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Reviewing Accord Mortgages

Explore our selection of Accord Mortgages and calculate how much you can afford. Learn more about one of the UK's top mortgage lenders with our detailed review.
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    About Accord Mortgages

    One of the Best Mortgage Lenders UK, Yorkshire Building Society Group which is the third-largest building society in the UK launched Accord Mortgages in 1987 to provide mortgage products through brokers. Their approach of taking a common-sense approach towards applicants has resulted in mortgages being approved even when criteria are not fully met. Not only this, but Accord brings an array of residential and buy-to let rates which have been recognized for excellence as evinced by their award win for ‘best mortgage lender for discount mortgages’ at Moneywise Mortgage Awards 2019.

    An overview of Accord

    • Intermediary-only mortgage provider

    • Underwriting process allows for loan approval even if you don’t meet traditional criteria

    • Offers lending at multiples of up to 5.5 times income

    • Offers both residential and buy-to-let mortgages

    • Special deals for first-time buyers, including cashback

    Pros and Cons of Accord Mortgages


    ✓ Comprehensive range of products including new-build and help-to-buy options

    ✓ Offers 95% LTV up to £600,000 for residential mortgages

    ✓ Offers 80% LTV up to £500,000 for buy-to-let mortgages

    ✓ Allows for overpayment of up to 10%

    ✓ Income multiples of up to 5.5 times for those earning over £70,000 per year


    X Only available through intermediaries

    X In order to be eligible, you must not have any unsatisfied CCJs or declared bankruptcy in the past 6 years.

    X Does not offer 95% LTV mortgages for new-build flats

    first time buyers - accord mortgages

    Getting our first mortgage with Accord

    Sam & Sam (First time buyers)
    We recently got our first mortgage with Accord and had a great experience. They were professional and efficient. Our mortgage broker gave myself and my partner a list of mortgage products and lenders with Accord being second on the list. As a first-time homebuyer, we picked Accords product because it had a lower interest rate and also came with a £750 cashback. It had a £990 arrangement fee, however, this was worth it for the lower rate as it saved me money over the 2-year fixed rate. Plus, after we completed on our mortgage, we were left with extra cash to spend on our new home. A few weeks later, we received a surprise package in the post from Accord with mugs, glasses, tea, coffee, biscuits and other treats. It was a nice gesture. We highly recommend Accord, especially for first-time buyers.

    Accords mortgage lending criteria

    When assessing loan applications, Accord Mortgages—a UK-based mortgage lender that works through intermediaries–typically evaluates several factors. The lending criteria may change depending on the type of mortgage sought after; yet, some common considerations include:

    1. Income: Accord will look at an applicant’s income and employment status to assess their ability to make regular mortgage payments.

    2. Credit history: A good credit history is important in order to be approved for a mortgage. Accord will look at an applicant’s credit score, credit report, and any outstanding debt to assess their creditworthiness.

    3. Deposit: Accord will assess the size of the deposit that an applicant can put down on a property. The larger the deposit, the lower the risk for the lender, and the more likely an application will be approved.

    4. Property value: Accord will also assess the value of the property being purchased to ensure it is in line with the loan amount being applied for.

    5. Affordability: Accord will also assess an applicant’s overall affordability, taking into account all the above factors, as well as any other regular outgoings and debts, to ensure the applicant can afford the mortgage repayments.

    It’s crucial to remember that loan prerequisites are volatile, and the mortgage lender may have special conditions depending on the type of home loan being requested. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a mortgage broker or contact the lending company directly for up-to-date information regarding demands and criteria. To ensure you are able to secure the mortgage of your choice, familiarise yourself with what is required for qualification. Then assemble all documents and information that can substantiate your application to maximize approval chances. A mortgage broker or lender is also available as a resource who can assist in identifying the optimal loan option tailored to fit your individual needs and objectives.

