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5 Best Mortgage Brokers in the UK

There are thousands of mortgage brokers in the UK to choose from. Who do you pick?

There are thousands of mortgage brokers in the UK to choose from, each offering a unique blend of services. The decision of who to pick can seem overwhelming, whether you’re looking at large firms, niche specialists, fee-based advisors, or those offering completely fee-free mortgage advice services.

In the digital era, the importance of customer reviews cannot be overstated. Platforms like Trustpilot provide invaluable insights into the experiences and satisfaction levels of past clients. These reviews are a treasure trove of information, helping you gauge the reputation and reliability of mortgage brokers.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, considering remortgaging, or in search of fee-free mortgage advice, aligning your criteria with customer testimonials is a smart strategy. Think of it as akin to reading reviews before purchasing a product online. This method leverages the collective wisdom of others to guide you towards the best mortgage deal and service tailored to your individual circumstances.

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Finding The Best Mortgage Broker UK

When it comes to defining the “best” in any category, especially in the context of mortgage brokers, it’s crucial to recognise that this can be looked at from many angles. What is considered the best for one individual may not be the same for another, as personal needs, preferences, and circumstances play a significant role in determining the most suitable option. We’ve compiled four distinct lists from Trustpilot’s ‘Best in Mortgage Broker’ category, offering fresh perspectives on what defines the best in this sector.

Considerations in Selecting the Best Mortgage Broker

  1. Market Coverage: Brokers that compare mortgage deals from multiple lenders and may provide more comprehensive options; however, not all may cover all segments of the market equally – an essential consideration. These brokers are known as whole-of-market brokers and have access to all 100+ mortgage lenders.

  2. Specialisation: Some brokers specialise in certain areas, such as first-time buyers, buy-to-let mortgages or bad credit mortgages. Their expertise can make them the ideal option for clients with these specific needs.

  3. Customer Service: We consider customer service levels as one of the most important factors to consider. Getting a mortgage is a big deal with a complex process so having a broker with excellent customer service is vital! Such excellence should include ease of communication and responsiveness during the mortgage process. Positive reviews on platforms like Trustpilot often demonstrate superior service standards.

  4. Fee Structure: Opting for a fee-free mortgage broker often makes sense, especially when they offer excellent customer service. In these cases, the broker is compensated through commissions from lenders, alleviating upfront costs for you. However, in complex situations, like having bad credit, it may be worth investing in a specialist broker who charges a fee. These brokers can dedicate more time and expertise to navigate challenging cases, potentially increasing your chances of securing a suitable mortgage.

  5. Compliance: All mortgage brokers in the UK are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), ensuring they adhere to high standards of reliability, legal compliance, and ethical practice. This uniform regulation under the FCA provides peace of mind that, regardless of the broker you choose, they operate under strict guidelines designed to protect consumers.

  6. Technology and Accessibility: In today’s digital world, online mortgage brokers offer online services, digital application processes, and tools that facilitate easy comparison and tracking may appeal more strongly to customers.

  7. Customised & Independent Solutions: The hallmark of an exceptional mortgage broker lies in their ability to offer customised, independent mortgage solutions. This means providing advice and options that are meticulously tailored to align with each individual’s unique financial situation and property aspirations. Independent brokers, not tied to specific lenders, are often well-placed to offer unbiased, client-centric strategies, ensuring the best fit for your specific needs.

  8. Reputation and Experience: Reputation and experience can play an essential part in judging a broker’s expertise and reliability.

  9. Innovative Solutions: Some clients may consider brokers offering innovative mortgage tools such as digital mortgage tools, eco-friendly mortgage products, or unique lending solutions as the most ideal.

What is Important When Looking for the Best Mortgage Advice

  • Identify Your Needs: Assess your specific requirements, whether you are a first-time buyer, looking for a high-value mortgage, or someone wanting to remortgage for debt consolidation.

  • Research and Reviews: Look for reviews and ratings on independent platforms and consider word-of-mouth recommendations.

  • Compare Services: Compare the services, fee structures, and market coverage of different brokers.

  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensure that the broker is regulated by the appropriate financial authority.

  • Customer Service Quality: Consider the quality of customer service, including the broker’s responsiveness and support.

  • Technology and Accessibility: Evaluate the technological tools and accessibility of services, especially if you prefer online interactions.

Overall, a decent mortgage broker will fit your unique needs and preferences while providing comprehensive and personalised services that adhere to high customer service and regulatory compliance standards. Before making your choice, always conduct extensive research and assess multiple factors before making your final decision.

The Best Mortgage Brokers UK

Who Are The Best Mortgage Brokers UK?

