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Ultimate Santander Remortgage Guide

Santander, a well-established and respected bank, provides a comprehensive range of mortgage services to accommodate the varied requirements of property owners. If you're contemplating transferring your current mortgage or looking for more advantageous terms, Santander's remortgage options may be precisely what you need.
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    Introduction to your Santander Remortgage

    Remortgaging with Santander gives homeowners the opportunity to move their existing mortgage to Santander or modify the terms upon the expiry of their current mortgage deal. This can be a financially beneficial move, potentially securing lower interest rates, improved loan terms, and sidestepping the often higher expenses associated with the Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

    Why Choose Santander for Remortgaging?

    Santander is well known for its competitive rates, clear procedures, and outstanding client service. Their dedication to assisting homeowners in finding optimal mortgage solutions has solidified their status as a reliable mortgage provider.

    Partnering with YesCanDo Money for Your Santander Remortgage

    YesCanDo Money Mortgage Brokers works in conjunction with Santander to streamline the remortgage process for property owners. Leveraging over three decades of experience, their knowledge and proficiency ensure a smooth transition, making remortgaging with Santander straightforward.

    Key Features of Santander Remortgages

    With over 160 years of experience in personal banking and mortgages, Santander is one of the largest mortgage lenders in the UK. Their remortgage products are renowned for their competitive rates, flexible terms, and additional features.

    • Fixed Rate Deals Santander offers fixed-rate deals that guarantee an initial interest rate for a predetermined period. This provides homeowners with stability in their monthly mortgage payments. You can choose to fix the initial rate for 2, 3, or 5 years.

    • Conveyancing Options To help simplify the legal aspects of remortgaging, Santander provides a list of approved conveyancers which are often offered at not cost to the remortgager

    • Standard Valuation Fee Waiver Santander covers the cost of a standard property valuation, ensuring the property’s market value aligns with the mortgage amount. This applies to properties valued up to £2.5 million.

    • Additional Features Santander also offers tracker mortgages, typically for 2 years, and allows regular or one-off overpayments. They offer no product fee on selected fixed and tracker remortgages, and will pay your standard legal fees or give you £250 cashback paid to your own conveyancer on completion of most of their mortgages. You can also view your mortgage in Online and Mobile Banking.

    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Step-by-Step Guide to a Seamless Santander Remortgage with YesCanDo Money

    1. Initial Consultation: Engage in a discussion about your financial aspirations and current mortgage details with a YesCanDo Money mortgage advisor.
    2. Mortgage Assessment: Explore the Santander remortgage options that match your loan-to-value ratio, based on the latest valuation of your property.
    3. Application Submission: YesCanDo Money will aid in compiling the required documentation and submitting your mortgage application with Santander.
    4. Approval and Completion: Following approval, they will help you with the final steps to finalise your remortgage.

    Required Documents: Simplified by YesCanDo Money

    The process of collecting the necessary paperwork can be overwhelming, but YesCanDo Money makes it easier. You will generally need:

    • Proof of income (such as payslips or tax statements)
    • Identification documents
    • Statements from your current mortgage
    • Property valuation

    Expert Guidance at Every Step with YesCanDo Money

    From comprehending the details of Santander’s remortgage offerings to managing the application process, the advisors at YesCanDo Money are there to offer expert advice at every stage.

    Grant Mortgage Adviser

    Remortgage Success: Beating the Clock for First-Time Remortgage Clients

    Grant (YesCanDo Mortgage & Protection Advisor
    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Understanding Remortgaging with Santander

    Remortgaging involves more than simply switching mortgage lenders or locking in lower interest rates – it requires making informed choices that align with your financial goals, in order to keep mortgage repayments as manageable as possible.

    What is Remortgaging and Is It Right for You?

    Remortgaging involves replacing your existing mortgage with a new one, which can be with your current mortgage lender or a different one. This strategic financial decision can offer several benefits depending on your circumstances:

    Secure the Best Interest Rate

    In a fluctuating rate environment, remortgaging with Santander can help homeowners lock in the most favourable rate available. This is particularly beneficial if you’re coming to the end of a fixed-rate period or if you’re currently on a lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR), which may be higher.

    Release Equity from Your Home

    Santander remortgage solutions provide homeowners with access to their home equity. This release of equity can provide access to funds for home improvements or consolidating debts.

    Understanding Loan-to-Value (LTV)

    Loan-to-value ratio (LTV), the comparison between your mortgage amount and the current market value of your home, determines how much equity can be released for release. A lower LTV could open up more equity in your home as well as qualify you for better remortgage rates with Santander; making this factor essential when looking into refinancing.

