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5 Best Mortgage Brokers in the UK

There are thousands of mortgage brokers in the UK to choose from. Who do you pick?

To choose the best mortgage brokers you will be choosing from a pool of companies who are big, small, specialist, fee-free, small-fee, big-fee, and even local one-person-bands. 

In this day and age, the best tool to help you choose the best mortgage brokers for you is to look at customer reviews. This well-trod method will help you search what real people are saying about mortgage brokers and how they support their customers. If you look at a well-known review site like TrustPilot you can search reviews by keyword such as mortgage broker.

  • Are you a first-time buyer? Search first-time buyers to give you an insight as to how many reviews mention this.
  • Are you remortgaging? Search remortgage to bring up the relevant reviews.
  • Are you looking for free mortgage advice? Search for fee free mortgage brokers to highlight brokers that do not charge a fee.

If you are like most people you probably look at the reviews if you are going to buy a pair of shoes on Amazon or watch a film on Netflix. This method leverages other people’s experiences to guide your own and therefore make the right decision.

Who is the best Mortgage Broker UK?

Picking a single mortgage broker as the best mortgage brokers in the UK is hard to do. Therefore we have compiled a list of the top 5 mortgage brokers in the UK.

1) The Big One – London and Country (L&C)

L&C is the UK’s biggest fee-free mortgage broker. If you are looking for a fee-free service with many connections, L&C is worth considering. 

2) The Technology-Focused One – Habito

Habito is another fee-free service that focuses on online robo-advice (without a person involved). Habito focuses on offering a forward-thinking and efficient advice service. You can also have access to a real human adviser in certain circumstances if needed.

3) The Family Orientated One – The Mortgage Mum 

The Mortgage Mum has a team of 100% female Mortgage Advisers and offers advisers up and down the country to give you a more personalised service. The Mortgage Mum do charge fees but offers the first meeting for free. 

4) The Specialist One – Simply Adverse

For some people, their credit rating and score can get in the way of achieving the best mortgage options. It’s for this reason that it’s important to source a broker who specialises in “adverse” mortgages. Simply Adverse is there to help you achieve the best rate for your circumstances if you have a lower credit rating. You will pay a fee for this service and it would be worth comparing to a fee-free option before you commit. 

5) The Medium-Sized One – The Mortgage Hut

The Mortgage Hut has a team of 20 advisers and is a medium-sized company- This means they are small enough to really care and big enough to have built a great company with good connections. You will be charged a fee for their service. The Mortgage Hut have advisers based around the country and have good specialties with Police Officer and Airline Worker Mortgages. 

BONUS – Your Local One

This option is always worth considering. Your local Mortgage Broker (to be found by a Google Search or a question on a Facebook forum) will give you a detailed and personalised service. Depending on your needs they will most likely come to you and sit down in your lounge after hours. Some charge, some don’t so if you would prefer a face-to-face conversation, this is definitely your option! 

Best mortgage brokers summary

To a certain degree, you can’t go wrong as long as you are looking at a well-respected mortgage broker (like we have listed above). Ultimately the biggest line in the sand between mortgage broker firms is whether they charge a fee or are a fee-free mortgage broker.

It can be worth considering paying a mortgage broker a fee in some circumstances. If you have a specific need (like a bad credit rating) it might make sense to find a mortgage broker who is able to prove a strong track record of successfully arranging similar mortgages. Saying that just because a broker charges a fee is not a reflection of their service- There are many fee-free firms who offer a robust and efficient service. If you are the type of person to “go detective” on your research, you can even search for the best mortgage adviser within the company- The way to do this would be to pick out recurring names from their reviews. Get yourself a list of things that are important to you and once you find an adviser, run through the list to make sure. 

It’s because of the above that we want to help people choose the right Mortgage Broker to then in turn get the best advice and support.

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We would like to introduce ourselves. YesCanDo Money is a national company, based in Portsmouth that gives completely free mortgage advice and support. Having been established for over 25 years we are well-placed to help you, especially if you need your hand held throughout the process. We understand that people need to understand their options so we have compiled a list of other companies that are also great Mortgage Brokers, in their own specific way. 

YesCanDo Money offers a mostly fee-free mortgage broker service to the whole of the UK. Click here to view the areas we already have mortgage customers in. To find out more about our highly reviewed mortgage service contact us for free advice or to learn more about mortgages here.

We hope this has helped you begin your journey to choosing the best mortgage broker.

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