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Are you confused about where to begin your mortgage journey? Our mortgage broker Wigan has a team of expert advisers who offer friendly, free mortgage advice. Our team helps you secure your best mortgage.

Our mortgage team will handle all the paperwork involved in your application and give professional advice on the options available.

Our dedicated fee free mortgage team ensures client satisfaction by providing personalised, expert advice and fee-free solutions. With extensive mortgage experience, our skilled advisors are ready to manage your mortgage applications, offer professional guidance, and help you secure the best market rates without any fees.

We are committed to delivering friendly, professional service to ensure a smooth and straightforward mortgage experience for our clients.

Learn how we are able to offer such a highly rated fully free mortgage service.

Getting a Mortgage In Wigan
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    Why Choose Us as Your Mortgage Broker in Wigan?

    At YesCanDo Money, we pride ourselves on prioritising client needs first. An expert mortgage adviser in Wigan works tirelessly to understand your circumstances and tailor mortgage advice accordingly. Being a whole of the market broker means we will find you the very lowest interest rates.

    Our Experience in the Mortgage Market

    Years of experience serving Wigan and its surrounding areas throughout the UK gives us an edge in providing our clients with the best mortgage options. Our thorough knowledge of the mortgage market and an expansive network of over 95 mortgage lenders helps us provide them with customised mortgage solutions.

    Our Expert Approach to Mortgage Brokering

    We pride ourselves on our expert approach to getting the best mortgage. Our advisors stay up-to-date with current market trends and lender criteria to guide you from initial consultation through the mortgage application process through completion day and beyond.

    Highly Rated Mortage Service

    Over the years, we have earned the trust of Wigan residents by providing reliable, transparent, and professional mortgage advice. Our team strives to create an easy mortgage experience for each client, as evidenced by our excellent 5/5 Trustpilot status.

    Matching You with the Best Mortgage Lender

    At YesCanDo, our aim is to find you the ideal mortgage lender for your unique circumstances and needs. We consider financial history, property preferences, and future goals when suggesting suitable mortgage lenders.


    First-Time Buyer Mortgages Wigan

    First-Time Buyer Mortgages Wigan

    Taking your first steps onto the property ladder can be daunting. This is why we have a friendly support team on hand to offer assistance and guide you through every step of the process. Your dedicated first-time buyers advisor will respond promptly and go the extra mile to ensure a positive and hassle-free experience.

    • Tailored Mortgage Advice: We align our top mortgage advice with your personal needs and financial future goals to devise ideal solutions.

    • Access to Exclusive Deals: We source first-time buyer mortgages specifically suited for you, including deals not generally available.

    • Application Assistance: We streamline the paperwork, informing your estate agent and conveyancer for a smoother transaction.

    Learn more about First Time Buyer Mortgages

    Remortgage Wigan

    Remortgage Services Wigan

    Planning to find a more advantageous mortgage deal, lower your monthly repayments or pay off some debts? Our team is here with a smile to help. We’ll assess your situation, explore the options and support you in making the remortgage process as smooth and beneficial as possible.

    • Rate Comparison: We access the most competitive rates from major high-street lenders and other providers.

    • Releasing Equity Guidance: Receive expert mortgage advice on safely accessing funds through home equity, whether for renovations or debt consolidation.

    • Simplified Process: We handle all the paperwork and liaise with lenders and solicitors, making remortgaging easier.

    Learn more about How to Remortgage

    Moving Home Mortgages Wigan

    Moving Home Mortgages Wigan

    Deciding to move home and becoming a home mover can be a significant life decision, but don’t stress—our team will be with you every step of the way, helping you find the right mortgage deal and managing any necessary details communicating with your estate agents and solicitors to ensure the whole process is seamless and stress-free.

    • Tailored Moving Advice: Receive mortgage advice specifically tailored to your relocation plans.

    • Seamless Mortgage Transfer: We can help you decide whether to keep your existing mortgage (known as mortgage porting) or secure a new deal.

    • Full Assistance: From our initial conversation to moving day, our team supports you and coordinates with all parties involved to streamline the mortgage process.