    Change the Terms of Your Mortgage

    Life’s circumstances change, and so might your mortgage needs. Whether you’re looking to extend your loan term to reduce monthly payments, switch from an interest-only to a repayment mortgage, or adjust the type of mortgage product, Santander offers a range of options to accommodate your evolving requirements.

    Debt Consolidation

    If you have other high-interest debts, remortgaging can allow you to consolidate these into your mortgage, potentially reducing the overall interest you pay and simplifying your finances into one monthly repayment.


    Remortgaging can also offer more flexibility, such as overpayments or payment holidays, which can be appealing if your income fluctuates or you want the ability to pay off your mortgage sooner.

    Evaluating Costs vs. Benefits

    It’s essential to weigh the potential savings against any costs involved in remortgaging. Fees for early repayment, legal costs, and any product fee should be considered to ensure that remortgaging will put you in a better financial position.

    Understanding Your Current Mortgage

    Before making a decision, it’s crucial to understand the terms of your existing mortgage, including any special features, penalties for early repayment, and the remaining term. This will help you assess whether a new mortgage deal will be more beneficial.

    Timing Your Remortgage

    The timing of your remortgage can significantly impact its financial effectiveness. Starting the process 6 months before your current deal expires can save you from reverting to a potentially higher SVR. Additionally, market conditions and interest rate forecasts should inform your decision on when to remortgage.

    Remortgaging may be the right move for many, but it might not be suitable for all. Before making your decision to remortgage with Santander, it’s essential to assess your personal financial situation, future plans, and the current mortgage market – speaking to an advisor can help guide these considerations and determine whether remortgaging with us is truly your best move.

    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Evaluating Remortgaging Costs with Santander

    Before choosing Santander as a lender for your remortgage needs, it is essential to carefully evaluate all associated costs in order to make an informed decision that aligns with your financial goals.

    Potential Costs to Consider

    Before proceeding with a remortgage, there are several potential costs that you should take into account. These costs can impact the overall savings you might gain from switching your mortgage to Santander.

    • Arrangement or Product Fees: Santander may charge fees for arranging your new mortgage product. A product fee can often be added to your loan but will increase the total interest you pay over the term of the mortgage.
    • Valuation Fees: A valuation of your property may be required to determine its current market value and the risk to the lender. Some remortgage deals may include free valuations.
    • Legal and Conveyancing Fees: The legal process of remortgaging will require a solicitor or conveyancer. Santander might offer free legal services with certain remortgage products, or you may have the option to select your own legal representation.
    • Early Repayment Charges (ERCs) and Exit Fees: Exiting your current mortgage may incur charges, especially if you’re within a deal period. These fees should be factored into your decision-making process.
    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Moving from Your Existing Mortgage Deal

    When contemplating a switch to a Santander remortgage, it’s essential to have a complete understanding of your existing mortgage. This means conducting a detailed review of your current mortgage terms, the rates you’re paying, and any fees that might apply if you decide to switch lenders.

    Understanding Your Current Terms

    Your current mortgage terms lay the foundation for your financial obligations to your lender. It’s important to:

    • Review Interest Rate Types: Determine whether you have a fixed, variable, or tracker rate, as this affects how interest rate changes will impact you.
    • Mortgage Term Length: Consider how much time is left on your current mortgage. Extending or reducing this term can influence your interest payments and monthly repayments.
    • Special Features or Penalties: Look for features like overpayment allowances or penalties, payment holidays, and other terms that could be beneficial or restrictive.

    Comparing Your Current Rate

    Interest rates fluctuate, and what was competitive at the start of your mortgage term may no longer be the best rate available.

    • Market Rate Comparison: Research current mortgage rates from Santander and compare with other mortgage providers to see if you can secure a lower initial rate.
    • Fixed-Rate Expiry: If your fixed-rate period is ending, compare the SVR you will revert to with the remortgage rates available.
    • Rate Change Impact: Use mortgage calculators to see how different rates will affect your monthly payments and total interest paid over the life of the mortgage.

    Charges and Fees on Your Current Deal

    Exiting your current mortgage can come with costs that may impact the financial benefits of remortgaging.

    • Early Repayment Charges (ERCs): These are typically a percentage of the outstanding loan and can be significant, especially in the early years of a mortgage.
    • Exit Fees: Some lenders charge an administrative fee to close your mortgage account.
    • Deed Release Fees: There may be a charge for releasing the deeds to your property as part of the remortgaging process.

