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Santander 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Overview

Santander's 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage allows borrowers to lock in a competitive interest rate for the first five years of their mortgage term. This product can provide payment stability during the initial years of homeownership when expenses may be highest. The five-year fixed rate period shields borrowers from unpredictable rate hikes that could increase monthly payments. In this article, we explore its features, advantages, and characteristics as well as compare it with similar offerings on the market.
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    What is a 5-year fixed-rate mortgage?

    A 5-year fixed-rate mortgage locks in an interest rate for five full years. This provides the reliability of consistent monthly mortgage payments without unexpected rate hikes that could disrupt your budget.

    With fixed payments, you don’t have to worry about rising interest rates unexpectedly increasing your costs down the road. The 5-year fixed rate gives peace of mind by protecting you from unpredictable rate fluctuations.

    For homeowners who value payment stability, the 5-year fixed rate allows you to confidently manage housing costs and plan ahead during potential interest rate ups and downs.


    The main allure of a 5-year fixed-rate is its predictability. Homeowners can have peace of mind knowing their interest rate is set for the duration of the term, irrespective of Bank of England rate increases and instability of the housing market.

    • Consistency: Monthly payments remain unchanged, removing any uncertainty.
    • Peace of Mind: A guaranteed rate shields homeowners from potential interest rate increases.


    With a fixed interest rate, monthly mortgage payments remain stable, simplifying budgeting for both first-time buyers and those considering remortgaging.

    • Financial Clarity: Being aware of your monthly mortgage expense facilitates better financial planning.
    • No Surprises: A set rate ensures consistent monthly payments without unexpected shifts.


    In scenarios where interest rates are on the rise, a fixed-rate can result in potential savings, ensuring homeowners are not impacted by market-driven rate increases.

    • Cost-Efficiency: Potential to save money if market rates increase during the fixed term.
    • Financial Security: A set rate provides a safeguard against unforeseen interest rate hikes.

    Types of Santander Mortgage Deals with a 5-Year Fixed Rate

    Santander’s 5-year fixed rate mortgage is versatile, catering to a variety of homeowner requirements.

    First-Time Buyers

    For those venturing into the property market for the first time, Santander Mortgages has specialised mortgage solutions to ease the process.

    • Customised products for novice homeowners.
    • Comprehensive assistance throughout the mortgage journey.


    For those nearing the end of their current rate or existing clients contemplating a switch, Santander’s 5-year fixed rate might be a compelling choice.

    • A consistent interest rate for five years offers peace of mind.
    • Opportunities to secure improved terms or rates.

    Buy to Let

    For property investors and landlords, Santander’s buy-to-let mortgages offer a 5-year fixed-rate that can be beneficial, ensuring stable returns on property investments.

    • A set interest rate ensures consistent rental income.
    • Competitive options to maximise return on investment.

    Moving Home

    For individuals relocating, Santander facilitates a smooth transition by allowing the 5-year fixed-rate to be transferred to the new residence.

    • Effortless transfer with unchanged mortgage conditions.
    • Bypass the complexities of initiating the mortgage process from scratch.

    Other Mortgage Types

    Santander’s array of mortgage offerings under the 5-year fixed rate category caters to a broad spectrum of property and financial scenarios.

    • Shared Ownership: This offers a strategic pathway for individuals to step into the property market, allowing them to acquire a portion of a property without the need for full ownership, making homeownership more accessible.
    • Large Mortgages: Specifically crafted solutions that cater to those looking to invest in high-value properties, ensuring that the unique needs of luxury property buyers are met.
    • Special Cases: For those with unique property or financial scenarios, Santander offers customised mortgage products ensuring every individual’s needs are addressed.
    • Right to Buy Mortgages: Santander proudly supports the Right to Buy scheme, empowering tenants in England with the opportunity to purchase their council homes at a significant discount, making homeownership more achievable.
    • Staircasing Mortgages: For Shared Ownership mortgage holders, Santander introduces the concept of ‘staircasing’. This progressive approach allows individuals to gradually increase their ownership stake, ultimately aiming for complete ownership of the property.
    • Later Life Mortgages: Tailored for individuals aged 55 or over, Santander’s Later Life mortgages offer the flexibility to borrow even into retirement. Whether it’s to clear an existing mortgage or to unlock equity from your property, these mortgages are designed with the senior demographic in mind.
    • Interest-Only Mortgages: interest-only mortgages are possible up to a maximum of 50% loan to value and a maximum age of 70.
    • Follow on Rate: Once your fixed rate ends you will automatically roll onto the Santander Follow on Rate (FoR) however this will not be the best deal therefore existing customers should start looking for a new fixed rate 6 months prior.
    Unlock the Best of the Santander Fixed Rate Mortgages!
    We compare fixed rates from Santander with 90+ lenders to ensure you get the prime deal. Let our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