    Discover your best Moving Home Mortgage options.

    Buy-To-Let Mortgages in Wigan

    Buy-to-Let Mortgages Wigan

    For all the landlords and property investors in Wigan, we have a dedicated service just for you. Our team is on hand to offer guidance and free mortgage advice regarding buy-to-let mortgages, helping you secure the very best terms and interest rates. We believe in making property investment simpler and more cost-effective for you.

    • First-Time Investor Support: Understand your first property investment with our guidance.

    • Portfolio Expansion Advice: Obtain strategic financing solutions and exclusive deals designed for portfolio landlords.

    • Market-Aligned Mortgage Selection: With deep market knowledge, we match you with the best mortgage lenders for your investment goals.

    Find out more about Buy To Let Mortgages

    Mortgage Protection Wigan

    Mortgage Protection

    Buying a house and getting a mortgage is a big financial responsibility. You need to make sure you are protected. YesCanDo Money offers different coverage for their customers, such as full insurance coverage for mortgage protection. We have been giving free mortgage advice on mortgages and protection insurance, which ensures that we deal with each client professionally and in a friendly manner that suits them best.

    • Buildings and Contents Insurance: Protects against damages or losses from incidents like fire or theft, covering the structure and the contents within.

    • Critical Illness Cover: If diagnosed with a specified illness, this cover provides a lump sum payment, which can be used for medical expenses or living costs during a serious illness.

    • Life Assurance: Also known as Life Insurance, this protection pays out if you pass away during the policy term, helping your loved ones manage mortgage payments and living expenses.

    • Income Protection: Designed to replace income if illness or an accident prevents you from working, helping you maintain your mortgage and other financial obligations until you can return to work.

    How Our Mortgage Process Works

    YesCanDo Money can make getting a mortgage in Wigan easy. We work with you to find the right deal for your needs and ensure that it has low interest rates.

    1. Initial Meeting: Our mortgage advisers will talk through your situation at our first consultation. This is where you let them know what you want or have been struggling with; we will tell you how we can help absolutely free of charge.

    2. Locating Your Ideal Mortgage: Being a whole-of-market intermediary means we have access to the entire market for all kinds of residential mortgages. Therefore, whether it’s interest rates, terms, or anything else which suits you best – for whatever reason!

    3. Getting Your Mortgage: Once we gather all required documents on your behalf, they are sent off. We maintain regular contact with lenders while they review these files, notifying them at each stage along their path so there aren’t any surprises!

    Reviews: Happy Homeowners in Wigan

    The success stories of our clients best illustrate how YesCanDo Money has helped them achieve their property dreams, save on their mortgages, or successfully invest in property.

    This was my initial venture into the buy-to-let market with YesCanDo Money for my property in Wigan. The experience was nothing short of spectacular from the outset to the final stages. Despite the complexity of my situation, they secured a mortgage offer for me. They were particularly adept at navigating the challenges with the lender. I must extend a heartfelt thanks to Megan Stoyles for her exceptional commitment and tireless efforts to bring this transaction to a successful conclusion—thank you, Megan. Moving forward, YesCanDo Money will be my go-to for all my future investments. Many thanks!
    My buy-to-let mortgage in Wigan
    Mr Palha
    Smooth Buy-to-Let Mortgage in Wigan

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes, paying for a broker is often worth the cost as they offer many benefits. They have access to lenders from which they can negotiate better rates for you. In addition, mortgage brokers save time, help navigate complex terms more efficiently and offer tailored advice tailored specifically to your financial situation.

    Both options have their benefits. Banks can offer specific deals to existing customers, while mortgage brokers offer a wider range of products from multiple lenders. A broker can often be the better choice for a more diverse choice and personalised advice.

    Mortgage brokers have access to most lenders, some of which aren't available to the general public. This means they can potentially secure better rates and mortgage products for you. However, the best rate depends on individual circumstances, so it's beneficial to compare options.

    Some mortgage brokers provide services at no cost; others charge fees. Prospective borrowers must understand a broker's fee structure before seeking services—even "fee-free" brokers may charge additional costs for complex cases or specialist assistance.

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