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Hannah Edwards CeMAP (Mortgage & Protection Adviser)

Mortgage Advisor - Hannah

Hannah Edwards

Mortgage & Protection Adviser
I joined the financial industry fresh out of college and somehow never left! As such I have built up an extensive knowledge of the industry and its workings and have helped a vast array of clients. Building a career through General Insurance, Personal Protection, and finally Mortgages has given me the tools to help improve not only people’s finances but also their well-being, and that's extremely important to me.

Industry Details

  • Years in the Industry: I started as a general insurance adviser in the year 2000 and became a protection adviser in 2015. In 2022 I got my Certificate in mortgage advice and practice (CeMAP) to become a mortgage and protection adviser.
  • Specialisations: Insurance and mortgage protection
  • Certifications: Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice (CeMAP)

Professional Experience

  • Current Role: At YesCanDo Money, as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser, I am dedicated to helping individuals find the ideal mortgage solutions. Always available for phone calls and customer assistance, my top priority is offering well-informed advice that meets each client’s unique needs. Once a mortgage offer has been accepted, I work closely with my client support manager in ensuring its successful completion of the mortgage without hassles or delays. In addition to mortgages, life insurance also plays a pivotal role in protecting financial wellbeing while upholding YesCanDo’s core values and standards.
  • Previous Roles: My financial career began by offering general insurance products. Over time, however, my focus shifted more toward personal protection policies before eventually transitioning into mortgages. Through my varied background in the financial industry, I now possess an in-depth knowledge of different products as well as client needs.

Questions & Answers

Navigating the financial landscape can often feel like a challenging maze for many. I was drawn to mortgage advising to demystify this world for individuals, offering clarity and guidance. My aim has always been to empower people to make informed and beneficial decisions that positively impact their lives.

There’s a genuine sense of fulfillment I get when I see clients in a better financial position than when they first approached me. It’s about making a tangible difference in their lives.

Every client is unique, and I believe in creating a relaxed environment for them. It’s essential for me to be approachable, answer all their queries comprehensively, and truly understand their aspirations and concerns.

It’s my ability to communicate effectively. I pride myself on tailoring my communication style to resonate with each client, ensuring they receive transparent, precise, and timely advice that’s easy to grasp.

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Hannah's Personal Interests and Hobbies

Outside of work, my days are filled with the simple joys of life. I cherish the moments I spend walking my beloved dog, Roxy, and there’s nothing quite like the quality time I get to spend with my family. And, of course, every now and then, I let loose with a dance and enjoy a glass or two with my friends. These moments ground me and remind me of the importance of work-life balance.

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A Final Word from Hannah

Navigating the financial world can be daunting, and that’s where I come in. Over the years, I’ve honed my skills as a Mortgage & Protection Adviser, always putting my clients’ well-being at the forefront. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by mortgage choices or unsure about protection options, I’m here to guide you. My aim? To break things down, making the complex simple and ensuring you make decisions that are right for you. With a relaxed approach, a keen ear, and availability on WhatsApp for direct communication, I’m all about understanding your unique needs. So, if you’re thinking about making financial moves, I’d love nothing more than to help you make choices that enhance your life.

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