    Santander 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Features

    The Santander 5-year fixed-rate is laden with features that offer flexibility and convenience to homeowners.

    Interest Rates

    • Competitive interest rates ensure homeowners receive value for their investment, with manageable monthly repayments.
    • A variety of rates to cater to different financial backgrounds.
    • Potential for exclusive deals or promotions.

    LTV Options

    • Santander Mortgages provide a range of loan-to-value (LTV) ratios, accommodating both large and small deposit holders.
    • Flexible choices based on individual financial capabilities.


    • Santander allows homeowners to make overpayments on their mortgage, providing an avenue to clear the mortgage faster and save on interest.
    • Overpayments can be made without incurring any penalties, up to a specified limit.

    Payment Holidays

    • Recognising that financial circumstances can change, Santander offers the option of payment holidays, allowing homeowners to take a break from mortgage repayments for a short period.
    • This feature provides breathing space during challenging financial times.

    Early Repayment Charges

    • While the 5-year fixed rate offers stability, it also comes with early repayment charges if homeowners decide to repay the mortgage before the end of the fixed term.
    • Charges are typically a percentage of the outstanding loan amount and decrease each year during the fixed term.

    Fees and Charges

    • Santander’s 5-year fixed-rate may come with certain fees and charges, including arrangement fees, valuation fees, and legal fees.
    • It’s essential to be aware of these charges when considering the overall cost of the mortgage.

    Additional Borrowing

    • Santander provides the option for additional borrowing, allowing homeowners to increase their loan amount for purposes such as home improvements or debt consolidation.
    • This feature offers flexibility to adapt to changing financial needs.


    • The 5-year fixed-rate from Santander is portable, meaning homeowners can transfer it to a new property if they decide to move during the fixed term.
    • This feature eliminates the need to start a new mortgage application, saving time and effort.
    Unlock the Best of the Santander Fixed Rate Mortgages!
    We compare fixed rates from Santander with 90+ lenders to ensure you get the prime deal. Let our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

    Advantages of Santander’s 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    1. Stability: The primary advantage is the stability it offers in terms of monthly repayments. With a set interest rate, homeowners are shielded from market fluctuations and potential rate hikes.
    2. Budgeting: Predictable monthly repayments simplify budgeting and financial planning.
    3. Flexibility: Features such as overpayments, payment holidays, and additional borrowing offer flexibility to adapt to changing financial circumstances.
    4. Portability: The ability to transfer the mortgage to a new property provides convenience for those considering relocating.
    5. Competitive Rates: Santander offers competitive interest rates, ensuring homeowners receive value for their investment.

    What’s best a 2-year or 5-year fixed rate?

    Choosing between a 2 or 5 Year Fixed Mortgage hinges on your financial outlook and risk preference. A two-year fix might be preferable for flexibility and lower rates, while a five-year fix offers stability against rate changes. Consider a Santander 3 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage for a balance of security and adaptability. For personalised advice tailored to your situation, our fee-free advisors can guide you through these options to find the best fit for your financial goals.

    Disadvantages of Santander’s 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage

    1. Early Repayment Charges: Homeowners looking to repay their mortgage before the end of the fixed term may incur early repayment charges.
    2. Potential for Lower Rates: If market interest rates drop significantly during the fixed term, homeowners may end up paying a higher rate than the prevailing market rate.
    3. Commitment: A 5-year commitment may not suit everyone, especially those who anticipate significant changes in their financial situation.

    How Does Santander’s 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgage Compare to Other Lenders?