    Compare Accord Mortgages

    Accord Mortgages can help you make the right decision for your home purchase. Compare our deals and see how changes in initial period, total mortgage length, deposit amount, or borrowing amount affect your monthly payments. When you find a Accord Mortgage that’s perfect for you, one of our knowledgeable brokers will confirm your eligibility and assist in setting up the loan!

    The maximum loan amount offered by Accord Mortgages is based on income and a review of your outgoings. For those with an income over £60,000, the maximum is 5x income before tax. For those with an income below £60,000, the maximum is 4.48x income before tax. A mortgage calculator on their website can provide an estimate of how much you may be able to borrow and the maximum mortgage term

    On average, Accord Mortgages takes around 13 days to process a successful mortgage application, according to data from YesCanDo Money statistics. This is faster than the industry average. However, it is important to note that the speed of the application process can vary depending on individual circumstances and the lender’s current performance. In some cases, mortgage applications may be approved within 24 hours, while others may take several weeks or months. Additionally, the quality of the mortgage application submitted may also impact the processing time. Therefore, the average processing time should be taken as a general estimate and not a guarantee of the time it will take for an individual’s application to be processed.

    With Accord Mortgages, the amount of mortgage you can apply for is determined through an affordability assessment. This looks closely at your income as well as any other financial commitments or expenses that will affect how much you could borrow.


    Through this assessment, you can get up to 5.5 times your annual income if it exceeds £70,000 or 4.49 times for those earning below that amount. Your borrowing capability and interest rate will depend on the deposit size as well; typically larger deposits are required when taking out higher-risk loans such as large amounts of money or new homes which reduces the total loan-to-value (LTV). For instance, with a 5% deposit (95% LTV), one could acquire a maximum loan sum of £600,000.

    To stay informed on the most current deals, it is best to speak with a mortgage broker as rates can change frequently. If you don’t have a broker, consider using YesCanDo Money for independent, fee-free whole-market mortgage advice, including options from Accord Mortgages.

    For instance, at the time of writing, you can find the following interest rates:

    • 2-year fixed rate at 5.65% at 75% LTV with a product fee of £995
    • 5-year fixed rate at 5.56% at 90% LTV with a product fee of £995
    • 2-year fixed rate offset at 5.95% at 75% LTV with a product fee of £995
    • 2-year discounted standard variable at 4.39% at 85% LTV with a product fee of £995

    After the promotional period, you will be subject to Accord Mortgages’ current standard variable rate of 5.89% (as of November 6th 2022). This discounted rate is likely to fluctuate over your loan term, so speak to our mortgage team about the current best available rates.

    When you take out a mortgage with Accord Mortgages, the two main fees are product fee and valuation fee. Your broker should alert you to this cost ranging from £0-£1,845 depending on your specific loan plan. You can then select whether to pay upfront or add it into the total amount of your loan.

    To ensure your property is valued correctly, Accord Mortgages will conduct an assessment. This fee varies from £115 for properties worth up to £100,000 and extends to a maximum of £530 for homes costing up to one million pounds. It should be noted that this evaluation cost does not cover any homebuyer’s report or structural survey fees required separately.

    It’s worth noting that Accord does offer a no-valuation fee incentive on most remortgages.

    As a borrower, you are given the option to overpay up to 10% of your mortgage balance each year without having to suffer any early repayment charges. Should you decide to pay off the loan or change your mortgage before its scheduled end date, however, it is important that you research the percentage amount associated with your specific product as many products have varying amounts for their early repayment charge. Make sure that you consult with an experienced broker prior to settling into a deal so that all potential costs can be discussed and accounted for!

    If you’re an existing Accord Mortgages client, then certain products in their range can be easily “ported” – meaning that when you move house, the mortgage and any early repayment charge are moved with you. If a revaluation is required, there’s only a £70 fee to pay. Ask your broker if this feature may benefit you!

    Mortgages with Accord

    Accord Mortgages offers a variety of mortgage options including:

    With an offset mortgage, you save money in an offset savings account, which reduces the interest paid on the mortgage. You can choose from net payment to reduce current mortgage repayments, gross payment to reduce future mortgage repayments or static payment to reduce the term of the mortgage.

