solutions, especially for professionals and those with unique financial profiles. At YesCanDo, Grant's commitment to excellence is evident. He takes pride in guiding clients through their mortgage journey, ensuring they feel confident and informed at every step. From first-time buyers to seasoned investors, Grant's analytical approach and dedication make him a trusted adviser in the financial landscape

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