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As a no-fee mortgage broker providing coverage throughout the United Kingdom, we provide professional advice and support service to our customers - at absolutely no cost!

Peruse our extensive collection of mortgage deposit advice guides for helpful and reliable insight. Or, reach out to our experienced and knowledgeable Mortgage team who provide fee-free support.

Our Mortgage Deposits Advice Guides

How Much Deposit Do I Need For A Mortgage

How Much Deposit Do I Need For A Mortgage?

First-time buyers navigating the complexities of purchasing their first home often find themselves grappling with one crucial question: How much should be saved towards their ...
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What is the Lifetime ISA?

Discover The Lifetime ISA – Boost Your Mortgage Savings

Are you looking to save a deposit for your first-ever home? Well, the Lifetime Individual Savings Account (LISA) could be the perfect solution for you ...
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Concessionary Purchase Mortgages Explained

Concessionary Purchase Mortgages Explained

Are you looking for an affordable way to purchase a home? If so, a concessionary purchase mortgage might be for you. In this guide, we ...
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How to raise the money for a mortgage deposit

How to raise the money for a mortgage deposit

So, you want to buy a property! That’s great news but before you put together your mortgage application, you will need to raise the money ...
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Proof of Deposit for Mortgage

How to Provide Proof of Deposit for Mortgage Lenders

Having proof of deposit is important for a successful mortgage application. This is why our mortgage client support managers have written a helpful guide to ...
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How much deposit for second home?

Are you thinking of buying a second home? There are plenty of reasons why you should and we briefly discuss some of these below. Buy ...
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Mortgage Gifted Deposit Letter

Gifted Deposit Letter for Mortgages

Most properties cost tens of thousands of pounds and as mortgage lenders expect a chunk of the overall home value as a deposit, many first-time ...
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YesCanDo Money is a UK mortgage broker and the best part? Our services come at no cost to you! We make sure every detail of your mortgage process is taken care of: from filling out paperwork, to communicating with banks/lenders, estate agents and solicitors. Let us handle it all so that you can rest easy knowing everything’s being done right.

Our team of advisers starts the process by getting to know your financial circumstances and home-buying ambitions. Afterwards, they will search all over the mortgage market in order to locate the best possible deal that fits your individual needs.

At our mortgage firm, we prioritise client satisfaction above all else and have been awarded a 5-star rating on Trustpilot as evidence! Whether you’re searching for your first home or expanding to accommodate a growing family, we’ve got you covered. Plus, if any unexpected issues arise during the process – don’t worry; our team is here to guide and assist at every turn. Contact us now to get started!

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