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Santander offers a comprehensive suite of mortgage products designed to make homeownership accessible for newcomers as well as experienced investors alike. Their offerings can meet the aspirations and financial goals of buyers of all levels, from first-time homebuyers to experienced investors - so explore all possibilities and find your perfect loan!
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    Why Choose Santander for Your Mortgage?

    Santander is a trusted name in the mortgage industry, providing products designed to fit various needs and circumstances. Offering competitive rates, flexible terms, and a selection of loan products suitable for first-time homebuyers, mover movers, and property investors.

    Santander’s Dedication to Homeowners and Buyers

    Santander has long been recognised for supporting homeownership by providing buyers with the tools they need to make informed decisions about homeownership and mortgage loans. Their customer-first approach ensures each borrower finds a mortgage solution tailored specifically to them and their circumstances.

    The YesCanDo Money Advantage for Santander Mortgages

    At YesCanDo Money, we provide fee-free mortgage advice, connecting you with the best Santander mortgage products without any additional cost. With over 30 years of experience and expertise as a mortgage broker, we can navigate the complexities of mortgage applications, making the process straightforward and stress-free.

    Explore Santander’s Mortgage Product Range with YesCanDo Money

    Santander offers an expansive selection of mortgage products ranging from fixed and tracker mortgages, as well as speciality products designed specifically to meet the needs of various types of buyers and investors. We will assist in helping you select one that’s ideal for you.

    Below is a list of mortgage products Santander provides and their eligibility criteria. However, these guidelines should only be seen as general statements and the exact criteria may differ depending on each individual’s unique circumstances.

    First-Time Buyer Mortgages: Start Your Journey with Confidence

    Santander’s first-time buyer mortgages are designed to help you get on the property ladder. With features like lower deposit requirements and helpful advice, you can approach your first purchase with confidence.

    Eligibility Criteria for First-Time Buyer Mortgages

    • Must be UK residents aged 18 or over.
    • The amount Santander UK will lend depends on your circumstances, the amount borrowed, and the property.
    • A higher deposit may be required for a flat or new build.

    Moving Home Mortgages: Your Next Chapter with Santander

    If you’re looking to move, Santander provides tailored mortgages to make your transition as smooth as possible. We’ll help you understand how to port your mortgage or apply for a new one.

    Eligibility Criteria for Moving Home Mortgages

    • Completion of a mortgage application for the new property.
    • Assessment of financial circumstances and property value.

    Remortgaging with Santander: Find Your Ideal Rate

    A Santander remortgage can be an excellent way to reduce your monthly payments or borrow additional funds. Santander’s competitive rates and YesCanDo Money’s expert advice make it easy to switch and save.

    Eligibility Criteria for Remortgaging

    • No defaults on credit report.
    • Consideration of credit history, age, construction type of property, employment status, and financial behaviour.

    Buy-to-Let Mortgages: Build Your Property Portfolio with Santander

    For those interested in property investment, Santander’s buy-to-let mortgages offer attractive rates and flexible terms. Let YesCanDo Money help you navigate the buy-to-let process and expand your portfolio.

    Eligibility Criteria for Buy-to-Let Mortgages

    • Properties must be valued at least £75,000.
    • Maximum loan of £750,000 and a maximum LTV of 75%.
    • Up to 5 buy-to-let mortgages with Santander UK.
    • Must be a homeowner, not a first-time buyer, with a minimum income of £25k.
    • Must be aged between 21 and 75.

    Right to Buy Mortgages

    This scheme is available to council home tenants who qualify for a discount on their home purchase. The specifics of the discount and eligibility can depend on various factors including the length of tenancy and the type of property.

    Eligibility Criteria for Right to Buy:

    • Must be a council home tenant.
    • The discount on home purchase depends on various factors including the length of tenancy and the type of property.

    Shared Ownership Mortgages

    This program allows you to buy part of a home while renting the remaining portion. As your ownership increases over time, this may be an ideal solution for those struggling to secure 100% mortgage financing of a property.