Who are the best mortgage brokers in the UK? To help answer this, we’ve focused on a key aspect: customer satisfaction. Trustpilot ratings, reflecting real user experiences, are our primary gauge. High scores are a strong indication of a broker’s excellence and reliability. We’ve organised our top picks into categories for easy navigation, starting with those who shine on Trustpilot. This user-centric approach provides a clear picture of the brokers leading the pack in client satisfaction and service quality

The 5 Best Mortgage Brokers for High Trustpilot Trustscores

This list highlights the top five mortgage brokers in the UK with exceptional TrustScores on Trustpilot, each renowned for their superior service and reliability as evidenced by excellent 5 out of 5-star customer reviews.

1) First Mortgage

  • Location: Edinburgh, United Kingdom

  • Services: Offers a range of mortgage services, including first-time buyer, remortgage, and buy-to-let. Known for personalised service, First Mortgage offers free mortgage advice with a wide range of products. They emphasise no one-size-fits-all solutions and handle all paperwork.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 22,320 reviews

2) Alexander Hall Mortgage Advisers

  • Services: Alexander Hall provides impartial mortgage advice, catering to various client needs, including first-time buyers and high net-worth finance. They specialise in residential mortgages, buy-to-let, life insurance, and specialist finance like bridging loans.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 5,097 reviews

3) Yellow Brick Mortgages Ltd

  • Location: Norwich, United Kingdom

  • Services: Yellow Brick Mortgages provides an unrivalled customer experience, available 24/7. They offer a wide range of services, from first-charge mortgages to financial planning. Offers comprehensive mortgage products, including buy-to-let, remortgaging, and specialist mortgages for professionals.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 4,335 reviews

4) Believe Loans

  • Location: Doncaster, United Kingdom

  • Services: Believe Loans are online mortgage broker offering a diverse array of financial services, especially in loans and mortgages, focusing on personalised service and efficient processing.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 3,875 reviews

5) Key Solutions

  • Location: Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom

  • Services: Key Solutions is known for its expertise in both mortgage and insurance brokering, offering customised solutions and attentive client service.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 2,755 reviews

The 5 Best Completely Fee-Free Mortgage Brokers

These brokers stand out by their dedication to offering 100% fee-free mortgage services, earning high customer satisfaction scores and stellar Trustpilot scores. Each has been selected carefully due to its ability to meet various mortgage needs without charging extra fees – an impressive display of dedication toward serving clients with varied needs without incurring fees in return.

1) First Mortgage

  • Services: First Mortgage offers a comprehensive array of mortgage services, including advice and arrangement for first-time buyers, remortgages, moving home, buy-to-let options, and new build mortgages. They are known for their free service, funded by mortgage lender commissions, ensuring clients don’t pay advisory fees. First Mortgage also provides an online mortgage calculator, emphasizing a personalised approach to each client’s needs and circumstances.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 22,320+ Reviews

2) YesCanDo Money

  • Services: Offers a wide range of 100% fee free mortgage and protection services inc, remortgage, first-time buyer mortgages, moving home mortgages, buy-to-let mortgages, self-employed mortgages, visa mortgages, life insurance, and income protection insurance. They are family-run traditional mortgage brokers known for their high service level standards with excellent customer satisfaction.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 885+ Reviews

3) Boon Brokers

  • Services: Boon Brokers offers a comprehensive range of fee-free financial services, including various types of mortgage products such as first-time buyer, remortgage, sale & purchase, buy to let, and bad credit mortgages. They also provide insurance services covering life, income, general insurance, and equity release options like lifetime mortgages.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 597+ Reviews

4) Property Pal Mortgages

  • Services: PropertyPal Mortgages specialises in offering personalised free mortgage advice and services. Their key offerings include a range of mortgage options, an innovative affordability calculator, and a “Beat Your Bank” feature for competitive mortgage comparisons.

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 466+ Reviews

5) Habito

  • Services: Habito offers various mortgage-related services primarily through its online platform. They specialise in helping clients find and apply for the right mortgage by comparing thousands of deals from a wide range of lenders. Their fully free services include providing advice on remortgaging, buy-to-let mortgages, and first-time buyer mortgages. Additionally, Habito handles the entire application process, including paperwork and legal aspects, and they offer support for mortgage-related issues such as insurance and surveys.

  • TrustScore: 4.9 | 8,675+ Reviews

The 5 Highest Reviewed Mortgage Brokers UK

Five mortgage brokers in the UK’s mortgage brokerage industry have distinguished themselves by amassing an impressive total of Trustpilot reviews with each maintaining an impressive TrustScore of 4.5 or above, attesting to their vast clientele base and exceptional service quality and reliability in meeting various mortgage needs. Their acclaimed services and client testimonials on Trustpilot stand as a testament to their excellence as industry players.