    Additional Considerations

    Beyond the basic terms, rates, and fees, there are other factors to consider:

    • Loan-to-Value (LTV) Changes: If your property value has increased, your LTV ratio may have improved, potentially qualifying you for better rates.
    • Credit Score Effects: Your current credit score could impact your eligibility for the best rates, so it is essential that your history be up-to-date and accurate.
    • Changed Financial Circumstances: Should your income or financial obligations change, this could affect the status and lending criteria and which mortgage deal would best meet your current needs.

    Preparing for the Switch

    To prepare for a potential move to a Santander remortgage, gather all relevant documentation regarding your current mortgage, including recent bank statements, online banking statements, and the original mortgage agreement. This will help you and your financial advisor to make a well-informed decision.

    By reviewing your current mortgage and taking into account all relevant factors, you can make an informed decision as to whether switching to a Santander remortgage is in your financial best interests.

    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Deciding When to Remortgage with Santander

    Timing your decision to refinance with Santander should maximize its financial advantages. Remortgaging doesn’t just involve finding lower rates; rather, it involves considering all aspects of your current mortgage such as its terms and details as well as your broader financial landscape and personal circumstances. Here are the main factors to keep in mind when refinancing with us:

    Timing Considerations

    The right timing can make a significant difference in the benefits you reap from remortgaging. Assessing the current interest rate environment and your personal financial timeline is essential to making an informed decision.

    • Secure Your Best Interest Rate: Mortgage rates fluctuate due to economic changes and policy decisions. If you anticipate a rise in interest rates, securing a fixed-rate remortgage now could save you money in the long term. Conversely, if rates are high, it might be worth waiting or taking a shorter-term fixed rate if they are expected to fall.
    • End of Fixed-Rate Period: Remortgaging can help avoid having to switch from a lower fixed-rate deal back into one with higher standard variable rates once it ends, which many lenders usually charge when an initial deal comes to an end.
    • Equity Growth: If the value of your property has appreciated, this could result in additional equity that qualifies you for lower interest rates due to an improved loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.

    Understanding Early Repayment Charges and Standard Variable Rates

    Before making a move, it’s crucial to weigh the potential costs against the long-term savings. Early repayment charges and the prospect of a lower or higher SVR should be key considerations in your timing strategy.

    • Early Repayment Charges (ERCs): These are fees that may be charged if you pay off your mortgage early or remortgage before the end of your deal. It’s crucial to calculate whether the savings from a new deal outweigh these costs.
    • Standard Variable Rates: If your current mortgage is on an SVR, you may be paying more than necessary. Remortgaging can often offer a more competitive rate, reducing your monthly payments.

    Warnings and Considerations

    Remortgaging involves several critical considerations that can impact your financial health. It’s important to approach this decision with a full understanding of the risks and benefits.

    • Debt Security: When you remortgage, you’re securing debt against your home. If you cannot keep up with the payments, your home may be at risk. It’s vital to consider the affordability of new repayments.
    • Financial Circumstances: Your financial situation may have changed since you took out your original mortgage. A new mortgage should align with your current and future financial goals.
    • Market Conditions: Economic indicators, such as the Bank of England’s base rate, affect mortgage interest rates. Keep an eye on these trends to choose a favourable time to remortgage.
    • Credit Score: Your credit rating will influence the deals available to you. Before deciding to remortgage, check your credit score and work on improving it if necessary to secure the best possible terms.
    • Applicants must be UK residents and aged 18 or over: This ensures legal eligibility and the ability to undertake a binding mortgage agreement. Santander will evaluate your financial stability and property value to ensure a suitable and sustainable remortgage arrangement.

    Santander Remortgage Process and Timeline

    The journey to remortgaging can seem complex, but with Santander and its expert mortgage team, the process is straightforward. They take on the complexities and guide you through each step.

    Steps to Complete a Santander Remortgage

    • Research: We’ll assist you in exploring the Santander remortgage options tailored to your personal circumstances, ensuring you’re well-informed to make the best decision.
    • Application: Leave the paperwork to us! We’ll compile the necessary documents and submit your mortgage application to Santander.
    • Property Valuation: Santander will assess your property’s value. Our team will be on hand to address any questions and ensure the process runs smoothly.
    • Offer Review: Once you receive the mortgage offer from Santander, we’ll review it with you, ensuring you understand every detail.
    • Completion: With everything agreed upon, we’ll finalize the remortgage process for you. Just relax as your new Santander mortgage terms begin.