    Eligibility Criteria for Shared Ownership:

    • Allows you to buy a portion of your home and pay rent on the remainder.
    • Provides the option to increase your ownership over time.
    • Suitable for those who may struggle to afford a mortgage on 100% of a home.

    Make sure to speak with a mortgage advisor or the lender directly in order to fully comprehend all eligibility criteria and find a plan best suited to your unique needs.

    Additional Borrowing Options for Existing Mortgage Customers

    Existing Santander UK customers may have the option to borrow more against their property for home improvements, major purchases, or debt consolidation. We’ll explain how additional borrowing works and assist you with the application.


    • You must already be an existing Santander mortgage customer.
    • You need a good repayment history on your existing mortgage.
    • You must have sufficient equity in your property to support additional borrowing.
    Ready to Find Your Perfect Mortgage Match?
    Connect with our fee-free advisors to navigate Santander's mortgage options for your home-buying or remortgage journey.

    Understanding Your Mortgage Options: A Deep Dive

    Santander offers an array of mortgage products designed to meet various financial situations and goals, such as fixed-rate, tracker-rate, variable, and follow-on-rate mortgages as well as capital repayment and interest-only options. Understanding all your available choices when selecting a mortgage is of utmost importance when making your choice. Santander provides several such mortgage types – fixed rate, tracker rate variable follow-on rate as well as capital repayment and interest-only mortgages – so you can find one to fit.

    Capital Repayment and Interest-Only Mortgages

    Choosing between a capital repayment and an interest-only mortgage hinges on your financial strategy and long-term goals. Santander’s options ensure that whether you’re aiming for steady equity build-up or managing cash flow, there’s a structured plan that fits your trajectory.

    Capital Repayment Mortgages

    Santander UK offers capital repayment mortgages that provide predictable monthly repayments and gradual homeownership over the term. By the time your term ends, all loan balances and interest will have been fully repaid – offering the security of predictable repayments and gradual homeownership.

    Interest-Only Mortgages

    An interest-only mortgage requires you to pay just the interest each month. The loan amount doesn’t decrease over time and must be repaid in full at the end of the mortgage term. Suitable for those with a clear repayment strategy, this option can offer lower monthly payments while you plan for the final loan repayment.

    Understanding Different Rate Options

    Navigating through Santander’s rate options allows you to tailor your mortgage to your risk tolerance and financial outlook. Whether you’re looking for consistency in payments or are prepared to adapt to rate changes, understanding these options is key to making an informed mortgage decision.

    Fixed-Rate Mortgages

    Santander fixed-rate mortgages lock in your interest rate for a set period, providing stability and predictability in your repayments. This is ideal if you prefer to budget without worrying about interest rate fluctuations.

    Tracker Mortgages

    Santander tracker mortgages are variable-rate products that follow the Bank of England base rate plus a set margin. If the base rate goes up or down, so does your interest rate and, consequently, your monthly payments.

    Variable Rate Mortgages

    Variable rate mortgages fluctuate with Santander’s standard variable rate (SVR), which can change at the lender’s discretion. This means your monthly payments could go up or down.

    Follow-On Rate Mortgages

    After any fixed, tracker, or discounted deal ends, Santander may offer a follow-on rate, which is typically linked to a publicly available rate like the Bank of England base rate plus a margin. This offers a transition without immediately reverting to the SVR.

    Loan to Value (LTV) Explained

    The LTV ratio is a measure of how much you’re borrowing against the property’s value. Santander’s high LTV products are advantageous for those with smaller deposits, allowing you to borrow a significant portion of your home’s value. Your LTV affects not just your mortgage rate but also your repayment amounts and home equity.

    By offering a range of mortgage types and rates, Santander caters to the varied needs of homeowners, ensuring there’s a suitable option for virtually every borrower.

    Ready to Find Your Perfect Mortgage Match?
    Connect with our fee-free advisors to navigate Santander's mortgage options for your home-buying or remortgage journey.

    Understanding Santander’s Mortgage Rates, Terms and Fees

    Santander’s array of mortgage rates and terms are designed to accommodate a wide range of financial circumstances and home-buying objectives. With rates starting from as low as 4.64%, understanding how these figures translate into monthly payments and the overall loan cost is crucial for any prospective homeowner.