    When considering a 5-year fixed-rate, it’s essential to compare offerings from various lenders to ensure you’re getting the best mortgage deal. Factors to consider include:

    • Interest Rate: Compare the interest rates offered by different lenders. A lower rate can result in significant savings over the term of the mortgage.
    • Fees and Charges: Be aware of any additional fees and charges associated with the mortgage, such as arrangement fees, valuation fees, and early repayment charges.
    • Features: Consider the features offered by different lenders, such as overpayment options, payment holidays, and additional borrowing.
    • Customer Service: The quality of customer service can play a crucial role in your overall mortgage experience. Look for lenders with a reputation for excellent customer support.
    • Flexibility: Some lenders may offer more flexibility in terms of overpayments, payment holidays, and portability.
    • Reputation: Consider the reputation of the lender in the market. Established lenders with a track record of reliability and trustworthiness can provide peace of mind.

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    Unlock the Best of the Santander Fixed Rate Mortgages!
    We compare fixed rates from Santander with 90+ lenders to ensure you get the prime deal. Let our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

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    Success Story: Locking in a Low 5-Year Fixed Rate Before the Rise

    Grant (YesCanDo Mortgage & Protection Advisor

    Mortgage Tools

    Selecting the appropriate mortgage can be a significant financial decision, so having access to relevant tools and information can help make smart decisions. At YesCanDo Money, we provide the resources and guidance to navigate this landscape confidently.

    Search Santander Mortgage Rates including Rates from 90+ Other Lenders

    Interest rate is one of the key elements to consider when shopping for a mortgage, as it directly determines how much interest will accrue over the life of a loan. Lenders usually only offer their own rates and while comparison sites might seem helpful, many of them get paid to favour certain mortgage lenders over others, making sure you see only what you want to see. Brokers like YesCanDo Money have access to the whole mortgage market with over 90 lenders and 14,000 mortgage products so can provide comprehensive views of available best rates. There are different 5-year fixed rates available. Some without a product fee and lower rates with a product fee. At YesCanDo Money we will be able to calculate the best deal with the best mortgage terms that fit your personal circumstances.

    Working out your Monthly Mortgage Payments

    Your monthly mortgage payment not only includes repaying what you owe; it also covers interest, which is the cost of borrowing. Your payments depend on several factors including loan size, term length, and rate; with our tools and expertise at YesCanDo Money, we can assist in understanding and calculating monthly repayments so they fit comfortably within your budget. Remember consistent and timely payments are vital to maintaining good credit standing as well as avoiding additional fees – take a look below as an excellent starting point when working out what they may look like!

    Monthly Payments Calculator

    Unlock the Best of the Santander Fixed Rate Mortgages!
    We compare fixed rates from Santander with 90+ lenders to ensure you get the prime deal. Let our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

    FAQs – Santander 5-Year Fixed Rate Mortgages

    The mortgage landscape can be intricate, but we’re here to help you navigate with clarity. Here are some common queries about Santander’s fixed-rate mortgages to aid your decision-making:

    A 5-year fixed-rate offers stability in your monthly payments since the rate of inyterest remains unchanged for five years. It's suitable for those who prefer predictable payments and believe that interest rates might rise in the near future. However, if rates decrease, you could end up paying more than necessary. For tailored advice, get expert fee-free mortgage guidance.

    A 5-year fixed-rate offers stability in your monthly payments since the rate of inyterest remains unchanged for five years. It's suitable for those who prefer predictable payments and believe that interest rates might rise in the near future. However, if rates decrease, you could end up paying more than necessary. For tailored advice, get expert fee-free mortgage guidance.

    The "best" rate can vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions. As of 2022, major banks and building societies like HSBC, Nationwide, and Santander were competitive, but it's essential to shop around and compare offers. To ensure you're getting the best mortgage deal, get expert fee-free advice from a mortgage broker.


    Santander 2-year fixed-rate mortgages provide homeowners with stability, predictability, and flexibility – whether first time buyers, relocating buyers, or those looking to remortgage. Our comprehensive mortgage solutions meet diverse needs so it’s crucial that research is conducted thoroughly to understand its terms as well as consulting financial experts to find a mortgage deal and product best suited to you!

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    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)

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