    Santander Remortgage Process Timescales

    The process can vary, typically ranging from a few weeks to a few months, depending on individual circumstances. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support, expedite the process where possible, and ensure you’re comfortable at every stage.

    How long does a Santander Remortgage take?

    The remortgage process with Santander typically takes 4 to 8 weeks, though the precise timeline can vary based on personal circumstances and the specific details of the mortgage application. Rest assured, our experienced team of mortgage advisors is committed to guiding you through each step, ensuring a seamless transition. We proactively engage with lenders and solicitors to minimise any potential delays, aiming to expedite the process wherever possible.

    Importance of Timing in Remortgaging

    Timing your remortgage strategically can lead to substantial savings. It’s advisable to begin the process several months before your current mortgage deal ends to avoid higher costs associated with the Standard Variable Rate (SVR) and any Early Repayment Charge (ERC). Also, remortgaging when interest rates are favourable can maximise your financial benefits.

    Santander Remortgage Affordability

    Understanding your financial position and what you can afford is crucial when considering a remortgage with Santander. They offer tools to help you assess your affordability and potential monthly repayments.

    Mortgage Affordability Calculator

    Santander’s Mortgage Affordability Calculator allows you to estimate how much you might be able to borrow by entering details about your income and expenses. This tool helps set realistic expectations and budget for your remortgage.

    Mortgage Repayment Calculator: Calculating Your Repayments with Santander

    Understanding your potential monthly repayments is a critical aspect of considering a remortgage. A Mortgage Repayment Calculator allows you to estimate these repayments by taking into account various factors such as the loan amount, term, and interest rate. This tool provides a clear view of your future financial commitments and is invaluable for planning your remortgage effectively.


    We Will Organise Your Whole Remortgage
    Whether you choose to remortgage with Santander or with another lender, our advisors are experts at the remortgage process. Our team of mortgage experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today for to get started, we're friendly, experienced and fee-free.

    Comparing Santander Remortgage Rates

    Santander strives to provide competitive interest rates to its customers. It’s crucial to compare these rates with what’s available from other mortgage providers to ensure you’re securing the best possible deal.

    Factors Affecting Your Offered Interest Rate

    The interest rate you’re offered can be influenced by several factors, including:

    • Your credit history and credit score.

    • The loan-to-value (LTV) ratio of your mortgage.

    • The type of mortgage product you select.

    • Your debt-to-income ratio.

    • Paying a product fee (often £999) will get you a lower initial rate.

    • A 2-year fixed, 3-year fixed, or 5-year fixed mortgage rate will all have different rates.

    Comparing with Other Lenders in the Market

    Although Santander is known for competitive rates, it’s wise to shop around and compare offers from different mortgage lenders. This ensures that you make the most informed financial decision for your remortgage. Remember, even a small difference in the initial rate can have a significant impact on your monthly payments and the total amount you pay over the life of the mortgage. Here at YesCanDo Money our fee-free team searches the whole mortgage market from over 90+ lenders.

    Santander Remortgage FAQs

    The mortgage landscape can be intricate, but we’re here to help you navigate with clarity. Here are some common queries about Santander’s remortgages to aid your decision-making:

    The "best" rate can vary based on individual circumstances and market conditions. As of 2022, major banks and building societies like HSBC, Nationwide, and Santander were competitive, but it's essential to shop around and compare offers. To ensure you're getting the best mortgage deal, get expert fee-free advice from a mortgage broker.

    You can typically initiate the remortgaging process with Santander 3 to 6 months before your current deal expires. This timeframe allows you to avoid any early repayment charges and seamlessly transition to a new deal.

    Santander's mortgage interest rates vary daily and depend on factors like the loan-to-value ratio and your credit profile. For the most current rates, it's best to check our rates comparison tool or consult with one of our fee-free mortgage advisors.

    Remortgaging can be a good idea if it aligns with your financial goals, such as reducing monthly payments, borrowing more, or adjusting your mortgage term. Current market conditions and personal circumstances will determine its suitability.

    The best 2-year fixed-rate remortgage deal in the UK will depend on your specific needs and financial situation and your loan to value. Rates change frequently, so comparing offers from multiple lenders or using a comparison service is recommended for the latest deals. Contact us for fee-free remortgage advice.


    Remortgaging can be a strategic financial move, and with Santander, you have access to a range of tools and services to make the process as smooth as possible. From affordability and repayment calculators to expert advice and competitive rates, Santander is equipped to support you through every step of your remortgage journey. Always consider the full range of costs and benefits when making your decision, and don’t hesitate to seek professional advice to ensure that you choose the best option for your circumstances.

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