    Get personalised Santander Mortgage Rates here

    Key Details on Mortgage Rates and Terms

    Santander mortgage rates depend on several variables, including mortgage type, LTV ratio and borrower credit history. Santander provides both fixed-rate and tracker-rate mortgages that offer distinct advantages depending on your financial stability and risk appetite.

    Explanation of Fixed-Rate Versus Tracker Rate Options

    Fixed-rate mortgages offer the security of a constant interest rate for a set period, ensuring stable monthly payments. Conversely, tracker mortgages adjust according to a benchmark rate, typically the Bank of England base rate, which means your interest rate and monthly payments could vary with housing market changes.

    Impact of APRC on Long-Term Mortgage Costs

    The Annual Percentage Rate of Charge (APRC) measures the overall cost associated with your mortgage over its term, such as interest and fees. It provides a clear picture of its financial impacts over time; lower APRC numbers often equate to lower overall expenses, making this factor of significance when choosing the ideal loan product.

    Understanding Mortgage Fees and Additional Costs

    Securing a mortgage with Santander may involve various fees, such as a product fee, arrangement fee, booking fee, valuation, and legal fees. These additional costs can accumulate and significantly affect the total expense of your mortgage. It’s essential to consider these fees when calculating the affordability of your mortgage to ensure there are no surprises down the line.

    By dissecting these rates and terms, you can gain a clearer understanding of how Santander’s mortgages can fit into your financial landscape, allowing you to make an informed decision that aligns with your home-buying goals and budget.

    Ready to Find Your Perfect Mortgage Match?
    Connect with our fee-free advisors to navigate Santander's mortgage options for your home-buying or remortgage journey.

    Assessing Your Mortgage Affordability with Santander

    Determining how much you can borrow with Santander comfortably is essential when considering a mortgage. Santander’s affordability assessment ensures you find a mortgage that fits within your financial landscape without compromising your lifestyle.

    Income and Expenditure Analysis

    Santander will review your income against your monthly expenses to gauge how much you can afford to repay. This includes evaluating your stable income sources against fixed outgoings like loans or household bills to determine a realistic mortgage payment.

    Credit Score Influence

    Your credit score plays a significant role in mortgage affordability. A good credit score may lead to better mortgage terms, while a lower score could restrict borrowing amounts and affect interest rates.

    Employment and Stability

    Consistent employment and income are crucial for mortgage approval. Santander will look for evidence of job stability or reliable self-employment income to ensure you can sustain mortgage payments.

    Debt-to-Income Ratio

    Your debt-to-income ratio, which reflects the portion of income that goes towards debt repayment, will affect your borrowing potential. A lower ratio suggests a better capacity to take on a mortgage.

    Future Financial Prospects

    Any anticipated changes in your financial situation, such as retirement or career shifts, will be factored into the affordability assessment to ensure long-term sustainability of the mortgage.

    Santander’s thorough affordability checks are designed to provide you with a mortgage that you can manage comfortably, now and in the future.

    Unlock the Best of the Santander Fixed Rate Mortgages!
    We compare fixed rates from Santander with 90+ lenders to ensure you get the prime deal. Let our experts manage the entire process at no cost to you. Experience a seamless, fee-free journey with us!

    Navigating Your Santander Mortgage Application with YesCanDo Money

    Embarking on the mortgage application journey can be daunting, but with YesCanDo Money, you’re not alone. We provide comprehensive support from the outset to the completion of your Santander mortgage application, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

    7 Steps to Navigating Your Mortgage Application

    The path to securing a mortgage involves several key stages, each requiring careful attention to detail. YesCanDo Money is dedicated to simplifying this process for you, breaking down each step and what it entails, ensuring you’re well-prepared and informed throughout. Here’s how we’ll guide you:

    1) Preparing Your Financial Profile

    The first step is to compile all necessary financial documents. This includes proof of income, bank statements, and any other financial obligations. YesCanDo Money will help you organise these documents to present a clear financial profile to Santander.