    Fixed rate mortgages have the same repayments for a fixed period of time, usually two, three, five, seven or ten years. This option is ideal if you want to know your outgoings for certain and make other financial plans.

    A tracker mortgage has a variable interest rate based on the base rate of the Bank of England plus an additional percentage.

    Accord Mortgages also offers buy-to-let mortgages for those looking to invest in rental properties. These mortgages are available as standard buy-to-let mortgages, let-to-buy mortgages for customers looking to rent out their old property after moving house, and Premier buy-to-let mortgages which have a minimum loan value of £350,001 and a maximum loan value of £500,000.

    The loan-to-value ratio is the ratio of what you borrow from the mortgage lender against how much you pay as a deposit. So, with a 90% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgage, for example, you would borrow 90% of the overall cost of the property and pay a 10% deposit upfront.

    Accord Mortgages offers a maximum of 95% LTV mortgages to eligible customers, but to benefit from the lowest mortgage interest rates and smallest monthly repayments, it’s worth raising enough money to pay a larger deposit to secure a lower LTV mortgage.

    As Accord Mortgages provide mortgages through intermediaries, your mortgage broker will help you choose the best product for your specific needs.

    Learn more about Loan To Value mortgages.

    Grant Mortgage Adviser

    How I got a new qualified teacher her first mortgage with Accord

    Grant (YesCanDo Mortgage Adviser)
    My customer was a First Time Buyer and a newly qualified teacher on an initial 12-month contract, but only had 9 months left. Accord's standard criteria requires applicants to have at least 12 months left on their contract, so I referred the case to an underwriter. The underwriter considered that my client, being a professional in her field, had a high chance of either having her contract extended or finding work in another school. The application was allowed at 90% LTV, subject to satisfactory credit checks and valuation. Other lenders would not consider this because of the time left on her contract.

    Accord mortgage calculator

    Enter your details in the calculator to estimate the size of your Accord mortgage repayments. To get a more accurate figure related to your repayments and the overall cost of a mortgage with this lender, arrange an appointment with a member of our team.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Accord Mortgages has a wide selection of options for residential and buy-to-let properties, including offset, fixed term, and tracker mortgages. Through the assistance of your broker’s expertise and guidance, you can easily find the ideal mortgage product that fits perfectly with your individual requirements. Let Accord help make finding the right mortgage easier than ever before!

    Good news—both new and existing customers can reap the advantages of their own interest-only mortgages!

    To begin your journey with Accord Mortgages, the very first step is to contact an experienced mortgage adviser. They will help you navigate through each stage of the approval process and aid in filling out all essential documents correctly. A reliable broker should make this experience pleasant and straightforward for their clients!

    A mortgage offer from Accord Mortgages typically remains valid for a period of six months, however, it may be revised or extended if desired. An extra 6-month extension will not cost you anything on new properties!

    Accord Mortgages offers a full range of mortgage terms, ranging from 5 to 35 years.

    Don’t let your current mortgage deal expire without checking out other options! When the time comes, you’ll be switched to Accord’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which may increase your monthly repayments. Fortunately, existing customers have an advantage over new ones: no credit check or house valuation is needed when switching deals up to 90 days before expiration — plus there’s no need for a solicitor either! With Accord Mortgages’ wide selection of offers available, it pays off to review them today and find one that fits you best.

    By opting for an Accord Mortgage, you can overpay up to 10% of your remaining balance each year without facing any extra charge or penalty – unless it has been stated otherwise.

    Your mortgage broker can easily fill out the application form online, and once approved, you’ll be able to log in to their website where you can view your transactions and statements. Take advantage of this unique opportunity now – sign up for the service today!

    Fee Free Mortgage Advisor Team

    Accord mortgage advisors

    FREE dedicated support throughout, we have full-market access to the best mortgage rates & deals. We do everything for you, for free!


    Let us know what the best time is for us to call you. We will get one of our mortgage advisors will be in touch to talk through your situation and available options.

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