1) First Mortgage

  • Services: First Mortgage offers a full suite of mortgage services, from advice and arrangement for first-time buyers and remortgages for existing home ownership to buy-to-let options and new-build mortgages. They are well known for providing this service free of charge using mortgage lender commissions as funding; clients never incur advisory fees with First Mortgage!

  • TrustScore: 5.0 | 22,320+ Reviews

2) L&C (London & Country)

  • Services: London & Country is the UK’s largest fee-free mortgage broker, offering online and telephone services. Their comparison service compares deals from over 90 lenders, providing comprehensive access 24/7.

  • TrustScore: 4.6 | 13,093+ Reviews

3) Habito

  • Services: An online service comparing over 20,000 mortgages. Habito connects you with brokers for personalised service, offering a user-friendly platform with 24/7 access and support. Established in 2015, Habito has grown to become a key player in the online mortgage brokerage sector in the UK.

  • TrustScore: 4.9 | 8,675+ Reviews

4) Better (Previously known as Trussle)

  • Services: Better Mortgages operates similarly to Habito, allowing users to answer an online questionnaire to find suitable mortgage options. They offer a selection of 11,000 deals from over 90 lenders and provide online support.

  • TrustScore: 4.8 | 8,052+ Reviews

5) Fluent Money

  • Services: Fluent Money was established in 2008 to specialize in secured loans; since then they have expanded into providing expert advice on mortgages, equity release plans, insurance and bridging loans. Renowned for exceptional customer service with competitive rates provided through strong lender relationships; their MyFluent app streamlines this process with 24/7 communication and quick ID verification for fast and efficient service delivery.

  • TrustScore: 4.8 | 5,576+ Reviews

We would like to introduce ourselves. YesCanDo Money is a national company, based in Hampshire. We offer completely free mortgage advice and support throughout the UK. Having been established for over 25 years we are well-placed to help you, especially if you need your hand held throughout the process. We understand that people need to understand their options so we have compiled a list of other companies that are also great Mortgage Brokers, in their specific way. 

YesCanDo Money offers a fee-free mortgage broker service to the whole of the UK. Click here to view the areas we already have mortgage customers in. To find out more about our highly reviewed mortgage service contact a mortgage adviser from our team for free advice or to learn  how to get a mortgage here.

We hope this has helped you begin your journey to choosing the best mortgage broker.

Discover more of the local best brokers throughout the UK

The Best Mortgage Lenders

Exploring the realm of mortgage lending, here we have identified > the best mortgage lenders UK, renowned for their exceptional service and offerings. These lenders have been meticulously selected for their outstanding performance, customer satisfaction, and diverse mortgage options to suit various needs. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to remortgage, these lenders provide solutions that cater to a wide range of requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Identifying the best UK mortgage brokers involves considering factors like customer satisfaction, the range of services offered, and positive Trustpilot reviews. The top brokers excel in providing personalised services, extensive market coverage, and expertise in various mortgage types. Read our guide to see which brokers are considered the best.

Opting for the right mortgage broker can be beneficial as they offer personalised service, comprehensive market knowledge, and access to a broader range of mortgage products. They can navigate complex requirements and find competitive rates from each mortgage provider, tailored to individual financial circumstances.

Brokers often provide a more extensive view of the mortgage market compared to banks, which are limited to their products. Brokers can offer a variety of options from different lenders and may secure more favourable terms.

Using a mortgage broker can be cost-effective, especially if they are completely fee-free and compensated by lenders. They can potentially save you money by finding better rates and terms that you might not discover on your own.

The best source for a mortgage depends on individual needs and preferences. This can vary from direct lenders and banks to brokers, each offering different advantages, such as personalised service or specific financial products. Get the Best Mortgage Rates UK

In the UK mortgage brokerage landscape, firms like Habito, London & Country (L&C), and Trussle stand out for their innovative approach and extensive reach. Habito offers a tech-driven, online experience for mortgage seekers, L&C is known for being the largest No Fee mortgage broker in the UK, and Trussle makes mortgage comparison and application processes seamless with its digital platform. These brokers have teams of mortgage advisors who have gained prominence through their customer-focused services, adapting to modern demands with a blend of technology and comprehensive market coverage.

The best mortgage rates in the UK are subject to change and can be found by conducting thorough research and comparison. Talk to a mortgage advisor and make sure they work for a good mortgage broker who are whole of market which means they have access to all mortgage lenders and will be able to get you the lowest interest rates and complete the mortgage application process for you.

YesCanDo Money: Fee Free Mortgage Broker

With dedicated support throughout, we have full-market access for the best mortgage rates & deals. We do everything for you, for free!
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