    2) Securing a Decision in Principle (DIP)

    Before house hunting, obtaining Santander Mortgage in Principle, also known as a Decision in Principle gives you an indication of how much you could borrow. This non-binding agreement can also make you a more attractive buyer to sellers. We’ll guide you through the DIP process, ensuring you understand the implications and the amount you could potentially borrow.

    3) Choosing the Right Mortgage Product

    With a variety of mortgage products available, selecting the one with the lowest rate and lowest product fee that best suits your needs is crucial. We’ll help you compare rates, terms, and features of different Santander mortgages to get you the mortgage with the best overall cost.

    4) Application Submission

    Once you’ve found your property and chosen your mortgage product, we’ll assist you in completing the full mortgage application. Our mortgage advisers who are all very experienced will review your mortgage application to ensure accuracy and completeness, increasing the likelihood of approval.

    5) Liaising with Santander UK plc

    Throughout the application process, YesCanDo Money acts as your advocate, liaising with Santander on your behalf. We’ll communicate with the lender, handle queries, and push for timely processing.

    6) Post-Application Support

    Even after your application is submitted, our job isn’t done. We’ll keep you updated on the progress and assist with any further information or documentation Santander may require.

    7) Completing and Closing the Deal

    When your mortgage is approved, we’ll review the offer to ensure it aligns with your expectations and advise you through to completion. Our goal is to make the final steps toward homeownership as clear and stress-free as possible.

    With YesCanDo Money, you gain a partner who is invested in your mortgage success, providing personalised advice and expert navigation through every stage of your Santander mortgage application.

    Why YesCanDo Money is the Go-To Broker for Santander Mortgages

    With our in-depth knowledge of Santander’s products and our commitment to fee-free advice, YesCanDo Money is perfectly placed to help you secure your mortgage. We pride ourselves on transparent, personalised service that puts your needs first.

    Here are key reasons to choose YesCanDo Money as your mortgage broker:

    • Expertise in Santander’s Product Range: We have a comprehensive understanding of the various mortgage products offered by Santander, ensuring you get the best fit for your situation.
    • Whole Market Comparison: We compare over 90 mortgage lenders to find the best mortgage deal tailored to your specific needs, not just Santander’s offerings.
    • Fee-Free Mortgage Advice: Our services are designed to be cost-effective, providing professional mortgage advice without any additional charges to you.
    • Personalised Service: We tailor our advice to your unique circumstances, ensuring that your mortgage solution is as individual as you are.
    • Transparency: With YesCanDo Money, there are no hidden fees or surprises. We provide clear, upfront information about all aspects of your mortgage.
    • Support Through the Entire Process: From the initial consultation to the final mortgage approval, we’re with you every step of the way.
    • Access to Exclusive Deals: Our strong relationship with Santander and other mortgage providers may give you access to exclusive mortgage deals that are not available to the general public.
    • Time-Saving Convenience: We handle all the paperwork and liaise with lenders on your behalf, saving you time and hassle.
    • Post-Completion Support: Our service doesn’t stop once your mortgage is secured. We offer ongoing support for any future mortgage-related needs.

    Your Santander Mortgages FAQs Answered by YesCanDo Money

    Got questions? We have answers. From the specifics of Santander’s mortgage products to the details of the application process, we cover all the bases to ensure you’re fully informed.

    Santander offers various fixed-rate mortgages, where the interest rate is set for an introductory period. This ensures predictable monthly payments for that duration. For today's specific rates, you would need to use their online comparison tool or request a personalised quote, as rates fluctuate regularly.

    Yes, Santander is offering a range of mortgage products suitable for different buyers, including fixed-rate, tracker, and flexible offset mortgages. They also participate in the Help to Buy scheme, offering up to 95% loan-to-value (LTV) mortgages.

    The 6-month rule typically refers to a restriction where a property cannot be remortgaged within six months of purchase. Santander may have such a policy to prevent immediate remortgaging, but specific details would be outlined in their mortgage terms and conditions or by contacting them directly.

    Fee Free Mortgage Advisor Team

    Fee Free Mortgage Advisors

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    Grant Humphries (CeMAP)
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